Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 05

Nanana-Game Party

Time for a Games Party!

spring14-highwIt’s pretty mean of a show to promise an onsen trip in the cold open, and then spend the entire rest of the show in the bad part of town, don’t you think?


The Continuing Story…

Nanana-D'arc can't resist

Is D’arc really after Tensai’s body?

I’m actually surprised that Nanana has worked out to be this sort of show, where the story continues the way it does. So far every character has been woven into the action multiple times, well, except for that other tall guy who came in at the end of Yuiga and Juugo’s fight. But the Adventure Club is back to being a single group, and while they’re planning a trip, we really don’t get to that this episode. Instead, it’s more of Yukihime (and fake Yukihime, eliciting the same malegaze pattern from Juugo that we got to see Maboro with in the first episode), and then a financial crisis.


A, er, side of Yukihime we haven’t seen before

I don’t really get what Yukihime’s going for. In fact, I don’t really quite get what Juugo’s primary attitude is, and why it doesn’t fit in with Matsuri. I think his thinking is that Matsuri claims that they’re finding Nanana’s Collection to give it back to the world or give it to poor people or something, but when he states that he doesn’t do things for other people, how does that jibe with his trying to find Nanana’s killer? Is it that he thinks Matsuri is insincere? Juugo certainly doesn’t hold a high opinion of his father, but he certainly seems to appreciate Yukihime more than that. Yet he steadfastly refuses to return to Matsuri, even with her trying to order him to do so. He won’t even do it to challenge her for the monthly allowance from his father. So he’s got a strong beef with the mission of Matsuri, I just can’t figure out where the gap between their goals, his stated goals, and his actualized goals is.

Getting a Sketchy Job

Nanana-Master of Disguises

Tensai, Master of Disguises in Juugo’s Strike Zone

When you have to pay electricity for a girl who plays video games all day, it gets expensive (although I wish my electric bill was 175 dollars). And with no allowance, and already at the limit of what students are allowed to work, it’s time to go underground for part time work. I dunno why he doesn’t take the job Maboro’s offering, cleaning up at Shiawasesou, seems that would be win-win all around, although maybe he thinks that he’d get stiffed on the payment (oh my, I realized what the payment probably was after I typed that… I’ll just leave that right there…). Instead, he takes a different sketchy job, “urgent transportation.” It might even fulfill Tensai’s wish that he becomes more criminal, so he can be her Master Detective rival.

Nanana-Nice Reaction Shuu

Shuu has great reactions

Instead, he gets caught up with another group that is after things in Nanana’s Collection, this time with a scary lady with an eye patch (going by the job description, I think her name is Hanako). He doesn’t necessarily make friends with her by getting caught in a couple lies, but he seems to get a little respect. And he’s saved by a helpful raid by the authorities. We’ll see if he’s really done with them, or if he’ll be back to investigate their group’s connections to Nanana’s Collection, since they could be responsible for Nanana’s death.

Nanana-Scary Lady

That’s a nice scary look, but who wears one long stocking?


Another interesting episode, although it brought up a lot more questions than answers. Juugo still didn’t make enough money for his utility payment, so hopefully we’ll find out what happens with that next week, and it won’t just get dropped (maybe he’ll end up working for Maboro anyway). And I hope that we get a little more explanation of Juugo’s mindset on things, because as I said, it seems to be a weird mindset. But it’s still a lot of fun to watch.


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10 Responses to “Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    Ah, Juugo and Rentarou, never collecting on the bounty!

    Wait for it. Wait for it. No mention of the LOLi in the post. Why you filthy braggart of low repute. It shames me to be in the same brethren. My low Monty Python moment. I don’t blame you for not reporting on that as it was in clear violation of Rule 2 of the Motherfoshing Gandalf Rule of LOLi’s.

    I love the fun and games of this episode. The disguises where so obvious! But it was played up as, “Yeah, this is how it’s done, yo!”

    • Highway says:

      The only thing I would have mentioned is her dragon wing hair accessories. Other than that, obvious uninteresting fanservice character is obvious uninteresting fanservice character, imo. If they’d done something else with Yun, like she was really in charge, she’d have been worth mentioning. But nope, just a kid.

      I really like Shuu as a character in this show. He’s like a better Yasu. Half the time there’s not really any need for the disguises, but he uses them anyway.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    The darkskined loli-meido is cute :3

  3. Wanderer says:

    but when he states that he doesn’t do things for other people, how does that jibe with his trying to find Nanana’s killer?

    It doesn’t. So somewhere in Juugo’s words or behavior there’s some untruth hiding. We’ve just gone through a couple of episodes of revelations of how nothing in this show is what it seems to be. Don’t go back to assuming that what people say is what they mean. Maybe he’s lying about why he wants to find Nanana’s killer. Maybe he’s lying about why he wants to find the Nanana Collection. Maybe he’s lying to himself by saying he doesn’t want to help people but not realizing that his desire to help Nanana still counts. Maybe something else entirely is happening.

    Remember: if you think you understand these characters, you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

  4. zztop says:

    The adventure of drug runner delivery boy Juugo…

    Who wants “special flour” cakes?! (。・`ω´・。)

  5. anaaga says:

    Didn’t watch episode 4 (I accidentally skipped it), so I was hella confused with this episode. But I’m glad my megane man is back to being the good guy.

    And damnn, that trap just showed me a whole new different world of trap. THEY’RE NOT AS INNOCENT AS THEY SEEM TO BE

  6. BlackBriar says:

    The world must be very twisted indeed if a regular guy acknowledges a trap as his possible rival. I’d keep my eye on him since he’s aware Juugo’s judging him. Not to mention that devious expression on his face as he turned away from everyone.

    It’s pretty mean of a show to promise an onsen trip in the cold open, and then spend the entire rest of the show in the bad part of town, don’t you think?

    Not really. Talking about a trip to a hot spring and not going to it immediately can slide this one time. Besides, in their time, it’s planned for the next weekend so there’s lots of time to do stuff in between whereas you find out what was done in the meantime by dialogue. For once, I wasn’t up for a time skip.

    Come to think of it, Juugo is kind of contradicting himself. Though he’s supposed to receive payment, taking an underground request is probably just as sketchy as what Matsuri is doing. It’s still carrying out something for someone else no matter how you look at it.

    The eye patch girl doesn’t seem so bad, considering the kind of environment she dwells in and that kid who’s staying beside her so I have a good feeling we’ll see her again.

    That’s a nice scary look, but who wears one long stocking?

    The same kind of people who’d wear long jeans with one of the legs torn off and holes in the other.

  7. thorgriim says:

    Everything I watch this series I want MORE Tensai, she steals this show for me, I’m totally jealous of Daruku, I’d totally be her maid if I was into dressing up.

    Although the twintail disguises was a fun scene, oh the teasing and the playing it all up for Juugo!

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