Seikoku no Dragonar – 09

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Eco-“Dude look at all that sexy fanservice headed our way.”

 Yaaaaayyy its time for the best tag team on Metanorn right Skylion?! So yeah let’s talk about some moe loli DRAGONS.


 Welcome back. I hope everyone is enjoying this arc as much as I am; the addition of Lucca has been great for the show.


Fk Ya Zombie Dragons!

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Oh my god watch out for epic flying zombie dragons and tentacles? Yeah this damn episode is filled with lots of damn tentacles all over the place and of course attached to just about ever main character, but of course since this anime is set in the fantasy setting I guess we should fully expect to see such scenes right? Besides all the probing tentacles we actually got a decent amount of story and plot progression especially with Milgauss being possibly revealed as Silvia’s brother who was killed years before? So what does that really make him? Is he a zombie or a is my theory of him being a humanoid dragon real or the final question is he a robot?! What was up with his arm when it got cut off? I guess he could be a mixture of all three? Whatever they decide to go with I thought it was interesting to have those reveals thrown in or did you find it super cheesy like the fact that Milgauss might be a possible sibling for Silvia? I swear that family is freaking massive. While that was going on we finally got that damn conclusion of Lucca’s and Gawain’s story and together with Ash’s help they owned all of those freaky zombie dragons! So yeah I good job Lucca for doing all those aerial stunts with Gawain, but try not to jump off a cliff with Ash next time?

LOLi Dragon History

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Lucca makes for a great night light.

Well, history does like to repeat itself, and that is true for even a fantasy world. I rather like the connection that Nuada the Meastro has with the present day in Gawain. But I like it much better that the cause now is one of problems of self-esteem and ability rather than random, I got better, sickness. I like Gawain as a character, but am a little on the fence about that sort of self-sacrifice. I mean, did you try all other things first? It seems like a lot of this arc could have been resolved by some simple communication. But then, that’s a reason I liked it. If everything were that cut and dried, we would never tell stories.

You know it seems you can’t take even a working vacation without something happening, right? Take a long trek to the beach and it rains. Even idols are getting snowed on! But I think necrodragon interruption is a new one. Necromancia ruins everything. And damn, tentacles. Always with the tentacles. And they always pick on the girls, never the guys! I demand equal time! Wait….what? But after a near losing battle, the good guys come to save the day So Lucca was able to connect with her mistakes and find her confidence and turn the battle on it’s ear.

I’m also loving how they have those little moments of Eco becoming much more dependant on Ash as her master, instead of just playing “master” herself. You need the dere, even if in small amounts to make the tsundere. It goes along great with her story in the Workshop; she much more in touch with him, and makes the perfect defensive Arch.

Extra Loli Dragons

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What is this a KyoAni series?!

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Silvia ftw~

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I know right?

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Extra Tentacle Fun

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End thoughts

With each passing episode Eco continues to become super cute and I tend to hate tsundere-ish loli types because they usually fall into the Shana, Louise and Taiga category aka the hardcore super tsunderes, but with Eco yeah I know that she is not a full on tsundere and technically I consider her to be more of a mascot even though we are getting several hints that her story is probably coming soon? At least I hope we get into that before the season wraps up? Also Ash totally confessed to her before she left to make his new armor! GOOD JOB BRO! So what did you like about this episode? Silvia and Milgauss or the tentacle zombie dragons?

As I said, I rather enjoyed how this arc played out, the characters feel just rightly fleshed out and working as a team, and the world feels like it has some justifiable weight. It looks like diplomacy is coming as next week we have the Continental Congress, I hope they meet Ben Franklin, that guy was ecchi as all get out.


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Can Silvia’s dad win the best father of the season award? I sure hope so!


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13 Responses to “Seikoku no Dragonar – 09”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Seikoku no RAPE!
    Tentacle no Dragonar!
    Dragon Tentacle rape! or was it Tentacle Dragon Rape!

    And hey, the four(five) TsundeRIEs are fine too! Still… nothing can compare this season to: -manko -chikube -jouseifuku! Completely wholesomely healthy!

    • skylion says:

      Dragon Tentacle rape! or was it Tentacle Dragon Rape!

      It was rather unneeded fanservice….

      • BlackBriar says:

        When there’s an ecchi tag attached, fanservice will always be around the corner. Needed or not. Keeping that in mind is what instills some tolerance.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Dragon Tentacle rape! or was it Tentacle Dragon Rape!

      Hmmm… Both sound the same either way. But it’s from deceased dragons. So doesn’t that almost register under necrophilia? This might be reverse necrophilia.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Well, this was wallowing in the more profound part of hentai territory: tentacles. Amongst the ordeal the students were facing, things were so explicit that for a moment I thought they were going to take it the extra mile. It came pretty damn close, though. Especially with Jessica nearing that brink if not for her dragon’s help.

    Potential rape aside, I’m glad to see Eco being more civil to Ash these few episodes. An understatement to say her insensitive treatment towards him was annoying. The whole “dog” name calling we can do well without.

    Gawain’s near self-sacrifice felt unnecessary. More so when you go back to the parts of everyone trying to communicate with him to figure out what’s wrong which he, in return, repays them with rejection and aggression when he’s approached. So in a way, it was selfish to keep Lucca at a distance like that. Anyway, good for Lucca patching up the holes in their relationship.

    • skylion says:

      Oh, I loved that moment with Eco and Ash.

      Gawain, as it was pointed out, is quite young, so he has that sort of brash attitude. Heck, he was probably afraid that he was making a big mistake and just doubled down whenever anyone approached him. Stupid adolescence.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Now who lied to me regarding that Eco wasn’t the main dragon character….

    *looks at all the covers of the LN* full of lolis and shotas – check.

    The resistance is fading and it looks like there will be a reading binge soon… T_T Forgive me my Izuna-tan!

    In other news: Would Cuu Chulainn’s Gae Blog defeat Lancelot?

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