selector infected WIXOSS – 09

Wixoss 09-6

Hitoe Dallas…LRIGpass…

  Looks like we get the juice on last weeks reveal. I knew that many had made a prediction like this, but it’s how it   plays out…


I was told it was bad

I don’t know which is worse for Yuzuki; the fact that she got LRIGed, or the fact that she doesn’t get a chance to live with her wish. I guess that is why Hayano was so accepting of it to begin with. No incest was to happen or is actually happening. Too bad telling people things like “Oh, this is not really my sister but her former LRIG card walking around in a Yuzuki suit” isn’t something you can work into just any conversation. But will Hayano fess up, and give Kazuki the truth? Or is she happy where she is? With some of the images and implications the episode gives off, who exactly is Hayano; indeed who or what are all the LRIGs?

Wixoss -09-8

 Deep Blue Thoughts

It took awhile for this sequence of disconnected scenes to really sink in. At first it felt like some bad pacing, but then it really hit me with how it was working. By dicing this scene up with other scenes, it made it feel both reflective, from the present to the past, and furtive, past to present. All the moments in her both birthing and achieving her wish start here, and all those memories are coming in a rushed tense echo of the past. This makes perfect sense, because it leaves at least me, with the impression that it’s Hayano that is remembering her discussion with Yuzuki, or the memories have become her’s and she’s taking the final tally of them.  She’s getting her feelings in order before she makes the final plunge in make the wish a reality. No matter who is in the Yuzuki suit.

Wixoss 09-3

Did she really have to dump Ru?

It was hard to see this circle of friends break up. The things that keep the so-called misfits apart from everyone else, is the same thing that draws them together. Division. But that does cut both ways. With Hitoe so much as forced away upon pain, it was daunting to accept that Yuzuki would break things off like that. I wanted her to hang on, trust that her wish wouldn’t drive her friend away. But really, I think she realizes that she has to do this alone, and asking a friend to defend something like this is the worst possible way to treat someone.

So, is Ru done with battling? I wouldn’t blame her one bit, and it’s incredible to see her own LRIG agree. Of course, we have more than a few suspicions that this might be Tama’s first time around as an LRIG, so she might not be desperate to escape her confines. But is it just me, or does she seem even less herself in this new state. It came on rather suddenly for her, the realization that she loved battling, but she had to take that on with a ton of other trouble. Iona’s words still haunt her, as does the situation with Hitoe. Who chooses just the right time to make her reappearance. It isn’t the nicest thing to witness. She looks burned out, or even worse, a puppet. Given that the LRIG are holding back information, that isn’t far off the mark. Oh, and isn’t it telling, that from the word, OPEN, no battle really occurred?

Wixoss -09-9

She goes to battle. Doesn’t get battle.  Finds out she will become Ru. Life is hard, Tama

Did he even know what hit him?

Wixoss 09-7

We should name our first son, Joffery…

This is one of the most deceptive, yet richly compelling, things about the show. Are wishes really granted, or is the sheer belief in that wish enough to propel the player forward and achieve it on their own? That caught me, once again, with Kazuki’s confession. Is this the auspice of the Eternal Girl at work, or has he, just like his sister, felt this way all along? I went with this in my introduction. Is this actually incest? Well, for Kazuki it very much is, especially if Hayano!Yuzuki doesn’t tell him the situation. Why would she? Why wouldn’t she? In one case it might keep the wish intact, if we go with the idea that the magic seduced her brother. I don’t quite know for the other case. What we think about a sense of identity is rather up for grabs here. Kazuki might very much be in jeopardy, given that he denies the incest rumor to his classmates; with that last girl kinda feeling sorry about the whole mess and really looked like she was trying to help him out, but might feel the opposite.

A few extra cards

Show ▼

It took a bit of time for the narrative to settle in this week. At first, with an intital viewing, I was under the impression that we were in for a bit of a recapper/reminder sort of episode. It is that time of the season. But after letting it settle in, there was so much going on just in the Hayano!Yuzuki x Kazuki relationship. I’m anxious to see how they answer some of my questions. Oh and isn’t in interesting?Hitoe hold ups her Hayano!Yuzuki card just like Iona held her Urisu card? What did you folks think?




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28 Responses to “selector infected WIXOSS – 09”

  1. Karakuri says:

    We should name our first son, Joffery…


    “He will be one of the biggest asshats ever known…”

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    *sends 『 』 over to this show to make it finish faster*

  3. Wanderer says:

    …Their “prize” for winning is to be turned into a card and have their body stolen by their former card? That’s… The only way to win is not to play. This isn’t a game at all. This seems more like some sort of trick the LRIGs have created to get themselves out of wherever they are now and into the real world.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      all going according to keikaku… kekekeke (T/L note: Keikaku means plan)

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, but how promising is that. They don’t have any real identity to speak of, they just echo the personality of the body the stole. Seems like no one is winning here.

    • thorgriim says:

      Agree, after the episode I was left with.. Well why would you want to play this game? Repeating the same things over and over..Win trade places, win trade again.

      so after stating that.. i can see where things are heading for Yuzuki to start fighting again…

  4. Krono says:

    This kinda makes me wonder if this is the first time the truth has been learned and a LRIG has switched places. If this has happened more than once you would think people would start recognizing the LRIGs and figure that this is not a game to be played.

    I can definitely understand why this show might hurt sales with children. If I was a kid and saw my game associated with this I wouldn’t want to play it either.

    • skylion says:

      Well, is that news thingy true? Anime Maru is a satire website, so none of it’s stories are true.

  5. We(ss says:

    Damn. A game where the selector doesn’t win. I feel bad for Yuzuki for being cheated by Hayano. I have to admit, I was slightly confused with the event sequences of this episode, but it really hits me hard that Hayano has not only taken Yuzuki’s body, but what also to be her memories as well. I wonder if all the LRIGs have this in mind.

    I also feel bad for Hitoe, who’s technically a emotionless doll now. So why would they seek out Ruuko and Tama? One is to reveal this disturbing truth. Perhaps, as the both of them have no particular goal, is to ask them to find the truth behind the selector battles. I’m assuming that having our body and wish stolen by your LRIG and getting turned into a card isn’t the only thing that’s going on.

    • skylion says:

      …yeah, I’ve been thinking this is just one level of a bigger game being played…

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Ugh, I feel sick and appalled thanks to these disturbing and distasteful revelations. The game has a real twisted logic. So let me get this right. The Selectors, who never asked to be part of the game, lured in with a shady promise, takes all the risks of competing but if by some chance they last long enough to evade the penalties and stay on top, it’s not them who wins the spoils, but the LRIGs employed to aid them. No matter how you look at it, it’s a lose/lose deal and a vicious cycle.

    My curiosity now is on who created this absurd game and what they hope to gain from it aside from sadistic entertainment on the sidelines. Is it to punish those deemed greedy players who have nothing but selfish wishes? Had Hitoe and Akira won their battles, they’d meet the same fate (The latter would be so pissed!!). Not that being unable to befriend and facially scarred are considered acceptable consolations.

    • skylion says:

      Indeed what is the larger game at hand. Plus the wish granting process is already suspicious by now.

    • thorgriim says:

      It’s Ruuko grandma that is behind the creation of this card game! that’s what me and fosh keep saying haha.

      But ya, this is one twisted game, so looks like we all are waiting for the bigger game in the end.. The purest wish wins?!

  7. Highway says:

    Maybe it’s because I deduced all of this information last episode, but to me this episode felt like a lot of wasted time and overly heavy-handed and melodramatic reveals. I know they have to tell the other characters, but it just felt like taking this whole episode was a bit indulgent.

    Right now, the only real questions I have are the ones I asked last time, about what happened to Midoriko, Piriruk, and other LRIGs whose Selectors got eliminated, and the question of was there wish influence on Kazuki. Did he fall in love with Yuzuki? Has he been in love with Yuzuki, and the ‘wish’ really just allowed “Yuzuki” to say it? Or is he now being manipulated by some other force?

    • skylion says:

      Oh, goodness, I found it hard not to say this; so instead concentrated on the positive; I got burned out on negative with the Tina Sprout/Black Bullet arc. But yes, folks, what HWY says.

      Well, it’s anime, and it’s Okada, I would not expect a neat answer all tied up in a bow any time soon, if at all.

      • Highway says:

        It’s not that it was bad, but as much as you thought this week’s Chaika was a recap episode, this seemed like it went over more known information without adding anything than that did.

        And I did find it interesting that Yuzuki LRIG seems to be 100% Yuzuki. I wonder if there is a geas on HanaYozuki that she cannot ever reveal who she really has been?

        • skylion says:

          And it did, which is why I was able to concentrate on the positive. The questions we ask about Hazuki are what makes it worth it?

          That stands to reason; she’s in the manipulation game right now rather she understands it or accepts it.

  8. thorgriim says:

    So ya, most of what I wanted to say I already did with some of the other’s commenters But after reading a a few.

    This episode was a major information dump, with a lot to think and ask yourself, but This game is..very evil, and the only real victory is getting a body, So once the wish is grated are they kinda stuck to a script of following the wish so in a way your a slave to the wish? but you now have a body..So let the body switching games begin!

    Other then that, and I’ve read a few times now, whats the bigger game now?. What makes Tama special? what happens when you battle with no wish? Break the system? lol But I’m looking forward to the next episode, and more to uncover if there is? and we have a second season to do more.. so wonder what they can do in 12 more episodes..

    • skylion says:

      Well the rest of the show is resolving all the issues; and they’ve got in all in on all the burners. Akira is still out there, and we obviously have this new wrinkle to see through.

      I hope that larger game becomes the focus of the next cour.

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