Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 08

Nanana-What kind of animal is that

Here’s all the Tensai you get this week

spring14-highwThe beginning of the weekend means that it’s time to watch Nanana! And the middle of the weekend means it’s time to write about Nanana!


Some Old Friends

Nanana-dragon wings

Yun-chan returns!

Well, Tensai sure made a quick exit this episode, didn’t she? A brief appearance in pajamas, and then a quick school disappointment, and she just walked right out. Exit, Stage Right. I have no idea what she was trying to get that first year to do, but I’m sure we’ll find out sometime in the future (and 3000 yen isn’t too much to do it with). But that just opens the door for some different characters this episode.

Nanana-An unwanted visitor

A late night visitor, and definitely unwanted

First, we get the return of Tetsu-kun and Yun-chan, who transfer into the school, although I have no idea why they’d be transferring into the school. The other thing I don’t really know is why Juugo is trying to be all buddy-buddy with Tetsu. Does he want to go back and see older sister again? Does he just like antagonizing people? It doesn’t seem that way, so there must be something about Tetsu that intrigues Juugo. One thing’s for certain: Since Juugo’s initial hesitance about the abandoned area, he hasn’t backed down from anyone, and maybe trying to one-up Tetsu is fun for him.

Some New Enemies


Shiki and Hiiyo don’t get along at all

The other new character this week is Hiiyo Ikusaba (graced by the dulcet tones of Tomokazu Sugita). And unlike the respectful rivalry that it seems everyone else chasing Nanana’s Collection has, Hiiyo is quite different, even if his goal is the same: get the items for himself. If they’re useful, he keeps them. If they’re not, he gets rid of them. It’s just that his definition of useful is quite a bit more narrow, and it’s one that Nanana herself can’t agree with. But she never breaks her personal rule of telling what an item is, even if she dislikes (maybe even hates) Hiiyo. But if Nanana dislikes him, Shiki definitely hates Hiiyo, having forcibly broken his lease and kicked him out of Room 202, although there wasn’t anything to kick out. Hiiyo only leased the room to get access to Nanana, never lived there, and completely neglected Nanana, which is unforgivable in Shiki’s eyes (and how scary is Shiki if she isn’t limited by being drunk?).

Nanana-Juugo reflects

Taking time for late-night reflection

I find it admirable that Juugo takes the opportunity for self-reflection when confronted with Hiiyo’s naked self-interest and prioritization. Is he really different? I think his response for Nanana definitely makes him different, and we’ve seen in the previous episodes that Nanana and Shiki both think that Juugo is a good roommate for Nanana. And it’s not just those two that dislike Hiiyo. Isshin completely locks up around him, as he gets his entire view of finding Nanana’s Collection items trashed (and remember that Isshin’s goal is to rule the world, and he won’t trust Juugo and Tensai even if Kagetora questions him, so it’s not that Isshin is some bleeding heart guy). But what could Hiiyo be planning that involves the school?

Nanana-More Enemies

Nobody wants Hiiyo around, actually


The big action this week was Shiki chasing and fighting Hiiyo, but the main theme of this week was really the realization that there are people who are searching for Nanana’s Collection that aren’t particularly nice people, although it might be a stretch to call Matsuri and the Adventure Club ‘nice people’. You Tensai fans only got a little service this week, although the Yun-chan fans got a bit more (I still like the dragon wings for her hair ties). And I like Juugo questioning himself, his motivations, and what exactly ‘save’ Nanana might mean.

I was totally expecting this from Shiki


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9 Responses to “Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 08”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Is it a trap?!

  2. Wanderer says:

    Too many characters! I can’t keep track of where this show thinks it’s going anymore.

    But the new guy insulted Nanana, and for that he is so going down. I don’t care how tough he’s supposed to be: SOMEONE KILL HIM! >:(

    • Highway says:

      I don’t mind the extra characters. I think adding Hiiyo is probably a good idea, since the show could probably use an actual bad guy, not just people who get along but have their own agendas and respect for the others. I’m not sure how far Hiiyo would go in fighting someone else, like Kagetora or Juugo, if he would go as far as to kill them (maybe yes for Kagetora, probably no for Juugo). Isshin certainly thinks that Hiiyo would severely hurt Kagetora, either because Kagetora doesn’t know when to quit, or because Hiiyo might think that Kagetora is enough of a threat to seriously fight (which he certainly didn’t think about Shiki). That’s why he gave him the Matrix instructions: If he sees you, you run away.

  3. skylion says:

    Yun-chan is sweet and call, but the lack of Tensai is downright criminal.

    I actually quite like Hiiyo, for the reasons you stated above. Don’t know about the killing thing, don’t know if that’s the kind of show I want this to be.

    • thorgriim says:

      yes! im an sadden with this episode, lack of Tensai makes me a sad panda! But hey.. she looked adorable in cat pajamas.

      So who thought SAO I mean….Nevermind, quick look at the new guy! tsk, what a guy you can hate! but I’m looking forward to watch Juugo put him in his place soon! It will happen watch!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    I guess it was decided Tensai had more than enough screen time for her development so her quick exit was necessary to yield the spotlight to the newcomers. Tensai giving away that sum of money would seem crazy to a few though it doesn’t look like it’ll make much of a difference after her statement a couple episodes back about not being in a dire need of money.

    The reaction everyone got around Hiiyo is mutual. His presence alone is antagonizing. Just the sight of him is enough to rub a person the wrong way. Not to mention the rude behavior toward Nanana when she’s trying to help him out, especially neglecting her during his supposed stay has already made a nasty first impression. If I had to make a comparison based on his personality thus far, he’s like Yamato from Devil Survivor 2.

    Out of all the characters the series has presented, I’m afraid of Yuu and Shiki. Both are fine looking women but are inexplicably strong and short tempered. Neither one I’d want to be left alone with in a dark alley.

  5. HiroiSekai says:

    Sorry, I just can’t get into this series like some others seem to be able to.

    I’m disappointed at how little this actually has to do with treasure hunting. I’m more disappointed that this void isn’t filled with something else that’s interesting. I despise a majority of the one-dimensional characters, and how they exist to basically push pratfall tropes or appeal to a tired stereotype.

    I hate how Juugo is the main protagonist, for he is one of the emptiest characters as well. On top of that, most of the other characters are branched apart so heavily that none of them really grow. No, putting them in single scenes out of nowhere, having them fight and “making up” is not progression. I still don’t feel the effects of the emotions backed up over time from this.

    Plus, I know they had a scene with Yuiga over this, but I’m pretty sure he left them for dead and revealed his ploy in one of the very first episodes. Are we just that trusting and forgiving that we’re letting him tag along without any sort of conflict or distrust? Sorry, these characters just don’t have much at all to them. I can barely remember the main ones like Juugo, Yuiga, Tensai, Daruku and Nanana, but there’s all of these other needless characters that are even wetter than drenched blankets.

    It should have been called “Nanana’s Antics” or something less grand, because a buried treasure hunt this is not. Everyone knows about the treasures, people jump in and out of frame holding them, the characters have stopped being really surprised in the obtaining of the treasures, and they even stopped showing the scenes of finding the treasures too. In fact, Nanana barely has anything to do with the series, aside from the fact that she’s stuck in the room of the protagonist and that the treasures are named after her. Are we still on the subplot (or…main plot?) of searching for Nanana’s killer?

    To be honest, I’m kind of at the point of watching this to get it over with. It’s easily my second worst show of the season aside from Nisekoi. I’d personally be really interested in hearing what others who are enjoying the series find enjoyable about it. Perhaps I am watching it wrong and paying attention to the wrong aspects or something. Thoughts?

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