Strike the Blood – 23


…Okay, maybe Itogami just abandons the destroyed parts of the city. It’s probably cheaper that way.

It’s the second last episode! I can’t say that I’ll really miss this anime once it’s done, but Strike the Blood has been pretty entertaining for being so generic. I was never at a loss for things to say about the episodes, at least. (Also, sorry for not answering the comments last week. Whoever it was who wanted to describe the familiars that haven’t shown up yet, go for it.)

…I know this has been stated several times before, but Kojou is an idiot. She looks like Yukina, has vampire urges and calls Nagisa “obaa-san”. Yes, obaa-san also means something akin to “old woman”, but somehow, Kojou just can’t seem to ever connect the dots in his head. Plus Yukina is part of the Lion King Organization and therefore, does not really have any blood relatives. Plus it’s been hinted at that she’s not even from this world. Is “Himeragi” even the name of her parents, or is it just a name that the Lion King Organization gave her? In any case, the point here is that there doesn’t seem like any way that the girl could be passed off as a cousin or sister or anything and if she was, it seems like it would be a pretty big thing, since Yukina doesn’t have any of that now and isn’t supposed to remember anything like that. So yeah, Kojou is an idiot. Though if he actually had a clue about relationships for once, that might be a sign of the impending apocalypse or something. …At least Natsuki immediately understood the situation. Though perhaps groping an underaged girl wasn’t the greatest thing to do in public.


Now try telling Nagisa, Yukina and Yukina 2.0 apart from behind, with Nagisa’s hair down.

Yukina is also being rather oblivious, but in this case, it’s her stubbornness that’s preventing her from thinking through to the logical conclusion. The fact that the girl looks exactly like her aside, she’s probably tired by now of all of the new female characters in this show joining the harem. Plus there was just a character that made herself look like Asagi, so Yukina Jr. (they haven’t told us her name yet, have they?) could easily be someone similar with this world’s logic. But hey, they even showed a bit of how the family dynamics work for this future family. Yukina is the hardass mother who disciplines the kid, and Kojou is the slightly more relaxed father who probably speaks up for her if he thinks Yukina is going too far.  Or at least this how it probably works. If Asagi has a daughter too, who knows how that complicates relationships. Plus they definitely gave evidence that Yukina 1 and 2 see each other (and apparently argue) often enough, but who knows if Kojou is there with them. Maybe he’s too busy getting stabbed/saving the world or managing the rest of his harem/offspring to be around a lot of the time.

On to Yukina 2.0 herself, it seems likely that she shares her father’s curse of getting stabbed/killed once an arc. It’s probably a good thing that she has immortality like Kojou. Plus her getting killed here actually seemed to serve a purpose besides melodrama, since it reminded Kojou that Yukina could actually die at some point. Along with immortality, Yukina 2.0 also seems to have somewhat similar familiars to Kojou and some kind of gold Sekkarou, so she’s probably just as overpowered as Kojou is. Perhaps even more so, if the familiars and Sekkarou are as powerful as her parent’s versions are. Her personality seems more mischievous than Yukina’s and she seems to get along better with Asagi (one sided-ly) more than her mother ever has. Though maybe Yukina and Asagi even get along better in the future once Kojou stops being an idiot long enough to make at least two children.


As much fun as speculating about the future of the characters is, I guess the important thing of the arc is how there’s a hugeass dragon (from the future?) destroying town and Yukina’s Sekkarou is smashed (apparently) beyond repair. It’s kind of speculative as to if it broke due to Yukina being inflexible, but she certainly seems to be blaming herself for it breaking. Plus to make things dramatic for the finale, she has to leave Itogami. She still doesn’t know about the whole reason the Lion King Organization sent her there in the first place, so she probably has no idea that she’ll be allowed to go back. It would seem silly for them to set this whole thing up and then have Yukina (who is obviously special, and therefore, vital for whatever is coming up in some way) never interact with Kojou again. The Lion King Organization seem to always have elaborate plans that work out, so having them half-plan shipping two characters like this seems improbable. Plus Yukina the Second doesn’t look overly concerned about the weapon breaking. Instead, it looks more like she pities Yukina for her current emotional distress.

Well, this new arc felt a lot like a doujinshi or something, but it’s pretty interesting that this is both canon AND something that they decided to include for the last episodes of the anime. I figured that they could have saved this story for an OVA, but having it here is fine too. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be disappointed that they spent two episodes focused on this when they already cut so much out of the other arcs, but this first part of the arc has been more than entertaining enough. Because of that, I’m not too bitter. Perhaps this arc might even result in some actual character growth for once. Maybe Yukina will finally mature a bit or something, so she’s not always so stubborn. …Or maybe not, because screw character progression. There hasn’t been any really thus far. Why would they start now? I am looking forward to seeing more interaction between Yukina 2.0 and everyone else though.


Or maybe Sayaka can tsundere some sense into Kojou. …Somehow.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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27 Responses to “Strike the Blood – 23”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    One episode left so I better savor this while I can. So the rumored side story is being animated. At this silences those that say Kojou never makes a move on his girls and the Yukina haters. Moreover, with what this arc is showing, the other ships are getting sunk by Yukina’s man o’ war except one that remains afloat.

    No surprise the girl is Kojou and Yukina’s daughter. She’s the spitting image of her mother to a frightening degree and getting stabbed and having nosebleeds and blue eyes are proof she’s her father’s child but some of what she said pointed out some things. Her maiden name being “Himeragi” for example. Meaning Kojou turned Yukina (the girl never said she was half vampire) and had a child with her but they never married. It’s probably the same with Asagi. If anyone is wondering how she’s so well endowed (Natsuki making personal inspections), it’s because she most likely got it from the Akatsuki side of the family. As in grandma Mimori. Another interesting thing was the seiyuu choice. I immediately knew it was Kana Asumi when I realized that was Nyaruko’s voice coming out of her mouth. I’m going to laugh uncontrollably if the next daughter turns out to be voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

    I wonder if Sekkarou breaking and separating Yukina from Kojou isn’t part of their plan to deepen the relationship between the two. They’ve been keeping close tabs on everything so far and they made it clear in the first arc that she was unknowingly sent to be his lover. A means to make Yukina confess how she feels and for Kojou to take the initiative, with apparent help from Sayaka which I’m speculating from the next episode’s preview.

    And Vatler’s back stirring up the hornet’s nest yet again. This dude really needs to find a hobby. There’s no telling what he’s done in that future with the way he is now.

  2. zztop says:

    It’s pretty interesting that this is both canon AND something that they decided to include for the last episodes of the anime.

    Everything is from the source short story, but Vatler, Sayaka, the dragon, the gold spear, the broken Sekkarou & Yukina’s inner conflict are anime-original. They probably want to give some closure for this season.

    Strike the Blood has been pretty entertaining for being so generic.

    And very profitable too!!The Blurays and LNs have been bestsellers amongst the Japanese fandom, & the recently released vol 10, The Dark God’s Bride*, sold almost 30,000 copies in just 2 days.
    In my opinion, there’s plenty of financial incentive for a Season 2 to be made. We just have to wait for a few more LNs to come out.

    *Show ▼

    • BlackBriar says:

      I love hearing that Strike the Blood is doing so well sales wise. There are times I keep forgetting the fan base is so big and the way things are going, a second season is getting closer and closer to being confirmed. The only thing left is for at least two more volumes to be released since this season covered six plus a side story.

    • Karakuri says:

      Everything is from the source short story, but Vatler, Sayaka, the dragon, the gold spear, the broken Sekkarou & Yukina’s inner conflict are anime-original.

      Really? I figured that everything was from the short story. Though I can see your point about closure. Plus, I imagine this makes things more exciting.

      Whoa, I know people keep saying that Strike the Blood is selling really well, but it never seems to sink in.

      I hope for a season 2, if only for those two. xD

  3. BlackBriar says:

    There’s something that came to mind while watching this episode. I’ve realized whenever vampire couples have a child; they mostly give birth to a daughter. About 97% (That’s my opinion) of the vampire population in anime/manga is female. Whether they’re born or turned is a trivial matter.

    Dance in the Vampire Bund: Mina Tepes, pureblood queen of the vampire race.
    The Maaka household in Karin/Chibi Vampire: 2 daughters, 1 son.
    In Rosario + Vampire: Moka Akashiya and Kokoa Shuzen are the two youngest of four sisters, each one born to a different mother.
    Vampire Knight: Yuuki Cross/Kuran: Pureblood vampiress.
    Bloody Cross (manga): Tsukimiya, half-blood daughter born from a relationship between a vampire and an angel.

    With such a large number, it should be kind of expected for human girls to be pissed when the guy they have a crush on gets taken from them whenever there’s a vampiress around. 😀

    • Karakuri says:

      It’s probably a good thing that Kojou seems to have daughters. We’ve seen that he’s obviously clueless about women (for the most part; minus the fact that he eventually gets around to FINALLY having children). Just imagine how equally clueless his son might have been.

      Plus it’s cute, since Kojou would be a protective father. If Yukina 2.0 was ever in danger (aside from this time because Kojou had no idea of his relationship to her and therefore, didn’t do much when she died), I’m sure Kojou would help out. Only instead of an awkward harem moment, it might be a cute father/daughter moment. …Unless Strike the Blood decides to explore the realm of incest.

  4. zztop says:

    Spoilers on the Familiars, courtesy of LN sources:
    Show ▼

  5. zztop says:

    Spoilers on characters and plot:

    Show ▼

    Vol 7’s prologue translated on Bakatsuki, hints to the grand villian.

    Rewritten prologue here:
    Show ▼

  6. Krono says:

    I’m kinda blown away how Kojou could not have immediately recognized that it was not Yukina when he looked into her eyes. They are blue not brown…you would think that would have tipped him off that something was wrong. Sometimes, like this instance, Kojou’s denseness just seems forced by the guy in charge. You do not go through all the crap that he has with someone else and still not be able to remember that person’s eye color or become suspicious when it has changed.

    I also dislike how they made a fool of Kojou. At this point his immediate reaction upon seeing a dangerous creature appear, and his teacher shielding the area, should have been to drive it off with his familiars and try to keep damage to a minimum. His powers may be dangerous to everyone but he is never going to learn to control them if he does not try. That is what annoyed me most about that bout with the dragon…Kojou was useless again.

    • d-LaN says:

      The thing is that while Kujou have the firepower of a nuke, he is still in ally territory. And its been said several time in the LN that his familiars are all looking for chances to wreck havoc as soon as Kujou loss his control to them.

      • d-LaN says:

        Wrong e-mail =_=

      • Krono says:

        I still think that he should have been given the chance to learn to control them at some point. He just seemed worthless in that situation.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Part of what you said is true but Kojou is like an unstable bomb that could go off at any moment. For the sake of others, the only possible way from him to develop his control over the familiars would be to practice somewhere no casualties can occur. Losing control of his first familiar caused 50 billion yen worth of damage to Itogami Island, blackouts across countless homes included.

          • Krono says:

            I feel there are many abandoned areas from where he as already blown everything up available to use.

            • BlackBriar says:

              True but he’d have to go somewhere secluded like that desert island in the third arc where he saved Kanon. People would definitely notice sudden explosions going off on Itogami and he’s been trying to keep a low profile passing himself off as a human.

    • Karakuri says:

      Perhaps it’s not entirely his fault. I noticed at least one scene where they accidentally gave Yukina 2.0 brown eyes instead of blue. Whether they mixed her up with Yukina in the scene or if that was supposed to be her red eyes is beyond me.

      …In all seriousness though, Kojou is indeed unbelievably dense. And often only useful for his ability to punch things (and now has mist abilities).

      • d-LaN says:

        Funny thing is, in the SS illustration Yukina 2.0 has the same eye colour as the original so its sightly justified. But the anime team decides to give her blue eyes for some reason.

        • BlackBriar says:

          A better way to tell who is whom. Already there have been complains that there are too many characters who look alike, especially when it comes to Yukina and Nagisa.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Her personality seems more mischievous than Yukina’s and she seems to get along better with Asagi (one sided-ly) more than her mother ever has.

    Though they’re mother and daughter, apparently they have a strained relationship in the future. The girl attacked Yukina the moment she laid eyes on her with no hesitation, no holding her strength back and with Yukina’s own lightning move we’ve seen a couple times. Not to mention, later reprimanding Yukina about her attitude of not listening to people whenever she gets mad.

    I agree about the mischievous personality. I have the feeling that unlike Kojou, she fully embraces being a vampire and hardly tries to hold herself back when her lust for blood kicks in.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well, it would have been pretty awkward if there were two of Yukina around (…and was awkward when there were two of Yukina around). I don’t think Yukina 2.0 attacking her mother was entirely out of maliciousness. I think she was maybe just curious about her father’s life now and wanted to see it without her mother interfering. …Because even looking at Yukina now, it’s pretty obvious that she would interfere no matter who it was.

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