Isshuukan Friends – 09-11

Well this is awkward.

Isshuukan Friends sure has been a roller-coaster of emotions lately…



Past Revealed

Kaori’s trauma.

These last three episodes have more or less been about the past, but it’s looking like the show is gathering momentum to move on from the past for the finale. With the introduction of Hajime, we at long last learn the circumstances of Kaori’s accident. And it’s surprisingly straight forward for all the build-up, which I actually appreciate. So now that we know about what happened, I guess this means that the supernatural is eliminated from the possible list of factors. Not that it was really in the running considering the kind of show that Isshuukan Friends is. Anyway, it all comes down to a combination of a “betrayal” by a close friend and a traffic accident. Hajime himself feels responsible for inadvertently setting up the situation, but that’s pretty much nonsense. As far as I’m concerned, it was just another typical case of kids ganging up and going too far because they don’t know any better at that age.

Old wounds resurface.

What this means is that there might not be any real solution to curing Kaori of her amnesia. That kind of thing is a sort of scar, and as tropes would have us believe, scars can only be healed by time. Considering Kaori has had plenty of time to sit on since the accident, I’d say she’s not ever fully getting over it. Of course, that’s not to say that the situation can’t be smoothed out slightly. I do think that what Yuuki is doing has some sort of effect; Kaori genuinely appears to have an easier time recalling her lost memories after she’s spent more time with him. But I am now convinced that no amount of time he spends with her will ever prevent her from losing memories of her friends at the end of every week. It’s just something that’s going to keep happening, and he’ll have to stick with her to make the process of reconnecting with these friends easier at the start of each week.

About Friends

Yuuki screws up again.

Speaking of friends, Hajime’s arrival also signals the start of a big change in Yuuki and Kaori’s relationship. No, I’m not talking about Kaori’s reset; that was just a temporary inconvenience to establish Hajime’s role in the whole thing. Instead, I am referring to Yuuki backing off from Kaori after hearing about her past from her old friends. Normally, I would be ecstatic at the development as I’ve long been bothered by Yuuki’s desire to keep Kaori for his own. But now that it’s happened, it has to of course take things to the extreme in the opposite direction at the worst possible time. Seriously, what Kaori needs now more than ever is a shoulder to lean on. And Yuuki just has to go and decide that it’s best if he stays away to avoid accidentally hurting her? It’s such an aggravating development that I want to (╯°□°)╯︵/(.□ . ). That’s me flipping Yuuki, if you couldn’t tell. Anyway, the next episode is the finale, so surely he’ll realize that he’s doing it wrong in time to catch Kaori before she falls into despair again.

Just take him, Saki. He’s already yours.

In the mean time though, I think it’s relevant to briefly mention a different pair of “friends.” Namely, Shougo and Saki. In comparison to the antics going on between Yuuki and Kaori, the relationship that these two have is so much more fun and enjoyable to watch. It basically consists of Saki being a ditz and Shougo being tsundere, which works well thanks to the novelty of the male tsundere. Plus, it’s unhealthily cute to boot. I honestly wouldn’t mind watching an entire show about those two. So props to them for stealing the show in my eyes even while so much is going on between the main couple at the same time.

It’s the home stretch for Isshuukan Friends, and I’m really hoping that Yuuki doesn’t screw it up. All he needs to do is understand what Kaori is going through and be there for her instead of selfishly think about not being selfish and end up hurting her anyway. The guy may be straight-forward to a fault, but man is he bad at reading the girl he spends so much time fawning and watching over. You’d think that he’d learn something after half a year of being “special friends.”

Will Yuuki be there for Kaori?


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6 Responses to “Isshuukan Friends – 09-11”

  1. skylion says:

    I’m actually very happy that they show Yuuki with some clay feet. It makes his character arc that much more interesting. Awesome understanding guy gets the girl is boring. Awkward emerging teen schmuck has it’s own endearing quality. We’ve all been there..

    Saki and Shoujo. Sometimes I think that ship is just there to provide a break. But damn it, they look so cute with each other. I have to admit, I really want Shoujo to show more dere. He’s about ready for it.

  2. Highway says:

    Shougo totally wants to go out with Saki but his ‘I can’t be seen to be bothered to do something like that’ attitude keeps him from actually doing it. I love Saki’s character, tho. So open and honest, she provides the example that allows everyone else to open up.

    I too get frustrated for Yuuki and his “I can’t figure out how to deal with it” self. I guess a lot of it is that he’s too embarrassed to actually admit what he wants, what everyone else knows he wants, and what Kaori wants him to want.

  3. Cybersteel says:

    If this show was longer, she would lose her memories again when the other girl from her childhood turns up as a transfer student.

  4. Highway says:

    Oh, seeing that screenshot at the top of the post reminded me of that scene, and that was awesome by mom. I don’t know if it’s male writer wish fulfillment, or that’s really more of the attitude that some Japanese moms have of “oh, sorry to interrupt”, or Kaori’s mom is just “I’m so happy that Kaori is getting on with her social life and… other things.” But that really was a fun scene.

  5. anaaga says:

    I can relate to Kaori. For some reason, I have gaps in my memories of my elementary and junior high school years. My friend has this theory that I was mentally pressured during that time, making me forget those memories.

    But putting that aside, goood Yuuki is soooo asdfghjkl why is he not putting himself in Kaori’s shoes? And the Hajime dude has to act like a moron too. Gooodd why are the males so dumb in this anime. Except Shougo. Shougo is the best. Shougo x Saki FTW

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