Isshuukan Friends – 12 [END]

Yuuki: Hey, I’m supposed to be on vacation…          Kaori: What a coincidence! So am I!

Despite technically leaving much to be desired, that was pretty much the most appropriate end to Isshuukan Friends.



The End

And they lived happily ever after… sort of thing.

If I had to describe the finale of Isshuukan Friends with one word, it would be “quiet.” There wasn’t any drama or nonsense. Yuuki and Kaori made up, the story wrapped up nicely, and that was that. Which is surprising, because I would have thought I’d feel more strongly about wanting to see their relationship progress further than continuing to insist that they are just close but platonic friends. Thinking about it objectively, there was certainly a lot of leading up to potential developments in that direction. Yuuki’s ulterior motives were plain as day, and her memory notwithstanding, Kaori certainly would have been receptive to him had he been more honest with himself. Plus, they even had the approval of momma Fujimiya! But anyway, I guess it was so clear that with the current pacing they wouldn’t get past just being friends. So I’ll take a very happy ending where they move one step closer in being honest and frank with each other.

One Last Hnnng

It hurts. It hurts so much.

In other news, Shougo and Saki also made up. Which, in usual fashion for the superior couple of the show, was heartrendingly cute. Yeah, I know. There must be something terribly wrong with me. Because damnit, Saki manages to make her crying face look kawaii as fuck. How is that even possible? I dunno. I guess I need to rethink my life choices and visit a shrink to see if I have some rare psychological disorder that makes me find crying girls.

On a more serious note, let me conclude the series with some final, overall thoughts since there really isn’t too much to say about the finale. When I first picked up Isshuukan Friends, I thought I was in for an emotional rollercoaster. And while the show definitely had some pretty touching moments, none of it was melodramatic and at no point did the show find a need to move us to tears. Instead, it opted for a deceptively straightforward tale of a wavering relationship between two teenagers even with the potential for exaggerated twists and turns made possible by the premise of selective weekly amnesia. And for that, I greatly respect the show for having the balls to restrain itself to a relatively unadorned story and even succeed at it.


Waiting on a spinoff for these two.


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4 Responses to “Isshuukan Friends – 12 [END]”

  1. skylion says:

    I greatly respect the show for having the balls to restrain itself to a relatively unadorned story and even succeed at it.

    Best single sentence review of the show. Hands down.

    One of the things I loved about this show is how it didn’t really on the road of “typical anime stuff” No face faults, no exaggerated actions, no drifting to melodrama. That plain approach gave the audience an in. And it might be to arch of me so say, but that made you feel that you were there, a silent observer of the scenes.

    Thanks for covering this, I thought you did a great job all around. Secret: I wanted to do this one at the outset…

  2. Highway says:

    I really enjoyed the show, putting it in my APR ballot a few times, and always waiting to watch it at a good time. Saki and Shougo really were a good couple, and Saki’s straightforward semi-helplessness and Shougo’s realization that he really didn’t mind it were both great.

    I thought the weakest character overall was Yuuki, because I’d have hoped that he’d eventually get the guts to let Kaori know more about how he really felt. But he didn’t, and he angsted about it far too much. I did like that last episode when they’re standing there, “I guess it’s time to go…” “You go first…” “No, you go first…” “I’ll walk you closer to your house.” “Ok!” *big grin*. That was nice and authentic, and so much like two people who are in that stage of being in love with each other.

  3. anaaga says:

    This is probably the biggest surprise of the season for me. I expected it to be a cliche dramatic anime, but hey, with that kind of summary in anime websites, misunderstandings are bound to happen.
    Anyway, I was surprised how the story turned out to be fun, entertaining, and adventurous (as in exploring the budding friendship among the characters). Though it’s adventurous, somehow I don’t find the anime to be explosive. It’s quiet, calm… But also adventurous! I think the mangaka did a good job at creating a manga that can actually stand between slice-of-life and drama properly without having too much of either one.

    Me want season 2!

  4. thorgriim says:

    Oh gosh I loved this show, I think Kaori is soooo adorable and cute, I feel for her and I’d too want to be her friend too, ooh the heartstrings being pulled by this girl! What can I say I’m a real sucker for this type of Genre hehe.

    And that Shougo and that Saki, awww they are indeed a good couple. Saki,this girl haha, that slow talking missminded little thing I just wanna huggle her! Okies too much cuteness to throw around here… ill keep it down!

    Okay, I really liked this anime, mainly because its one Genre that really pulls me in and almost blinds me. The ending was a surprise I actually feel id prefer it to end as friends because.. well its called one week friends is mainly about friendship. (a confession might of been fine too..)

    Hopefully a season 2 with their friendship going farther? maybe hehe.

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