Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 09

Nanana-A cute couple

Sorry Nanana and Yukihime, Juugo’s got a new girlfriend now

spring14-highwUnfortunately we’re almost to the end of Nanana, but it’s still super interesting! Plus, I like making these posts because I get to use this color right here!


The Guy Everyone Loves to Hate

Nanana-Hiiyo wins

Kagetora tried to run, but it didn’t help

That’s Hiiyo for you. It seems that no matter what anyone else’s attitude is toward Nanana’s Collection, nobody takes it as far as he does as far as the completely utilitarian attitude of “Can this object / person help me? If not, they’re worthless.” And that’s what he did as president of the Adventure Club two years ago. After Konjou graduated he took over, just like he took over the lease on room 202, but was pretty ruthless about what they were doing. And as members quit, one after another, he didn’t care, even sacrificing one of the Adventure Club members in a ruin to get one of the treasures. That Isshin has been able to bring the Adventure Club back to something resembling respectability is pretty impressive, even if Hiiyo thinks that it’s ‘playing house’ and a waste of time.


Fighting while holding the scabbard in your other hand doesn’t seem very effective

And he certainly doesn’t like being followed, and earns his reputation for being ruthless after he realizes Kagetora is following him. I would guess that he used two items from Nanana’s Collection, one to project images of himself all over the mall, and the other to make Kagetora believe Hiiyo’s commands. But he didn’t seem to use anything when he fought Tetsu, who arrived to save Yun-chan. And who was it that Hiiyo thought Yun was? Another girl that he sacrificed in a ruin? That’s what it seemed to me, since he talked about it not being cleared and wondered how she got out. But Yun sure didn’t seem to be that girl (which, of course, in this show means that she probably is, and is really the mastermind behind her older sister’s group). And is older sister (who might be named Sansa Kurosu) trying to set up Juugo by having Tetsu ask him to to deal with Hiiyo? Or just trying to get one or both of these two troublesome guys out of the way?

Nanana-Grumpy Tensai

And she returns with this face

And after an episode and a half, Tensai finally returns, having investigated Yun-chan as well, under the auspices of finding her when she was missing. And she was apparently working for Hiiyo, investigating a ‘building’. While the rest of the Adventure Club seems to think she didn’t know about Nanana’s Collection, I’d say she has to, since Sansa sure knew a lot about it. It would probably be a lot easier to have Yun-chan do the searching for the ruin and the treasure without letting Hiiyo know that the Three Skulls were onto him?

Meanwhile, Back at the Apartment

Nanana-Before the disappointment

Before the disappointment sets in…

Juugo and Nanana still have that great relationship, even if Juugo spaces out and doesn’t get one of Nanana’s favorite puddings when he goes to Southred Mall. They get along well when Juugo’s not screwing up pudding, tho (or selling off her games). But I wonder how much it’ll strain their relationship when (yes “when”) Juugo uses the treasure that he gets out of the Southred Mall ruin, the one he badgered the hint out of Nanana for, and agreed to the condition that he will never use it, no matter what its power. I think it’s a perfectly reasonable condition of Nanana’s, since his reason for asking for a hint was to clear the ruin. I also thought that Nanana’s revision from ‘one condition’ to ‘two conditions’ including pudding was a nice joke.

Nanana-My TWO conditions are...

Nobody expects the Nanana Conditions!

I liked Juugo’s thinking about what Nanana really wants. Does she really want to find out who killed her? Does she really want to ‘move on’? Or does she want to stay, have fun with Juugo, Tensai, D’arc, and other people, hanging around the world of the living, eating pudding, talking with Shiki, all those things? I know which one I’d pick. She certainly doesn’t seem tormented by her ‘life’ on this plane. But what is the meaning of the empty apartment when Juugo thinks about it?

Nanana-After the Disappointment

Nice reference to the Palo Special here. Juugo will probably learn his lesson from this.


I’m pretty disappointed that this series is only 11 episodes (darn NoitaminA!), but maybe sometime in the future the show will continue. But for now there are just two episodes left, and I’d imagine they’ll deal with Hiiyo for the last couple. We won’t have to deal with the issue of Nanana moving on, because I just don’t think it’ll get there. And perhaps Juugo will be faced with breaking his word to Nanana, and find another way out of it. I’d certainly like to see that, since he’s broken his word to her a few times already. That would show us the value of their relationship.


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16 Responses to “Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 09”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Show ▼

    Yes it can be if it is utilized properly like…
    *BOGENFORM!* (unleashes a barrage of Sturmfalken)

  2. Wanderer says:

    Empty apartment at the end of the episode was unsettling.

    It’s interesting… Nanana really seemed hurt when her earlier friend backed out on helping her find her killer. Was it because she really wanted to know who killed her? Was it because her friend was breaking her promise? Or perhaps because her friend was leaving?

    • Highway says:

      We don’t know as much about Konjou as I’d like, but I think that it was pretty clear that Konjou felt she had to leave because of the future reading that she would be killed if she found Nanana’s killer. And I don’t think that Konjou really wanted to leave, neither the apartment or Nanana. I got the impression at the time that Nanana accepted the reasoning, but at the same time didn’t like the decision because her good friend was leaving.

      • zztop says:

        The scene with Konjou and Nanana actually comes from the first LN’s prologue.

        If you like, I can try to find info on what developments happen in later volumes.

  3. zztop says:

    Pudding time with Nanana & Tensai:

    There’s also an LN spinoff featuring Tensai, Ikkyū Tensai’s Reluctant Deduction , although only 1 volume has been published so far.

  4. anaaga says:

    I’m pretty disappointed that this series is only 11 episodes

    True. This is actually such a good anime, and they only give 11 episodes for it. Is the amount of the episodes the reason why they’re rushing the pace? This anime feels rushed to me, jumping from one scene to another sometimes (and with some of the anti-climatic cliffhangers at the end of the episodes too). But oh well.

    Anyhow, I’m curious about this last treasure they’re going to get. I wonder why Nanana forbids Juugo from using it? I have a feeling that it’s a resurrection trasure. Juugo does seem reluctant when he thinks about Nanana passing on

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Problem is a lot of series are now just 10-13 because of the money and risk issues. Plus the fact that a number of them are ongoing LNs without ending resolution makes it risky business. Unless it is going to be a definate money maker.

    • Highway says:

      Well, like I said, it’s noitaminA, so that’s why it’s 11 episodes. They only do 11 or 22, and from an interview I read, they aren’t going to commit to two cours for shows anymore after the debacle of Samurai Flamenco / Galilei Donna. Silver Spoon was only one cour for each series, even the rebroadcast of PsychoPass is going to be one cour (double eps), and the sequel series is only going to be 11 episodes. So be prepared that if you like a noitaminA series, it’s going to be 11 episodes.

      I don’t find the pacing rushed, I think that they keep it moving, but think that we get enough from the series. I find it more of a stylistic decision to quickly move on to another scene.

      I don’t think Nanana knows what the treasure is. She’s not the one stocking the ruins. Her point of forbidding his use of it is more procedural: I am giving you a hint in this extraordinary circumstance to help someone, because you say you just need to clear it. Therefore, the treasure doesn’t matter and you should be able to live with not using it.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        The main reason is Yenom-san who has a veto powers.

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s too bad noitaminA won’t be investing two cour series anyone. They had a decent streak with series like Psycho-Pass, Guilty Crown, Robotics;Notes and Shiki. Those were some good shows and while I’m lenient with Galilei Donna, I won’t hesitate to say Samurai Flamenco was complete and utter garbage. How it got two cours is beyond me because 1/4 of it alone was horrible.

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          Eventually everything will go OAD only… and we can have naked lolis without worrying about tv regulations. Wait… that is already happening…

  5. BlackBriar says:

    So Hiiyo is even more of a dirtbag than I thought at first. Being overpowered as he is shown to be makes him absolutely despicable and the worst kind of trash for using and discarding people like objects. It’s only natural the other members would leave the club one by one.

    I’m pretty disappointed that this series is only 11 episodes

    That’s the only bothersome thing I can say about the show yet it remains entertaining. We’ve gone this far into the story but it doesn’t feel like much has happened. More so with not being any closer to figuring out the identity of Nanana’s killer and Hiiyo’s late introduction feels like the beginning of a long arc. It’s why I’ve been wondering for the most part if it isn’t a split cour series. A good change of pace had it been arranged that way.

  6. skylion says:

    I think you covered how I took this episode in. You just forget to say:

    Sorry Nanana and Yukihime, Juugo’s got a new girlfriend now

    Supporting this ship cause it’s Itou Kanae.

  7. thorgriim says:

    Yay Tensai returns, oh how I missed you!

    And on that note, when Tensai returns, it got all kinda confusing for me, soo many names thrown around, and yuu is actually an importain character after all? mastermind behind the three skills gang? oh man, too much. Id can’t wait to see what happens with this in the next episode.

    Ya, it does suck that this series has 11 episodes, I was starting to like this one a lot too…booo. Anyways this episode wasn’t too bad, but gosh darn it! I really dislike this Hiiyo fella! hes just meansauce!

    Best part.. when Nanana was making her one Condition…err 2 Conditions, oh Nanana you sure love pudding. Which had me thinking, she’s pretty knowledgeable with the treasurer, so I’m certain she knows what it does, but I don’t think it a resurrection item, but I’d have no clue what it could be really hehe. Then i had a though about Nanana, maybe shes a ghost until the last treasure is found, or some treasurer made her a ghost.. though that too much to speculate at this time..

    So that’s my 2cents and after thoughts, The last bit with Nanana disappearing was a surprise, wonder whats that about.. We’ll have to wait booo..

    • Highway says:

      I don’t know about your hypothesis, because I thought they said there are new ruins being made, and also old ruins being ‘restocked’. I don’t know how Nanana’s connected to it, but I’m pretty sure there is a game mastermind who is seeding Nanae Island with the treasures for fun.

      Along with that, like I said, I don’t really think Nanana knows what Collection item is in what ruin.

      I almost think that Nanana’s condition to Juugo is more of a “I don’t want you to become like these other guys” thing. Matsuri is after the treasures to sell off, according to what we heard, so that they can get rich and ‘help’ people in need (we’ve never really seen who they help). Isshin is in it for himself and his dream of world domination, Yuu is in it for herself for her dream of Isshin domination. Hiiyo is in it for himself and his dream of “Screw you guys” (as best as I can figure out). Of those groups, Matsuri has the least offensive mission. But none of that is the spirit and hope that Nanana really wants it to be. Juugo and Tensai have had the closest to Nanana’s vision, really: Go have fun.

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