Seikoku no Dragonar – 05

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Kuroko no Dragonar~

 I am back to join Skylion for your weekly take on LOLi Dragon and we can finally ask the bigger question! Who is the best LOLi dragon ever this season? If you are not watching coffin LOLi then you have no idea who I am talking about but there is another dragon girl!


Hey, it’s skylion, out of the hot seat and back with the LOLi Dragon.


Older Siblings are a pain!?

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Veronica-“I secretly want to make out with Silvia! So want to fight about it?”

What happened to all the cool older siblings in anime? Did all of them just decide to be complete jerks to their younger brothers and sisters or am I just crazy? I guess it could be something that Seikoku no Dragonar is doing to obviously create drama, but I also get the impression that Veronica’s only purpose in the story is to push Silvia into becoming a great dragon tamer or give her some much needed motivation? In the end though I bet we get a cheesy moment with Veronica telling Silvia that everything she did in the past to her little sister was a form of “love” because Veronica did not know how to handle emotions. Yeah maybe something like that? Anyway who knows; however we all know Veronica is not exactly winning any best older sister awards anytime soon!

Besides the questionable actions of Veronica this week I would say that the core of this episode was spent on Silvia as she dealt with her current situation which to be honest really bored me and yeah I know it sucks for her, but at least Ash is trying his best to step up to defend Silvia or did it even help? I was kind of expecting Silvia to take down Rebecca at the Dragon-Basketball event and prove to her sister that she has the wrong idea! Oh boy was I wrong because she failed so hard and ill admit it actually made laugh. So should we expect that to change later on? Who knows, but on a serious note I just want her to be a kick as female character; however as it stands right now I feel that she is slowly becoming another Asuna from SAO! If you are not familiar with her basically she was awesome at the start of the series and then she slowly became the princess from Mario! The only thing missing from Silvia’s story would be to have Veronica lock her in some castle as she waits for Ash to come save her.

Strike up the music!

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Veronica- “sup?”

cause everyone dances to First Princess Veronica’s tune. She can’t tame a dragon, but she can tame a populace. From Cosette’s deception, to mixed bathing, marriage arrangements and making enemies literally run out of the mountains, it all went according to her conductor’s baton. There’s a part of me that respects some honest tough love, but as a successful military commanders, doesn’t she realize you have to try different tactics sometimes?

Good gravy, the fanservice this episode. I’m almost ticked off at the regular broadcasters. It’s not like the deleted scenes really add anything. I guess that’s one thing the Princess can’t make swing her way. Oh, you have to love Prim. That undressing technique!  Now remind yourself, that bath was on board her warship. Lady has her priorities. And again, the anthar! That dragonnip/aphrodisiac is nuts!  I need to get me some of that stuff! I wonder how much that stuff makes dragon’s less inhibited? Cause that means Eco has the serious hots for her “dog”. Funyaa!

And then we get to the politics. Well, we know that Victoria has little value for her sister’s dream of dragon taming, and instead want’s to get her to do that time honoured tradition of princesses everywhere. Get to breeding!  Something Victoria has little time for, cause you know, dressing up all sexy and doing war. Does that make her a coward in her own way? Which has to lead to Dragon Quidditch Basketball-or-something.Did Sivia even stand a chance?

Extra LOLi Dragons

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That is some quality reading material.

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Rebecca has interesting taste~

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End thoughts

What a drama filled episode! At least there was some fanservice with the random co-ed bath scene and Eco provided a few cute moments here and we got to meet that new busty maid named Primrose who is voiced by Ai Kakuma aka Ruuko from WIXOSS and shes in Kanojo ga Flag! Oh and another surprise actress to appear Yuu Kobayashi as Avdocha Kiltzkaya! I have missed hearing her unique voice. So did anyone else think that Veronica was going to fall for Ash since he was so brave to yell at her? I was thinking that the whole time like I bet she likes dudes with guts; however that would have come off as comical and I get the vibe that the older sister is not about that life. So what was your favorite or least favorite moment this week?

Overall, I’m liking how the show is going. Victoria adds a depth to Silvia’s character. Yeah the tough love is wearing thin, but I do believe her sister cares for her. Ash comes out really strong for people’s rights to make their own decisions, and we learn that it is something of a crime to kill dragon in Leautremont; something even royalty is not above. I’m looking forward to more


Dragonar (7)

Avdocha could be my favorite side villain.


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25 Responses to “Seikoku no Dragonar – 05”

  1. JPNIgor says:

    Stopping just to ask:

    Did you guys really read SAO 16.5? It’s so good, it’s 11/10, seriously.

  2. Wanderer says:

    I’ve read this volume of the novels. HATE. VERONICA. SO. MUCH. And I hope she dies a horrible, agonizing, humiliating death where her precious focus on personal strength and self-aggrandizement all turns out to be for nothing, and the mewling sycophants that surround her are revealed to be worthless against an enemy that they can’t simply bully out of the way.

    …Or she could fall down a flight of stairs and break or neck, whatever, JUST KILL HER.

    • skylion says:

      They do lay her on thick don’t they? But for this show she’s a good axle to turn Silvia’s character around.

    • Highway says:

      I haven’t read the material, but from what was presented here, I think you completely misread Veronica. Yes, she’s focused on personal strength, but it’s not out of self-aggrandizement, it’s in the name of self-improvement. Even if she thinks that Sylvia’s goals are rather unimportant, the unforgivable part is that Sylvia is BAD at it. And she really is. She’s got an equipment and background advantage, yet she’s never able to complete things on her own. Rebecca brings it. Sylvia brings… Ash. And that’s exactly Veronica’s point.

      If Sylvia were actually good at what she’s trying to do, if she actually showed the dedication needed to be the best at it, I don’t think Veronica would have any problems with her.

      • Wanderer says:

        Silvia’s NOT bad at it, except when her sister is there acting as a focus for all Silvia’s childhood trauma and thus completely destroying Silvia’s ability to think rationally. Silvia is noted as being one of the best in her year, having gotten her dragon to the maestro stage in such a short time. She performed excellently in the combat training in episode 1, until Ash ran into her from behind. She won the competition in episode 1 (you know, the one where Ash wandered off into the forest, fell off a cliff, and acquired a lolidragon). And she overcame her terror to face the necromancia and despite the fact that it was a challenge for the level of an Arkdragonar and she was merely a maestro, she did everything she could have done, the vital thing that needed to be done, to help defeat it.

        Veronica is full of shit. She acts like everyone and everything belongs to her to do with as she pleases and that she is never wrong, and it’s all bullshit. SHE is the only thing making her sister fail. No, Silvia is not fearless, but she is courageous, and she is strong. She faced something that terrified her, and helped overcome it to the best of her ability, and she has proven her strength many times.

        • Highway says:

          Yeah, but again, how much of that is initial advantage. If she has the best dragon, she should win the race in episode 1. If she has the best dragon, of course she should advance quickly. She shouldn’t have terror at facing the Necromancia, she should be prepared for it.

          That’s EXACTLY what Veronica is trying to get Sylvia to acknowledge. I’m not one for saying that people need to stand up to bullies. But I don’t see Veronica as a bully. I see her as someone who’s trying to get Silvia to man up. And what does Sylvia do in response? The first thing is chicken out and send Cosette out there.

          I don’t know if Veronica’s methods are the best. They worked for her. They aren’t working with Silvia. But I don’t get anything from Veronica that she’s just being cruel for her own fun. So I don’t think she’s a contemptible character.

          • Wanderer says:

            You’re missing the initial point. She has the best dragon because she worked for it. This is a point the anime has skipped. All the dragons start off the same, and advance through the same stages. Silvia doesn’t have a maestro dragon through luck, she has a maestro dragon because she worked and trained harder than anyone else to get Lancelot to that level.

            And no one could be prepared for the Necromancia. The Necromancia shouldn’t even exist, and even Rebecca, who could probably kill Veronica herself, couldn’t defeat it. The Necromancia isn’t a thing that anyone can be prepared for, and where the hell do you or Veronica get off telling someone what can or can’t scare them?! Everyone has things that frighten them, unless they’re a psychopath. What’s important isn’t whether or not they feel fear, what’s important is how they deal with the fear, and Silvia confronted her fear and faced the Necromancia anyway, even though it was far beyond anything she could actually have beaten. That makes her a far more courageous person than her insane bitch of a sister who can’t feel fear in the first place.

            As for the greeting, again, who are you to judge how Silvia faces the single most traumatic creature she has ever encountered in her life? Veronica is thecause of Silvia’s fear: she herself has spawned the very character traits she claims she’s trying to eliminate, and the actions she takes to get Silvia to “man up” are the exact things that make the situation worse. Veronica is too stupid, too pig-headed, too arrogant, too self-focused, and (in my opinion) too spiteful at her sister for getting a dragon when she couldn’t to care that she’s completely wrong in what she’s doing.

            You say you don’t find her contemptible? She is beneath contempt.

            • skylion says:

              I would think that Silvia’s fear is the cause of her fear. Veronica is training her hard to get rid of it. At this point, it looks like it is backfiring. What may be contemptible is actually part of their larger story. As it is I find Veronica to be the most complex character of the bunch.

  3. il-Palazzo says:

    Bitchiness aside, my favorite moment this week is Veronica’s words of “Confusing recklessness with bravery shows that you dream is shallow”. Delivering it via Glen just adds ices to the freezing-cold burn.

    If she’s really serious about being the best, then when facing a clearly better opponent what she should do is use her head – not just rush in and hope for hotblood Shonen power-up.

    Points of interest this week:
    1. Washing Machines in the dragonship. I know I shouldn’t question the level of technology in a world with huge-ass flying dragonship, but it still baffles me.
    2. Is the Tantalos clan a dwarf race? Do their women stop growing at 12? Anya is the clan head and Avdocha is a famous terrorist yet they both look like preteen girls. Is that just what a full-grown Tantalos woman looks like?

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Needs more lorigon. Currently insufficient amounts.

    • skylion says:

      I know it’s like a first, but I tend to disagree. But then they only spent her on fanservic this episode, which is really dumb.

      • Highway says:

        I dunno, there isn’t much else that Eco can actually *do*. And with the way her personality is (I find it exceedingly offputting, but others disagree), the more you shove her out there, the worse she’d be. Essentially, she is perfectly suited for that minimized mascot role.

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          A perfect waste of her! To borrow a quote: “CUTENESS IS ALL THAT MATTERS!”

          Shiro on the other hand… :3 (And Steph… and Jibril… and Izuna… even Kurumi is growing on me…) That said, there has never been a series where I have had to divide the attention…

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Veronica is one of those insufferable, self righteous high-born brats that really need to be knocked down a peg. All that power, privilege and reverence has gone to her head. And so far, she’s being too much of a bitch to Silvia for me to see anything good of what she’s pushing onto her. Taking things way too far.

    Kudos to Ash stepping up to voice his opinion when everyone else is too caught up in social status to tell these “nobles” off on what’s right and wrong.

    • skylion says:

      I kinda love this divided camp. Lively discussions are best. You are correct on all counts. But she has proven herself. She has singlehandedly won in combat through sheer strength of arms. And she very much wants to believe in her sister. If she didn’t, she would never have given her the chance to prove herself.

  6. Thorgriim says:

    What I got out of this episode was……Magical LOLi Dragon belly Button!

    Oh and some high and mighty older sister ‘THAT’ I feel is trying to make her sister stronger or something?

    One thing that bothers me is, if Veronica is just watching and not within Silvia’s sight why did she lose focus on the game if her dream really is important to her? Feels like Silvia needs better focus, so maybe that is what Veronica is trying to teach her just going at it wrong?

    Anyways dragon facelicks look wonderful, where can I get my own Eco?

    • skylion says:

      I fear none of us are MC enough to get an Eco!

      Yeah, I like the interplay between Veronica and Silvia, so much going wrong, so much to go right!

      • skylion says:

        Oh, and BELLYBUTTON FORTE!

      • belatkuro says:

        I fear none of us are MC enough to get an Eco!

        Why bother living then OTL
        *commits sudoku*

      • thorgriim says:

        another picture profile change OH you skylion! you just want all the LOLi’s!

        Though I approve of this one too..

        • BlackBriar says:

          I don’t think skylion would ever have an avatar that doesn’t have a loli in it. The guy is staying true to his title. He gets applause for diligence.

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