Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 07

Nanana-An offer for Juugo

Nanana makes an offer Juugo shouldn’t have refused

spring14-highwThis was one of those episodes where everything that happened got overshadowed by something silly happening at the very end, but it was still a good episode. What silly thing happened? Well, I’m not going to show you until the end.

Not Far Off


It’s always better to present a desired gift

Juugo did manage to get the treasure first, and it even gets back to his apartment… along with the special pudding that he needs to not get killed by Nanana. It was a lot worse than I thought last time, when I thought he just hadn’t bought her pudding before he left. He had actually sold all her games to make money to pay off the utility bill. That explains her anger a lot more. And she does eventually forgive him, because who can resist Hot Springs pudding (it is the third favorite on her list, after all)?

Nanana-Tensai loves her Rival

Tensai really loves her rival’s ingenuity

Also not far off was Tensai (who sneakily has a bunch of keys to Juugo’s apartment. Who is the evil guy here?) who considers herself beaten in this instance by Juugo. There’s quite the honor among thieves going on throughout this show, as once someone is defeated they stay defeated… for now. But that honor among thieves is something that’s actually causing Juugo some worry. When Shuu (presumably at the behest of Yukihime) made that play for the treasure at the onsen, it broke a code of Matsuri, that you don’t steal the treasure from the treasure hunters. To Juugo that indicates that she no longer respects him or cares for him.

A New Ship?

Nanana-Evil Juugo

Maybe Juugo really is evil

It was nice to delve into the background of Juugo and Yukihime. The question earlier of “What does Juugo think of Yukihime,” which of course doesn’t seem to have a right answer unless Yukihime wants him to say “The beautiful woman I love” or something (wait a minute…). And maybe she does, since she makes that tsuntsun response “Of course I have a boyfriend” which she rescinds not a whole 4 minutes later with quite the blush. It actually is plausible that Yukihime has harbored a bit of a crush for Juugo. Having spent time with him, training with him, having him be the heir to Matsuri, only to have her hopes crushed by Juugo’s seemingly endless selfishness in leaving Matsuri. After all, she remembers the promise that he made to her years ago, presumably that the two of them would be together helping people.

Nanana-Getting the truth

Yukihime breaks down

It has to burn her more than a little bit that he has rejected both Matsuri and the ideals that Yukihime holds dear. Obviously she thinks that the mission of Matsuri is a just one, so to have her protege that she obviously cares for so much reject that mission has to leave her in a tough spot. And the fact that she is willing to continue offering him one olive branch after another to bring him back to the fold means that she hasn’t given up on him, no matter what she says. It probably burns her even more that after rejecting the idea of helping people, he’s now searching for Nanana’s Collection items just to help someone. But Yukihime doesn’t really know the conflict that Juugo’s going through on his own about that particular promise.

Nanana-Not the right answer

Juugo’s full of the wrong answer


I don’t know if Juugo is ever going to be able to go through with helping Nanana ‘move on’. And Nanana herself isn’t particularly keen to move on, at least not now. You wonder if she’s ever had a roommate like him, one who indulges her, spars with her, and treats her like the person she is, not like a ghost. Yet we also saw some of Nanana’s loneliness last episode, when she approached the door, realizing that she’s trapped. But it’s also obvious that Nanana cares for Juugo, and if not in a super crush-y way, at least in a big sister way, even offering to let him cry on her chest if his attempt at working things out with Yukihime didn’t work. I could see Juugo giving Nanana the option, tho. Perhaps something like a letter that names the murderer, and give it to her to open sometime in the future, when things aren’t as much fun with him and Tensai and everyone around.


Oh, that silly thing I mentioned? Of course I didn’t forget. Kiraboshi!

Nanana-Tensai Kiraboshi


Nanana-Nanana's Kiraboshi



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10 Responses to “Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 07”

  1. Wanderer says:

    Major points to Nanana this episode for telling Juugo what he needed to hear to get off the bed and go talk to the girl. That was really a good heartwarming moment.

    For Yukihime… it seems she has essentially dedicated her life to fulfilling that childhood promise with Juugo, only to have him, years later after she’s gone through everything, walk out on her, declaring that he doesn’t believe in the ideal that the two of them once promised to fulfill together. I don’t know what happened to him, but from what we’ve seen I have to say Yukihime at least deserved better than that from him.

    Waka no baka.

  2. thorgriim says:

    “Kiraboshi!” /pose…

    That last bit was awesome, Anime inside anime, inception lol. Even watching the character do the same pose was great. Oh and I think Tensai also makes a mention of bones in there somewhere, oh A-1 Pictures and Bones..

    as for the rest of the episode? I didn’t really care much about Juugo and Yukihime, Yuki just isn’t doing much for me to really like her yet.. but not to say shes the worst character, that not it hehe. Love the whole bit with Nanana and Juugo before he left to meet Yuki, they are so good together, but shes a ghost so lol. and well all know Tensai is my favorite of all! hehe

    • Highway says:

      Personally, I like Yukihime as a character and as a lady character. I find her motivations interesting and always like that look.

  3. skylion says:

    Kiraboshi awesome. Tsundere proxy relationship not so much. Uggh.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Especially when the tsundere isn’t making her feelings known.

      • skylion says:

        It takes an arc for that to happen! But it just felt ill spent this episode. I just couldn’t buy it.

  4. zztop says:

    A fansub group has recently released the Star Driver movie from last year, with full subtitles.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    LOL. Juugo decided to go with the philosophy of “it’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission” and used bribery to close the deal. Nanana was mad about her games, yes, but I think she’s level headed enough to understand why Juugo did what he did. No means to pay the utility bill means immediate eviction which would result in Nanana losing the only company she’s had in a while and I doubt she’d want to be lonely again. Not to mention that with him gone, Tensai loses her reason to stick around, eliminating more companions from the picture.

    Tensai is using Juugo as motivation to better herself but she should really take a class in ethics. For everything she’s doing apart from deductions are traits a person would expect from an individual leading a dishonest lifestyle. Making spare keys for someone else’s apartment room? That’s like walking up to the tenant’s face bragging you’re a thief.

    Ah, tsundere women like Yukihime. The layers of insecurities that have to be peeled back to know what they really think. Clearly she has a thing for Juugo but uses his obligations to Matsuri as a front. She is a bit conceited assuming he should understand all her feelings right off the bat. How can anyone know anything about you if you don’t speak up? It concerns you so you have to go the extra mile. He made that promise as a child so holding him to it isn’t bright if you ask me. A person’s mentality changes over time. This is all an attempt to say they should be together, however at the moment, he and Nanana are the stronger pairing. I still do inquire on how a human could possibly have a relationship with a ghost.

    It was slow but a good episode. I’m wondering if this series will be a split cour. With a total of 11 episodes, we’ve officially gone past the halfway mark and while all the treasure hunts and character developments are fine, there’s still no hard evidence leading to Nanana’s killer and the reason for her death.

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