Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 03

Nanana-Having a date

Juugo and Tensai just having a bit of a hangout date

 spring14-highwA lot of people have been thinking from the beginning of the season that Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin was going to be a lot like Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, since they both had a ghost and a real guy who were in some sort of relationship. But I think any comparison now is pretty coincidental, and it’s obvious it’s not the same kind of show at all. So let’s see what Juugo and Nanana are up to (don’t we know what Nanana’s always up to? Playing games and eating pudding…)

Role Playing

Nanana-Taking it in the shorts

She even accepts him coming home like this

The relationship between Juugo and Nanana is becoming a fairly interesting one. First, I like that they explained Nanana’s ethics and outlook. She’s not just going to give up the information about where the items in Nanana’s Collection are. That’s not fun. Even if it would help her find her killer, she’s not really all that worried about that, since she gets to live like a NEET, playing video games and hanging out all day. I do wonder if Juugo gets a stipend for Nanana’s pudding, tho, since he can barely feed himself with what money he has and she’s like the Bill Cosby of Ghosts. But anyway, Nanana’s not going to make it particularly easy to find her stuff, because then it’s not interesting. She’s not vindictive about it, and it’s not like she doesn’t want people to find things. She just wants people to have the same kind of fun and adventure that she had finding the items before.

Nanana-Raburabu Nanana-soon to be exes

Things go from “good” to “bad”

But that doesn’t mean she’s above giving hints… if there’s fun involved in that, too. Playing ‘Pretend Lovers’ seems to be one of those ways, where she abuses Juugo in return for a hint. It wasn’t the worst abuse ever, and if it’s something that they both agreed to (although you wonder how much Juugo knew what would happen) then that’s fine by me. I don’t necessarily find great humor in anyone being abused for laughs, however funny the ‘cheap 3 for 98 pudding’ line was, but I have no problem with people doing whatever they freely agree to. Heck, Juugo’s already had his shoulder dislocated (something I certainly wouldn’t want to do again, 2 times is enough) by Nanana and he seems a lot more comfortable with the rough and tumble, so taking a little abuse might be fun for him.

Keep Your Friends Closer

Nanana-Saving Tensai

Getting a little help

I can’t be the only one who underestimated Tensai’s genius (it IS right there in her name). This ain’t no party trick. And I have to think that Yuiga was as surprised as anyone at how fast she was able to figure out the puzzle of the mechanical spider’s web. But she figured it out posthaste, and even with some danger involved, got them to the treasure. I might have liked a little more opportunity for the viewers to figure out the puzzle to it for themselves (I think OC probably would have especially), but it seemed pretty complicated and probably beyond what people would get. I think there was also a little more information needed about how the resprayed sections worked and how it changed the puzzle. But using Juugo to create the pathway, and then Yuiga to retrieve the treasure, they finally reached it.


Didn’t take long to get stabbed in the back

And then they found out that Yuiga’s a big jerk, since he immediately abandoned Tensai and Juugo as the puzzle crumbled around them, and then disabled Daruku to head off to a secret redezvous with another one of the Great 7. I did like the scene between Juugo and Tensai as they sat embracing each other on the chest. I felt like it held just the right amount of intimacy and embarrassment and didn’t immediately send them on the path to love, even as Tensai acknowledges the Suspension Bridge Effect. It really gave a feeling that any kind of romance between those two would be hard-won and far off in the future if it ever happened, but that they could be close friends without too much trouble. And even after they’re rescued, the trials didn’t end for Juugo. I was actually really surprised when the two ‘police officers’ turned out to be Todomatsu and Yukihime, didn’t see that coming at all, and now Juugo knows about those two, although I wonder how much they told him.

Nanana-Why is that on his phone

I wonder why that’s on Juugo’s phone…

The level of revenge vowed by Tensai and Juugo seems a little strange to me as well. They want to get back at Yuiga, but they’re not saying anything like “I’m gonna kill him” or “I’m never having anything to do with him again.” It’s more of a ‘ah, he got us with a prank, now we have to get him back.’ I wonder how much long-term distrust there will be, or if they’ll keep up in the club. Kind of a weird situation all around, but it’s also kind of interesting that they’re willing to continue challenging and finding their own place. And you know that they’ll have their revenge.

Nanana-The wrong police

Not exactly Officer Friendly


I found this to be a really enjoyable episode, and liked that the puzzle presented by the giant spider was easily solved by Tensai. It’s also kind of fun that Nanana actually knows about all this stuff, but isn’t going to just give any of it up. We’re getting some interesting relationships between Juugo and the two girls in his life, Tensai and Nanana, and while I don’t really expect this show to turn much into romance (I think Nanana’s too pragmatic about being a ghost to fall in love with a guy and Tensai doesn’t seem that interested, temporary attraction under duress notwithstanding), I think that the sexual tension presented in the show, much like the level of ecchi that has been in the show so far, gives it a good amount of interest. And that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun shipping some of the couples in the show.


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27 Responses to “Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 03”

  1. skylion says:

    I can be fairly accused of having “the goggles on to tight”, but I ship Tensai and Juugo pretty hard. They were just adorable to together. But then I do love Tensai quite a bit, so maybe is just her nature to do that.

    Kudos to this show, it’s doing great. We got hit with not one but two cliffhangerish bits. Cutting of both the information about the Wizard’s Cane, and it’s weakness, and what the Hangout Duo will do to extract revenge.

    That really makes me wish it was next Thursday already.

    • Highway says:

      I think it’s possible that Tensai and Juugo could end up together, but it’ll happen more out of a “we’ve been through so much and we make a great pair and I can’t imagine not being with you from now on” kind of basis, not a *dreamy looks and hopeless crushes* kind of way. The kind where they just look at each other one day and realize “This is the person I love being with.” And I don’t think the scope of this 11 episode series is going to go nearly that far, but it’ll be one of those things you just think about after the end of the show.

      • skylion says:

        Then noitaminA should consider 12 and 13 episode series….for my shipping purposes.

        • Highway says:

          ノイタミナ doesn’t seem to do anything but 11 or 22 episode series. If this is popular tho, it’s possible it could get a second series, but that might be tough.

          • skylion says:

            Well, I won’t go all in on a second cour as of yet, but if it stays ready steady as it has then I will want more.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    He should have Nanana’s pudding instead…

  3. sonicsenryaku says:

    I dont know; i think the puzzles can be solved by the audience (i took a shot in da dark on last week and this weeks puzzles and happened to solve them), it’s just that the writing doesnt give the audience enough leeway to figure things out like a good mystery/puzzle-based series should. Then again, this is more of an adventure series so i guess that can be over-looked but the writing could use some improvement in that department

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, it’s definitely more adventure / action than puzzle. I’m not really interested in figuring them out myself, and I certainly can’t do it as fast as Tensai. But I know there are some folks who like to do that.

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        Yea i tend to like solving puzzles so my geeky nature tends to come out when i see a puzzle on the screen. Either way, nanana’s character at the most seems more like a plot driver rather than an actual character so here’s to learning more about her. At the moment tho, im digging the sherlock/watson dynamic between juugo and tensai; all shipping aside although if they do become an item, it’s as you said, it’d probably arise from them becoming so comfortable with each other after continuous exposure on the field

  4. belatkuro says:

    I can’t be the only one who underestimated Tensai’s genius (it IS right there in her name).

    Someone on RC noted that Tensai’s name is not 天才(Genius) but 天災(Natural Disaster), both pronounced as Tensai. Credits confirm this spelling.
    These Japanese homophones really.

    • Highway says:

      That’s interesting, and will probably be a point that comes up later if they ever have Tensai explain her written name (there is frequently a rigamarole of explaining to new people how ones name is written. Maria-sama ga Miteru takes this to new heights because apparently Oyuki Konno picks the most archaic writings possible for names).

      This is also an effect of using common words for names (a practice I think is cool).

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Tensai’s showing she’s worthy of her name by raising some valid points. Now I have no reason to underestimate her from this point on. Nanana died ten years ago and the school was completed in six so it’s fishy her collections are spread about after her death. It might be enough to suggest that the murderer is part of the administration or this “Leprechaun” is one of her friends and is behind their concealment as a way to honor Nanana’s love for adventures.

    I didn’t see Yuiga’s betrayal coming. It was a shock in of itself since he didn’t show any signs of ulterior motives and seemed loyal to Nanana. Leaving Juugo and Tensai in the ruins was low but having confidence they’ll get out and putting Daruku to sleep whereas he could’ve done something severe with the treasure that can do practically anything could mean he isn’t all bad.

    • Highway says:

      I think it’s definitely someone who wants to keep the fun going for Nanana. Why else would these treasures have all this stuff around them? I mean, converting rooms, mechanical spiders, all sorts of equipment. It’s like the hidden game of Nanae Island.

      • skylion says:

        It’s very weird in a metafictional sense. All things adhere to Nanana’s wishes.

        • BlackBriar says:

          The island is its own world and it’s revolving around Nanana. Though dead, she’s still highly relevant. She’s made it everything it is today. It’s almost like revering a deity of sorts and following her whims, eccentric as they may be, would be like paying tribute.

  6. skylion says:

    Yah, Yuiga’s move wasn’t exactly in the “throw me the idol I’ll throw you the whip” zip code, but I would understand his mails somehow wind up there anyway.

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