Kin’iro no Corda Blue♪Sky – 10-12 [END]


The bubble of ANGST.

Ah, I put this off for too long. Oh well.


Kanade’s issues with being first violin were sure solved easily enough. Lucky for the plot, she just happened to meet the right people at the right time who gave her the right advice. Wandering the town aimlessly was so much more productive than actually sitting down and practicing. Who would have thought. Len’s cameo was fun to see though and he gave some okay advice, considering that some girl he had never met before just started telling him her life problems.

Anyways, they finally went into Kanade’s traumatic past, where Leiji apparently shouted her into fainting and memory loss. How traumatic that really was is debatable, but the main point here is this is the whole reason why we had such an indecisive heroine for 90% of the anime’s run. Kanade has always been scared of winning, since it means that there will inevitably people that she defeated. There can only be one winner. Never mind the fact that Leiji immediately got angry at the fact that she lost on purpose. Blame Kanade’s actions of  just kind of doing the exact same thing that made him angry from then onwards on memory loss, I guess. That, and Russian ossans who apparently don’t age.


Maybe Hido could have been more successful if he didn’t look like his name should be “Generic Delinquent A”

Though the logic surrounding Kanade’s kidnapping wasn’t exactly solid either. Hido kidnapped the person Leiji claims to hate and hoped that somehow it would result in him joining the ensemble again. …Wouldn’t kidnapping Sousuke have made a lot more sense? Why Kanade? …I haven’t exactly finished this route (I kind of put Kin’iro no Corda 3 on hold while I went on a Rejet spree ww), but I vaguely remember someone telling me that it was some other person who had a grudge against Leiji who kidnapped Kanade in the game. So really, this was pointless besides adding some last minute drama where they may or may not have made it in time for the competition. I guess Kanade and Leiji also had that heart to heart about their past, but really, they could have had that without the kidnapping attempt. It would have been interesting to see who would have won considering that both team’s best players were missing, but oh well. Er, maybe Kanade isn’t the best necessarily, but she is first violin, so she’s kind of important to the team.


Sei was kind of unimportant in all of this, considering that he was planning on leaving entirely. Kanade’s disappearance was what kept him there, but I don’t know if anyone really acknowledged that. …To be fair, he is like harem member #3902 in this, so he’s relatively unimportant in the long run ww. Plus I guess he had a lot of focus in some of the previous episodes too. Anyways, instead of Sei, most of the focus went to Leiji and his issues. Because this show had a law that there must be at least one character angsting in every single episode. He probably overreacted in childhood (and then apparently dedicated the rest of his life to talking like a super villain). But hey, Seiso won using the power of… something (Kanade’s godly playing skills, I guess), the previously defeated schools all got last minute cameos so they could pretend that they were still relevant, Leiji overcame his angst, and things are all good again.

I don’t know if this series really had an OTP. Len and Hino seemed kind of like one in the original Corda (though maybe that was just me). I don’t know if any of the characters in Blue Sky come as close. Ritsu and Kyouya have the childhood friend advantage and Kanade basically worshipped the ground Ritsu walked on at the beginning of the series. The other (and maybe more likely) candidate would be Leiji, obviously. After all, he had been obsessing over Kanade for 7 years, and bothered to send her a creepy-ish passive aggressive letter because he was upset with her playing. Though it’s probably okay that there wasn’t any romantic conclusion. They tried pushing the romance angle with all 12 characters, so it was doubtful that they would favour one person over the others. They did focus a bit more on Kyouya and Leiji, I guess, but they had the most to do with Kanade, so that makes sense. …Plus I was never really expecting any of the characters ending up with the heroine since they didn’t do that in the first Corda anime.


I’ve played too many R-18s for this.

Ah, I’ll admit it, I know this anime was terrible. On the other hand though, the terribleness made the entire run hilarious. All of the cliches and plot conveniences made this pretty much impossible to take seriously, so it was just so much easier (and more entertaining) to watch this as a comedy.

What went wrong? Well, shoving 12 characters (not even including Kanade or any of the side characters) into 12 episode was just silly. Plus Kanade was unable to play or holding the rest of the team back for most of the anime. If it wasn’t her, than either Kyouya or Leiji would be busy angsting all over the place making it harder for anyone else to do anything to progress the plot. I guess some of that is the game’s fault as opposed to the anime though. It’s not like they could take out characters, and the main plot points were all in here. Kyouya was pretty annoying though, and the anime chose to focus on his issues for some reason. Leiji was okay, mainly because he wasn’t screwing anyone over in his brooding and it was plot important for Kanade’s character too. Kanade’s issues were also kind of a problem. The anime actually turned her into more of a character than she ever was in the game, but the trade off was that she was far more useless in the anime. It’s good that they gave her concerns (outside of whatever her harem was doing) and tried to flesh her out a bit, but that turned into her just being so unassured all the time. It always worked out of course, but it’s not exactly fun watching someone run away for 10 episodes.

Well, in the end, this was funnier than it should have been. I don’t really have a lot to say about the animation (because it wasn’t anything special, minus the performances, which were all hilarious), and the music was alright. I’m just satisfied that they actually included Danse Macabre~. That’s all I wanted from this, really. Oh, and Len had a cameo, so yaaaaay.


There weren’t any unicorns, but I guess Kanade turning into some sort of deity is just as good.


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13 Responses to “Kin’iro no Corda Blue♪Sky – 10-12 [END]”

  1. Highway says:

    This show was pretty bad. A ton of guy characters, all in the ‘would be all over Kanade if she gave me the slightest hint of being interested’ boat. Overly melodramatic conflicts – kidnapping, and then stupid 12 year long grudge. The only benefit to there being no actual romance was that the guys didn’t get all sketchy about it.

    Overall, this was kind of the otome version of Da Capo (Da Crapo) III, although Blue Sky was probably better to watch.

    • Karakuri says:

      The melodrama was pretty funny. Though like I said, I’ll definitely admit that this anime was terrible despite how much fun this was to watch for me. Writing for this was actually pretty fun too.

  2. zztop says:

    Better or worse than Kamigami?

    • Highway says:

      I don’t think there’s any measure you could say this show was better in than Kamigami no Asobi. Maybe if the sole criteria is “Did it play Danse Macabre?”

      • Karakuri says:

        Oh, no I’m sure that this could win “most shoujo cliches” and “greatest number of harem characters”. Or maybe even “most seiyuu involved”.

        …But in all seriousness, KamiAso was SO much better.

        • Namika says:

          I haven’t finished this show, but I’m entirely sure that Kamigami, as silly and stupid as it was, is much better than this.

    • d-LaN says:

      Additionally: Is the source material for both shows better or worse?

      • Karakuri says:

        Uh, I haven’t played KamiAso, but from what I hear, they drastically improved Yui for the anime, nothing in the last episode actually happened in the game, the game plot made no sense (or at least, had a lot of holes), and was just full of needless DORAMA.

        …So maybe the art is better, but I’ll actually have to go with Kin’iro 3. Obviously there was more character development in the game and you could ignore the annoying parts like Kyouya’s ANGST by ignoring the character ww.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Oh noes! A Quantum Singularity. It will suck in everything!

  4. anaaga says:

    This so was soooo gooooddd at making me feel better about my violin skill. Especially all them metaphors, illusions, and allegories during the concert. Jesus Christ, is that literally a goddess appearing out of nowhere?

    • Karakuri says:

      From the sun/moon/whatever that was too! Maybe one day, you too can summon butterflies with your violin playing.

  5. Namika says:

    That phrase…. that phrase >_< GOSH how could anyone include a line like that 😀

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