Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta – 13 [END]


Alas, team foreveralone claims another victim.

Ah, this is a bit later than I wanted it to be, but it’s here nonetheless. …I used to have a conveniently timed birthday with nothing happening around it, but now it sits uncomfortably in the middle of finals and term papers. OTL So was Koiuta a disappointment? Yes. Though it did some things passably. Plus it’s not the worst thing I’ve blogged.


Oh hey, they finally explained how the world works. …They still didn’t really explain why they flew the island into the edge very well, but finding out about the shape of the world was cool. Aaaaaand then suddenly, there’s fighting again. Again, I ask why Kal couldn’t just go with Claire in the first place, or why they can’t just get her back peacefully. Or why Claire can’t use some diplomatic means to return, considering that she’s lived with the Sky Clan for a while now and probably has a better understand than anyone about how they think. Or why she can’t do anything about the fighting with her wind powers. But I guess this way, Kal has an opportunity to be a hero and all of that. Plus, they seem to have gotten upgrades to the planes and guns (most likely thanks to Levamme), so maybe they’ll suck less in battle this time. Kal’s newly awakened totally 1337 pilot skills seem to still be relevant, so maybe he’ll suck less too.


Admittedly though, the important part of this episode seems to be of how much Kal has grown up. Not only did they seem to animate him more maturely, but he’s no longer the angsty kid he was at the beginning. He’s learned about ~friendship~ and ~love~ during his stay on Isla, as well as lost a few friends in battle. That changes people, and seems to have given Kal a different view on life. He seemed so much more bearable in this episode than he was at the beginning of the series. …Though it’s surprising how okay the public was with him giving the speech about his love for Clair. Of course they would be okay with the love thing (because who doesn’t love a celebrity couple?), but it was surprising in how quick they believed that he was actually Carl la Hire. They didn’t believe him moments before, and he honestly gave absolutely no information to back up his claims. Perhaps this is his conviction or whatever affecting the crowd, but I’m just saying that if the military wanted to, they could have fabricated the whole thing, hired a kid who knew how to act, and gotten the results they wanted to achieve. It’s just a good thing that Kal was actually Carl.


Well, there go my hopes and dreams for Ari and Igna to get together. I suppose there have been hints of Ari having a thing for Kal, but I was kind of hoping for a brother-sister relationship that didn’t involve one having feelings for the other for once. …In fact, Igna was completely ignored for the episode. He appeared at the end of the episode with Claire, but I don’t think anyone even remembered that his character exists. Claire was remembered, since the whole second campaign was all about retrieving her, but poor Igna. Maybe in whatever sequel novels the author is writing, Igna finally gets some attention. The side characters got some, at least. It’s nice that Benji and Sharon worked out happily. Surprisingly, Noriaki and Nanako also left the foreveralone club, so it’s really only Chiharu who was screwed over by the plot at the end. Well, her, Igna and Ari. Though at least Igna and Ari may have a chance.

Uh, what can I say? This anime had a kind of a weak start, a engaging/tragic middle (for about 2 episodes) and a really rushed ending where they seem to have cut out a bunch of interesting (not to mention plot-relevant) information. Kal forgave Claire, but what about the people who pushed them into that in the first place? Is Isla ever going to get the medal they deserve for being the worst military command ever? Nothing was really resolved, minus a few character interactions (mostly with Kal and Claire) and they opened up a few questions (like with the dorm leader) that were never answered. So yeah, it was an okay show, but it was also kind of disappointing, since it did so many things superficially. Though the plot gave what was expected. It really was a story about a kid going to pilot school and learning to let go of past grudges. As far as the redemption plot with Kal and Claire went though, sometimes it worked, but a lot of the time, it felt a bit too cliche and forced. I didn’t mind to much during the duration of the show, but seeing how much of the anime spent focused on the topic, they probably could have done it so much better. Especially because it was what the anime seemed to focus on the most, and it was the topic it left off on.

So yeah, Tsuioku was the better of the two stories. Considering the popularity of the novels, and how Tsuioku went, I’d say the blame for Koiuta going awry was probably the animation staff. The directors and script writers were different in each series, so that probably explains some things. Hopefully if any of the other stories by this author get animated, they turn out more like Tsuioku than Koiuta.


Claire may never have plot closure, but at least she has some woman in an apron.

And in the end, that may be the most important thing of all.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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19 Responses to “Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta – 13 [END]”

  1. Highway says:

    It would really have to be something terrible to be the worst series you’ve blogged. I mean, Diabolik Lovers? Arcana Famiglia? Brothers Conflict? There’s some really bad ones in there. 🙂

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m stuck between Aku no Hana (not for the rotoscoping, but for other reasons) and Arcana. I didn’t hate DiaLovers (unlike 99% of the people who watched it), and I get weirdly nostalgic about Brothers Conflict sometimes, even though deep down, I know that it was terrible. Amnesia fits in here too.

      …Looking at it, a 90% of the bad ones are otoge adaptations. xD

      I have a feeling that Kamigami might fall in here too this season, but I’ll sit through it for my love of Kamiyan.

      • Highway says:

        I’m a lot more nostalgic about Brothers Conflict than Arcana Famiglia (which I usually forget about). Aku no Hana I just dropped with no prejudice, so it doesn’t really make the ‘bad’ list. DiaLovers was with extreme prejudice, that’s why it’s on my list.

        I’m planning to watch Kamigami, too. 😉

      • BlackBriar says:

        I didn’t hate DiaLovers either. It was just… there. Though Cordelia can give Kill la Kill’s Ragyo Kiryuin a run for her money in the Mother of the Year award (sarcasm). I never saw Brothers Conflict nor do I intend to, Arcana Famiglia was below average but the really terrible anime I found among the shows you’ve blogged was Amnesia. The only positive thing that could be said about it is that it had a good OP that it didn’t deserve.

        • d-LaN says:

          How dare you forget ant Kent!? Best guy after Ukyo nuff said. ^_^ Kent really deserve more than a single episode for his route.

      • d-LaN says:

        I didn’t hate DiaLovers vehemently (like the folks on ANN) either. I find it to be one of those “watch just for the heck of it” type of show.

        And well, I just couldn’t hate Amnesia since it introduced me to otomes. I did drop Arcana Famiglia after an episode because of its bad publicity.

        …..More otomes really need the Yosuga no Sora method of adaptation with more episodes. Maybe route combination just wouldn’t work out well w/out a good writing team.

  2. zztop says:

    LN readers say the battle at the end is anime-original. In the novel, the Isla/Levamme alliance merely goes on a military staredown against the Sky Clan to scare them into peace talks, no fighting involved. This was based on the advice of the Sky Clan prince, who advised them that his people would agree to peace if they were sufficiently overawed with a display of firepower superior to theirs.

    The novel ends on the same ambiguous note as the anime, with no proper resolution to the Kalel-Claire affair.I am told the girl in the apron is from LN4, & the novel focuses on the Sky Clan. That is all I was able to find out though.

    • Karakuri says:

      Hmm, interesting. I don’t mind so much about the ambiguity, but after how the Sky Clan whipped everyone the first time, it seems silly that they would try again.

  3. skylion says:

    The plot was clunky, the pacing was dicey, and the characters were choppy.

    Sounds like the LN’s were better all along?

  4. zztop says:

    Some extra info about LN3, Nocturne of a Certain Pilot:

    The novel spans 2 volumes and serves as a sequel of sorts to Princess and the Pilot. It covers the Amatsukami-Levamme war as seen from the perspective of Takeo Chijiwa, ace pilot of the Amatsukami Empire. The air battles are much better written here.

    LN readers say the author takes many cues from WW2, but does historical revisionism by saying the Empire(ie Japan) was a peaceful nation that was invaded by the imperialist, racist Levamme(ie the West) for no apparent reason.

  5. MgMaster says:

    Yea,I was disappointed by Toaru Hiikushi e no Koiuta too but still enjoyed it quite a bit.

    Of course,the disappointed comes from the fact that there was potential here for more,maybe much more: the air fights could’ve been handled better,the side characters could’ve been better fleshed out so their deaths would’ve had a bigger impact(not to sound like a cold-hearted bastard but they had almost none on me) but most importantly,they could’ve expanded more on the political side of things which was also directly tied in with the romantic aspect of the show between our two mains. Put all that together and you get the “This could’ve really used 2-cours!” resolution.

    Me? I watched the series primarily for Kal-el & Claire,which is why I was also upset at the final episode for giving like,no attention to Claire whatsoever.

    Still,I’d definitely watch a 2nd season if we’re to ever have one,which I kind of doubt.

    • d-LaN says:

      Some LN readers noted that for 2 cours to work it need quite a bit of filler since 4 volumes couldn’t last 20+ episodes. And since one cour anime couldn’t go past 12-13 episodes constraint (Is there any 14-16+ episodes single cour season?)…

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, I didn’t know who half of the side characters’ names were until they died. More politics would have been so much better too. This was an anime that needed an infodump episode or something.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta was an average series at best. If it had anything that caused a big impact, it would be the drama from the students who got to know each other well only to have ¾ of them giving their lives protecting Isla and the mourning that came later, Kal and Airi relationship as adopted siblings and Kal’s forbidden love with Claire/Nina Viento. The finale was open ended but I wouldn’t mind seeing how Kal intends to take Claire back. Though since the Sky Clan is already getting a heads up, a war is sure to follow.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, the deaths were the best done part of the anime. …And then the deaths were kind of ignored. I assume he intends to take her back by dramatically appearing in front of her in a plane. …I don’t see how else it can be done, since all subtlety is lost at this point.

  7. anaaga says:

    Goddamn you anime for ignoring Igna. Damn you anime for always having this romantic brother-sister relationship. I’m a mad fangirl now.

    I thought that the movie was terrible, but now it’s decent compared to the series

    • Karakuri says:

      I KNOW. Igna and Ari should have been a thing. OTL

      Really? I liked the movie. …Yes, even more so now due to this anime.

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