Seikoku no Dragonar – 11

doranger 11-1

Prim is upset that Fosh isn’t here…

 Alright, It’s skylion flying solo this episode. Don’t worry, I’ll drag Fosh back for the finale.


This isn’t How to Ride a Dragon…

doranger 11-2

No baba for Eco? No fair!

Well, they certainly went through all the gears in the mood box this time around, didn’t they? From levity to drama, broad comedy, and some rather sadistic horror. This was probably one of the best episodes the show has produced, and I’m glad it’s coming in the second to last episode. If they can keep this up to this level then the finale promises to be just as good or better.

doranger 11-3

I wanna know who the black haired “wife” is…

Eco is doing great reaching into full character, leaving that mascot status behind. I really enjoyed how much effort she went through to get herself to that point. The first steps in recognizing how you feel about someone is to recognize you have those feelings in the first place. They accomplished that last episode. Now, they’ve hit her with the one-two punch. Thanks to the clumsiest maid (GJ PRIM!…at least you got the plot going!) evar, Eco now realizes she may have no place to put those feelings. She’s a dragon, albeit in human form, and he’s fully human. And to repeat what they repeat and repeat and repeat in the show, he’ll get married, and have babies. With someone else. So where does that leave her? Well, she is always going to be his Parr, but she does want more. This is all the more interesting when she takes into account that she knew all this from the start. But then she gets hit with the second punch…more on that later.

Keeping Friends Close

doranger 11-4

Knock Knock? Who’s there? Maid Block? Maid Block Who? These two!

Silvia is having her own share of problems. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Milgauss is the former prince Julius, and instead of execution for the crime of dragon slaying, he was secretly exiled. What is this, Game of Thrones? She is happy he is alive, but is weighed by the doubts she has about her past, and worried over what this all means. Thankfully, Ash is there to listen and give advice. He’s a good shoulder to lean on,and if it weren’t for another maid, then things might have gone further than that. Oh, anime, you never stop playing this game, do you? But for all that, Silvia is very grateful to have gained his confidence. It plays well into her development, giving her enough courage to confront Milgauss about his true identity. But he plays it quite cool and brushes her off with a formality

Yggdrasil Rising

doranger 11-6

Does C-Station buy tentacles in bulk?

And how about that Yggdrasil? One heck of a machine, right? And I can see how it can become important. I mean, this continent has an imperial empire, and when have you not know them to be itching for war. If they can force young dragons into Maestro’s quicker and with more efficiency, than that would change the balance of power. Now, I’m sure this is super awesome in it’s own regard, but hey, that hurts Eco! Which is the second punch she gets, as she comes to the awareness of how deeply she cares for Ash, when her very existence in on the line.

doranger 11-5

Nice job breaking it bad guys.


It feels like I should be talking about the whole show at this point, given how it has improved, but that is for next time. There are a few questions I wanted to leave on. Was that “go ahead” Silvia said, silently, to Ash? And if so, did it really take a Maid Block to break it later on when they could have had a moment. Regardless of that, c’mon Silvia, if you can’t strike while the iron is hot, then bring the heat yourself. Did you read the show script, Ash has some hot rescuing going down for the other girl! Why did she shut any of that action down? Also, is there any chance that Anya is going to betray Milgauss? She is into a bit to deep right now for reservations and second guessing, but she has screamed wild card character since the beginning. And will Milgauss come clean about his identity? I don’t think he would unless it served his interests in the best way possible. Thanks for flying the Solo Skylion, back to you guys and gals next time!



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17 Responses to “Seikoku no Dragonar – 11”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    How did I miss this post… before the kami no asobi one… T_T

    This is going to be looking like a post-season series binge… after reading the LNs, just because it’s getting interesting. It looks like it’s going to end on an abridged ending and looks like it should have been done to 24 instead of 12. Hope it doesn’t end up like Itsuten. Or worse, ZnT… First season was good, then it went downhill with all the fanservice.

    This isn’t How to Ride a Dragon

    In the context of anipr0n,… it involves meat and sticks… *deleteHvision* That’s all I’m going to say.

    • Foshizzel says:

      In the context of anipr0n,… it involves meat and sticks… *deleteHvision* That’s all I’m going to say.


  2. Highway says:

    Sylvia and Ash had the kind of encounter I like to see, because it seems to expressly acknowledge what they’re feeling. I have to think that she said something like ‘ii yo’ or ‘kissushite’. And what I liked even more was even though they had the embarrassed interruption scene, Sylvia seemed like she had made peace with something in her mind from that point, and I liked their interactions at the ball, where she wasn’t being all blushing and shy.

    Eco’s being forced to confront the essence of her Dragonhood. You almost wish that she could go talk to Navi about it, although that wouldn’t help her turmoil too much in the short term. I think if we go by the way Navi was in the beginning of the show, there’s a level of closeness between a dragon and companion (the show’s term is awful. awful awful awful) that seems parallel and different from familial love. Eco just doesn’t understand that yet, which is fine, she’s only been around for a couple months at most.

    I didn’t expect things to go THAT badly with their awful experiment, although I could have used different imagery (can’t we always? Please something besides tentacles).

    • skylion says:

      RE: Tentacles. They bought it all, and have to use it wherever they can.

      There very much is that feeling between of love between dragon and companion, made all the more fun and interesting by the fact that this one is an intensely cute girl!

      And yes, Silvia grows up a bit, thanks for pointing that out.

    • Foshizzel says:

      can’t we always? Please something besides tentacles

      agreed but since this is a fantasy setting I suppose it comes with the territory…

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      I would just add that tentacles are sexist! They should also molest/rape/etc2 males as well. That would make things perfectly fine.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    If Fosh is losing interest again, you might have to drag him back in chains. You didn’t get that idea from me. 😉

    Ash and Silvia are getting cozy. They’ve certainly got close enough if Silvia trusts him so as to confide in him a secret that could destroy her family’s reputation. However, I feel their bond can be deeper if they realized they’ve met in early children. It’s annoying how that crucial piece of info keeps getting suppressed when it’s good incentive.

    I really don’t understand what these scientists hope to gain by engaging in experiments to force something to awaken/mature/evolve before its time. If it’s not ready, then it’s just not. In the end, it just results in their own justified, well deserved demise.

    As for Eco’s form. I wonder if she isn’t made that way to be the type of dragon that can mate with humans. A possibility to introduce a hybrid species? She has the body but also dragon’s blood. Without her horns, Navi pretty much looks human. A Dragonar and Pal are meant to have a bond. This might be taking it in another direction.

    • Highway says:

      They explained what they hope to accomplish: Taking over the world, because the power of Eco would belong to them, not to Ash. They’re also hoping to prove the idea of creating maestro dragons, so that they could have the strength of dragons on their side without having the bond of Pal and Companion (I refuse to use that other word).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Naw this week has been bad for health reasons for me aka being sick is lame.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Got medicine for fosh then.

        *whispers in fosh’s ear: Show ▼


      • BlackBriar says:

        Oh, that bites. And I can relate because I’m sick right now. It’s worse when you’re nearing vacation time.

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