Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 06

Nanana-Planning the assault

Planning the heist!

spring14-highwAre we getting more of a handle on this show? This one certainly seemed a lot more straightforward. Maybe we’re just getting used to the twists.


Hot Springs Puzzle

Nanana-Cute little onsen town

The ambience is a little ruined if you look too far

As promised last time, now we get the onsen episode, as everyone heads across the island. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that they’re on the same large island, but they were careful to still show the constructed nature of the island in the background of the traditional-look onsen town. And we finally meet the last member of the Adventure Club for more than just a short appearance, as Kagetora Tsurezure joins everyone at the inn. While last time he was knocking Juugo out, this time they’re on the same side, well as much as any two people are on the same side in this show. I don’t think that there’s anything more than temporary alliances, not even Yuu and Isshin, even as smitten as Yuu is with Isshin.

Nanana-Side Scroller even

It’s even a side-scroller!

Of course, everyone’s still going to pretend to be on the same side, at least to get the treasure (until Isshin, Yuu, and Kagetora do the old “tell you guys one time to meet, we leave earlier” trick). This was a pretty typical jumping puzzle this week, if you fall in the water, it’s pretty uncomfortable. But Juugo seems pretty familiar with it, as Tensai points out, hinting that he’s already done this puzzle. And the audience’s suspicions certainly go up when the ‘treasure’ is a stuffed cat. I’m sure Tensai is as suspicious as we are, having seen Juugo shipping something back to his apartment, even if he’s got a good excuse that he got some special pudding to send her from a specialty shop (with an early line, after being out the day before).

Nanana-Maboro and Nanana

Not even talking to Maboro gets Juugo a break

The Usual Suspects

Nanana-Reverse Peeking

Some reverse peeping this time

Stuffed cat or no, it’s still the treasure, and of course it gets stolen. And Yukihime, who for whatever reason is at the onsen as well (and still ignoring Juugo, no matter what he tries) is the easy first suspect for stealing it, but is defended by the friend she’s with. And it really wasn’t her, since it was Shuu, dressed up as a novice maid, amazing Tensai who took a total guess that it was him. But Tensai’s not done suspecting people, as she thinks Juugo was working in cahoots with Matsuri again. But even worse, the stuffed cat is a fake, confirmed by Nanana when they get to talk to her.

Nanana-It's bad to leave Nanana without pudding

You do NOT want to go in there, Juugo

Nanana herself has a pretty rough time, stuck in the room and apparently with only 3 puddings. Even Maboro coming by to talk about it doesn’t really cheer her up, especially because she doesn’t have any pudding because Juugo didn’t have any extra money after paying his utility bill. And it seems pretty significant that Nanana would try to convince Maboro that she should have let him slide on the bill, since Nanana apparently trusts Juugo (and maybe even likes him) more than a lot of other guys and former roommates. That doesn’t help when she’s home alone with no pudding, tho.


Who knows what’s really going on here…


This one seems a bit more cut and dried, but who knows if it will really stick that way. What we do know is that D’Arc is completely after Tensai, and this time Kagetora calls him / her out on wanting to lick his chopsticks after feeding Tensai. Juugo’s learned his lesson, tho: Don’t pay attention to D’Arc or you lose out on food. And I’m still not sure about D’Arc’s gender, since he claims to be a boy, but they definitely don’t show us anything about that, and he doesn’t go in the onsen with either group, taking a bath in the room instead. Maybe Tensai just wants D’Arc to be in the same room as her, but it’s weird that Yuu would also insist.


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14 Responses to “Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    Yeah, for an episode that took the cut and dried approach, I thought there would have been much more fanservice.

    Is the production obscuring all these moves made by Juugo, just to tease us? We want him to be the good guy, but he many not be?

    • Highway says:

      What’s a ‘good guy’? Are there any good guys in treasure hunting? Especially manufactured treasure hunting, because it seems likely that someone is refreshing these treasure hunts and making new ones.

      • skylion says:

        Well, that first question is a good exploration for the series.

        Belloq was a bad guy. Ilsa not so much…

      • BlackBriar says:

        Nah, once there’s treasure, no matter what form, greed sets in. So the notion of good and bad is immediately nullified, leaving one rule in play: Every man for himself.

  2. thorgriim says:

    Same here, this episode ehh.. I just needed more Tensai fanservice was needed Nyhaha~

    as for good guys, well that is a good question, Skylion is a good example, and Highway, these are some good guys that i know of, Fosh is pure evil i tell ya!

    This is an ok series,it’s not one I look forward to like the others this season has to offer, BUT I’m in it for the treasure hunting theme and well Tensai, who is by far my favorite, watching her deducing all the things. and that voice actress…drool

    • thorgriim says:

      son of a B! B i tell ya… that was suppose to be a replay to highway…tsk.. Comments your beat me again.. *shake fists..* actually I reall need to pay more attention…

    • Highway says:

      This is a show that I do really look forward to, because I like the balance of adventure, characters, and that bit of fanservice that they throw in, which isn’t just standard. The only fanservice that Tensai has done was the elementary school cosplay stuff. But I think she’s fine that way, and think it’s fine that Shuu, Maboro and Yuu are the main sources of fanservice.

      • thorgriim says:

        right, it’s still a fun show to watch, the adventure is something that gets my attention, its a differnet type of anime so thats a nice change.

        The elementary school cosplay was fine too hehe

  3. Kyokai says:

    D’Arc is definitely a dude, Juugo swears by his own Excalibur on that after all.

    However meh this episode was, at least we are up to an inkling about Juugo being more than what he seems. If he tries, he could give even Tensai a slip but can he and what was the actual Nanana treasure that he bagged from this episode remains to be seen.

    • Highway says:

      I dunno, he hasn’t *seen* it, just felt something that could be it. That’s pretty fakeable, and although we can’t really know why D’Arc would be a girl who pretends to be a guy who dresses up in maid uniforms, I think it’s at least as plausible that she could be a girl pretending to be a guy who dresses up in maid uniforms, especially if she thinks that would get her closer to Tensai.

      I’m about 65% sure that Tensai will bag the package that Juugo sent home, particularly since she knows about it and must suspect that the real treasure is in there. But Juugo’s no idiot, and he’s gotta think that Tensai will be suspicious of him still, so maybe he did something else with it entirely.

  4. Cybersteel says:

    Reminds me of Phi-Brain puzzles.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    True about this being straightforward. There weren’t as much twists as the previous episodes apart from Juugo facilitating a theft for Matsuri. If not for financial reasons, he would have avoided taking part in any of their activities with the fact of him having issues with the group out in the open.

    I like how the series maintains its balance. The treasure hunts are just as fun to watch as the characters interacting with each other. Showing how elaborate the ruin puzzles are is the best part.

    If you value your well-being, stay away from Yuu. Unbelievable that girl is so yandere she’ll use anyone as a means to vent her frustration of requited love. Surely, Isshin notices her attempts but is teasing her. His somewhat arrogant aura doesn’t convince me that he’s unaware.

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