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I was at a music store the other day and yep, starting prices for cellos are in the $800 range. All the more reason to never throw one in the river. But I guess that’s not even relevant anymore. The plot has since moved on to other characters angsting.


…This had more bromance than KamiAso. What is this.

Dealing with Siseikan took way longer than I thought it would. Though I guess there was a bit of characterization out of it. Hozumi’s past and character was certainly looked at in depth. …Or at least in what this anime would consider “depth”. So now we have the “capable leader”, “flirty airhead” and “scary, but surprisingly a nice guy” stereotypes to add to this show’s ridiculously large cast. It seems like a lot of attention was focused on a school that isn’t even that plot relevant towards the end (other than to add to the harem count), but I guess a lot of this time was also spent on Kanade’s team’s problems.

Seiso made it to the next round, but they’re still pretty far from being a functioning team. The original members seem to have themselves together, but the new members are certainly causing problems. Er, Ritsu is experiencing issues too, but after all of that extremely obvious foreshadowing with him dramatically holding his wrist, I think everyone saw this coming miles away. It feels kind of unfair to Siseikan that they lost, since they had waaaaaay better teamwork than Seiso, but I guess they just had the misfortune of not being the main characters. Plus string instruments are just cooler than brass ones.


Unfortunately with this win and Ritsu injured, this also means that Kyouya’s ANGST is back. Can someone push him off a cliff already? I’m still rather disappointed over this progression, and it’s not even the anime’s fault. Er, mostly not the anime’s fault. For some reason they’re choosing to focus on this issue a lot more than I would have liked, but this is pretty much the majority of how Kyouya’s route goes, so I don’t know what else they could have done for his character besides ignore him.  Though after sitting through 6 episodes of this, ignoring him would have been the more favourable route. Argh, Kyouya’s character had so much potential as him being the slightly arrogant childhood friend trying to break out of the friendzone. But instead, he turned into that one emo angst character who just really needs to get over himself.

It’s funny how in the game, this was where Kyouya was angsting because they made Kanade 1st violin instead of him. However this change makes sense, since Kanade is too busy having her own ANGST issues to be anywhere near useful to the team. It would have been a rather poor decision on the ensemble’s part to make her the lead after what almost happened in the last round. I guess having her fully transform in the badass violinist she’s supposed to be will be her character development for the anime.


…The hell are you talking about? You called Daichi the weak link before this.

Every time the plot seems to have any kind of progress with Kanade, they backtrack and have her act the same as before. She’s still a bit hesitant over being better than other people, and especially because Siseikan had so much on the line. Though knowing the characters in Siseikan’s ensemble, they probably would have been upset if they hadn’t beaten Seiso at anything less than their best. I mean, that’s practically rule #1 of any given shounen anime.  …Since Kanade is still like this, maybe she does vaguely remember a certain event in the past. Or maybe the incident is just so deeply embedded in her subconscious. Oh well, that story will come out eventually.

So Seiso has progressed thanks to Ritsu’s 1337 violin skills, but *gasp!* he’s now out of commission until further notice. Whatever will Kanade do? Well, obviously the team needs to get their act together before the next round of the competition. And by that, I mean that Kyouya probably needs a good bitchslap back to reality wwww. Maybe Kanade will be over her aversion to winning after this round, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I don’t think that’s going to happen until the final due to the main reason that she’s like this in the first place.

Pffftahahaha this time they included butterflies in the hallucinations. What, no rainbows? Maybe they’re saving that for the final. Anyways, this is still so shoujo, it hurts, but I don’t think I’ll be getting tired of the cliches anytime soon. What I am tired of though is Kyouya’s angst issues and Kanade consistently holding the rest of the team back. Though since Seiso is doing so well even with the handicaps for team members, perhaps that just goes to show just how badass Ritsu really was. The next part of the competition should be hilarious interesting though, since Jinnan should be the opponent for the semifinals. So more rose petals, straight ahead. xD


See? Nia’s not a ghost, she’s just a stalker. 


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10 Responses to “Kin’iro no Corda Blue♪Sky – 05-06”

  1. Highway says:

    Kyoya is insufferable. There’s not even any professed reason for him to be such a whiny twerp. It’s not even “Waaaah, Ritsu always is better than me” or “Waaaah, Ritsu always makes me look bad”. It’s just “I’m gonna act like a giant whingefest.” What it really looks like is “I can’t stand Kanade or anyone else actually getting on with their life!”

    I mean, this show’s not that good. It’s not horrible. It’s not Brothers Conflict terrible. But the more of Kyoya we get, the more horrible it gets.

    And wind instruments are always better than string instruments. 😛

    • Karakuri says:

      ALL THE ANGST. Kyoua just wants… something. God knows what. Maybe a slap to the face.

      Pfft this will forever remain better than BroCon no matter how downhill things go. After all, BroCon never pulled out pink glowing butterflies. xD

      …Are we talking woodwinds here, or are the brass ones encompassed in this too?

      • Highway says:

        All winds > all strings

        And I count pianos as percussion, not strings.

        Kyouya *needs* someone (not Haru) to smack him around a little and say “quitcher whinin’!” Of course, then he’d run off in a huff… like always.

  2. anaaga says:

    TBH six episodes and I still don’t know what Kyoya’s angst is

    • Highway says:

      I think Kyouya’s angst is “ONOZ, now there are other guys that Kanade can see and she won’t pick up my desperate feelings for her that I haven’t told her about but I’m totally in love with her and she should just know that because I’m always around her and she’s gonna end up with one of these other guys who are all cooler and better and less of a whiny dumbass than meeeeeeee!”

      • anaaga says:

        See, I always confuse that with “ONOZ my brother is more awesome than me and I’m jealous of him but I don’t want to admit it but he’s so damn awesome but I can’t tell him that because my character is supposed to be jealous of him”

        • Highway says:

          If it was that, then I’d think Kyouya could just leave on his own. But every time it’s “Come on, Kanade, let’s get out of here and not let him tell us what to do.” Of course, that could also be part of the “Because Otome game we can’t let women actually make any decisions on their own they have to do what the guys tell them.”

    • Karakuri says:

      I dunno, a lot of Kyouya’s angst here makes absolutely no bloody sense. In the game, he was just really angsty because

      A.) he’s always been compared to Ritsu’s godly skills and
      B.) he eventually realizes that Kanade has some pretty godly violin skills too, and so he feels like he’s the only one who isn’t going anywhere

      I don’t remember him ever saying “this is stupid, let’s ditch this place” to Kanade in the game. He never got upset over being first violin either. In fact, he was irritated BEFORE Ritsu made him first because he thought that Ritsu didn’t see his value or something. Then he got upset because Kanade was made 1st after Ritsu’s injury acted up. …And of course, the biggest BS is that he only gets SUPER angsty if you bother following his route. If you ignore him, he doesn’t go into super wangst mode at this point in the game.

  3. Hazou says:

    I dropped this anime after episode 6. I tried, I tried to push forward through it.

    I finally thought the female lead was gaining some confidence in Episode 5 when she said “No I want to compete in the tournament” and I was like finally, just finally.

    Then she has to sit there, here the wind instrument people play and totally go back to being an insecure MC.

    Kyoya’s angst drives me insane considering his brothers injury that I still don’t actually understand his brother’s injury. Is it carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc.

    I hate the animes MC. Every character is great besides them. They have no other personality trait and nothing to save them. Making them uninteresting and boring.

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