Witch Craft Works – 09

Witch Craft Works-Beach Time

Did you think it would be a beach episode?

spring13-highwThe irrepressible Witch Craft Works plows on. Don’t worry about it slowing down, cause it looks like it won’t anytime soon.


Witch Craft Works-A little too close

Ayaka gets a little too close for Honoka’s comfort

Ayaka and Honoka are back to training, but it really doesn’t go so well. I think Ayaka is just too into Honoka to be a good trainer. That and she’s too powerful. She really doesn’t have any concept of stepping things up in a logical manner. I know that Honoka wants to get stronger as fast as he can, and that his innate power, helped along by Evermillion, is off the charts but, as Pirelli claimed with the help of Carl Lewis, “Power is nothing without Control”. And Honoka has no idea about control. How could he? He’s had no practice. And that brings us full circle to Ayaka’s terrible training methods. Heck, they don’t even teach swimming in anime with “sink or swim”, but that’s the teaching method that Honoka gets.

Witch Craft Works-Giant Nurse

Giant Nurse. You can’t even use the “Hellooooo” joke with this…

But ultimately the training isn’t very helpful, except for letting us, Ayaka, Chronoire, Mikage, and the entire city know that Honoka’s “strong image” is a gigantic Ayaka in a nurse’s outfit. Oooops. Back to the other thing he’s been ‘training’ for: Finals in school. Hopefully he’ll do better on those, since he has actually studied. That is, assuming he lives through them.

Everybody’s Working for Weekend

Witch Craft Works-Weekend Wins Round 1

Straight up cold knockout

Looks like the final boss has arrived. This week we have “The Witch of the End” from the episode title. Weekend (Aya Hirano) shows up and let’s Kazane in on her plan. Nothing as pedestrian as promising not to detonate the huge bomb if she gets her way. No, she’s going to detonate the bomb anyway, because that’ll bring Kazane to her knees and use up all of her magic to protect the citizens. And then while Kazane’s recovering, it’s a race between Weekend and Honoka to see who can be found or who can stay hidden. Oh, and Chronoire and Medusa? Just unwitting pawns to set things up for Weekend, and probably help distract Kazane so she could set up the bomb.

Witch Craft Works-Honoka protects Ayaka

Honoka protects Ayaka for once

As usual, there are plans around plans and side plans and making it up as you go along plans and all sorts of things happening. Honoka finally meets the other 4 witches who protect the city (along with Ayaka), including Rinon from last episode. And they’ve got their own plan to put Honoka and Ayaka on ice. I guess they thought they could keep him safe from weekend… who immediately finds him. I mean, what was that, 10 minutes? But Rinon’s observation about Ayaka is interesting, in that she didn’t think Ayaka had any emotions, but the way she reacted when Honoka was attacked shows how much she cares for him.

Witch Craft Works-Stupid bear

It was a stupid bear anyway


So now they can’t do magic, but they’re going to go after Weekend anyway? Ayaka definitely doesn’t like being put on the defensive, does she. It’s pretty certain that her own plan wouldn’t be to go to ground and try to hide out from the trouble. But it’s kind of interesting that Ayaka didn’t know what the threat really was, and had to infer that her mother had been defeated from their circumstances. It was good reasoning, and right, but weird communication is one of the hallmarks of this show. So many people don’t know what’s going on. Should be a lot of fun through these last three episodes. Since next week is ‘part 1’, I wonder if it’ll be 2 parts or 3 for this final confrontation, or if the last episode will be at least part epilogue (which I always prefer).


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7 Responses to “Witch Craft Works – 09”

  1. eadwacer says:

    Shouldn’t that be Witch of the Endo…r?

  2. zztop says:

    Poolside witches, from Megami magazine:

    • BlackBriar says:

      Now if only we had a pool episode where we could see them in their swimsuits.

  3. zztop says:

    Witchcraft Works’ mangaka, Mizunagi Ryuu, discussed physical vs magical durability of materials in WCW’s universe in her blog post:

    PS. Mizunagi-sensei is female, and she’s got some art up on Pixiv:

    • BlackBriar says:

      How are you able to find all of these pictures?

      • zztop says:

        Mostly through the Animesuki forums. Some users put up image collections there. I post links to those pictures at wider blogs such as these. :3 Some I find randomly on the Web.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Ayaka sure has trouble keeping her word of training Honoka when she’s so concerned with protecting him. In some ways, she’s similar to Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin.

    So it was an all or nothing plan to weaken Kazane for the Tower witches. A lot of time went into it. Before the show ends, I hope they explain why they need Evermillion so badly.

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