Seikoku no Dragonar – 03


Rebecca is building herself a harem!


Hey, good to have you back. This one gets really wild and wacky. Undead dragon riding ain’t for pansies.


Hello readers and welcome back to another epic tag team post on Seikoku no Dragonar or as me and Skylion call it LOLi Dragons! So far this series has been quite slow for me, but it still continues to be very entertaining.


Harem Building

loli dragonz (4)

Eco is hungry today!

First off, like a true harem boss, Ash is gathering up the girls left, right, and center. And by boss, I mean, he’s just sitting there letting girls kick his ass. Rebecca is all hot for him now. To join the student council that is. Silvia is bothered like any true tsundere; ticked off that he has his “ride any dragon” skill. And Eco is just Eco. You can’t take her dog away from her.

Now that is a great summons. Undead dragon. You have to be pure evil to do that, right? I like how Rebecca came to save the day with her dragon, Cu Chulainn and awesome weapon Gae Bulg! Hey, we Type Moon now? And goodness, but did you guys get the uncensored broadcast. I thought last episode had fanservice…but this was just…well…tentacles. I also love the idea behind the Highdragon Workshop. If the Arch has to be bespoke, better have the best fantasy materials at command. However the Arch is but one thing the Maestro’s can produce. What other neat gadgets can they come up with? I like how Eco creates a pretty swank set of gear, and yet manages to call it a toss together. I mean, she somehow gets a weapon named after an entire French region (known for it’s outdoor baths) in that shiny new Arch.

Magical Dragon Power

loli dragonz (6)

Rebecca has the coolest weapon!

This week finally shows off the amazing powers of being a dragon trainer much like Rebecca who revealed that she can actually use her dragon to gain some flashy new armor through the power of Arch which seems to be skill that you can only gain after you become a Maestro, but of course Ash does not have such a talent right now! Just kidding I think we all know how these things work after seeing countless super powered or magical themed anime with a main character obtaining his amazing powers after a tragic event, near death experience or a close friend who is in danger. While that is going on we have Milgauss using a strange sword to summon a giant zombie dragon that went on a rampage! I just thought that whole thing was crazy; however it works for me because after all this is a world of magic and since this is a fantasy themed anime we can always expect random tentacles appearing that latched onto Eco after ripping her clothes off! Yeah I know the original trailers showed that whole scene already so I was ready for it moment to happen anyway. So did anyone else laugh at Ash finally getting his special Arch armor? I mean sure it looked awesome, but at the same time it came off as being super cheesy especially with Eco and Ash skydiving together after he successfully freed the soul of the zombie dragon? Now I just want to know what else they can do together!

Extra LOLi Dragons

loli dragonz (3)

Woop Woop~

loli dragonz (7)

This was part of an extended scene in the ATX raw

loli dragonz (8)

Dragon girls love Haikyuu!!

loli dragonz (1)

Who knew that Eco was into extreme sports?

End thoughts

Overall, this feels the most like the episode of the show I’ve been waiting for. If finally had the right balance of fantasy, action, fanservice, and character. It’s all a bit goofy, but I love it for that. If they still keep with the manga, next episode should ramp up the action and politics. See you next time.

Another episode down and it was very comical and fun as Ash and Eco continue to get closer to each other, but it appears that Rebecca was interested in him or was that just a joke? Yeah I think it was more of a joke and then we have Silvia who met Ash when they were children years ago? At least I think that is something they are setting that up? Besides all of the random ships that appeared I loved the Arch armor moments and I look forward to seeing the others show off their fancy armor and powers next time!


loli dragonz (2)



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18 Responses to “Seikoku no Dragonar – 03”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Now we know who will be the first character to bite the dust. Being Lancer is just suffering.

    *waves at her lolimoutocon onii-chans fosh and sora*

  2. Highway says:

    This show’s doing ok, but it seems like it’s skipping some steps in Ash and Eco’s relationship. We go from Eco saying something like “even IF I make you an Arch, it’ll be a long time from now and you’ll have to be a lot better to me” to “Ok, here you go”.

    And I totally don’t get Eco as a dragon. I mean, can she just fly like Superman? Can the other dragons like Lancelot? Or do they actually use wings as aerodynamic devices (hah, what am I thinking, this is anime. Plus, dragons).

    • belatkuro says:

      She did say that that Ark was just a patch job. It’s not the “official” Ark that she’ll present eventually to Ash like what Rebecca is wearing. The first part still holds as he needs to treat her better before hoping to get an exclusive Ark from her.

      And another thing lost in the adaptation. There are actually 3 types of dragons. Asia which are land dragons without wings(Brigid in the 1st episode), Hydras which are sea dragons, and Strada which are dragons with wings. Maestros are dragons from any of the three categories that has matured enough. Though so far, the Maestros we’ve seen are Stradas(Cu and Lancelot). Nothing so far of Asia or Hydras that become Maestros.
      Eco is just “special”, as if that wasn’t obvious enough.

    • Wanderer says:

      Eco recognized it was an emergency situation and Ash needed the powerup, so she threw together an Ark design based on previous patterns in the workshop. A “real” Ark would have been unique, designed by her alone specifically for Ash as a symbol of the depth of their bond (which isn’t deep enough for that yet), would have been more powerful, and wouldn’t have had the time-limit that this one had (he would have been able to keep wearing it until he chose to get rid of it, rather than having it disappear on its own the way it did).

    • skylion says:

      As far as being OK, I’m in that vein as well. It has all the earmarks of the type of show I can grove on. And it’s not like there is any shortage of such shows. Dragonar needs to start stamping out it’s own territory, and I thought this one make a good step.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    So there’s even a reanimation type spell for this series. That enchanted sword was used to bring the undead dragon but who knows what it took to make it. Certainly, common materials weren’t used to forge it. And since it revived that particular dragon, I’m betting a part of it while it was still alive was used as its medium.

    Ash can be such a doormat. I know he’s a nice kid but letting himself be called a dog by his “partner” is overdoing it. He should’ve let Eco realize who is control from the start and demand some respect.

    • skylion says:

      “Say, Eco, can you use the Highdragon Workshop for something simple”, “Simple, dog. Anything simple should be mere child’s play to my majesty”,”Ok, how about a newspaper”, “Ho Ho, but a trifle to my power” ::newspaper appears::
      ::Ash rolls up newspaper::….[Eco Screams Externally]

      He did take the sword out of a coffin. So yeah, symbolism is high and mighty here.

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this show about the lorigon? I am amused that the ann ad banners seem to have a distinct lack of her…

    • skylion says:

      The manga I’ve read puts her into supporting cast sooner rather than later. Couple more important members of the female cast to add on.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        boo… Our tsundere lorigon should be #1. *loses interest*

        • skylion says:

          Hey, if the LOLi-Defender himself can see it thru, anyone can…

          • Di Gi Kazune says:

            do not like passive female leads with *boin*boin*

            Stefanie – tsuntsun
            Jibril – DIVINE BUSTER! wait until you hear the stories where she uses a Starlight Breaker(tm) on an elven city… tehihi’su~

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