Spring Anime Catalogue 2014


Welcome to METANORN’s Spring Anime Catalogue of 2014!

Winter is gone with a blink of an eye and we are now stuck with Spring (mostly summer in many places), and what a season this is. There are just too many titles that are releasing compared to last few years. It could be the effect of a few two-cour anime ending but unlike previous year, we are covering around 40 TV series, a first even after many that went under our skip list. This season is full of Action and Mecha with the right dash of fantasy, shoujo, comedy,sports and supernatural. I’m definitely looking forward to JoJo, Mushishi, M3, Hanamonogatari, Mekakucity Actors and Hakyuu!!
Yay! Winter is finally gone, which means less cold weather as we make our way through Spring and with every passing season we get more anime to watch! So, what are you looking forward to watching? I am all for the mechs like Captain Earth, Break Blade, Knights of Sidonia and Kenzen Robo Daimindaler, Fuuun Ishin Dai Shougun and M3: Sona Kuroko Hagane! Wow this feels like it will be one great season for giant robot lovers and that makes me very happy for the spring season to start.
In Spring, I will have graduated from University! What does my personal life have to do with an anime preview? Well, graduating means I’ll have more time to blog about anime! That’s some pretty sweet timing considering that the upcoming spring season has some killer continuations (JoJo, Mushishi, and mayyyyybe Soul Eater Not!) and new stuff too. Get ready to become a recluse this spring if you plan on trying to watch it all.
Yeah, while there were a few good shows in the winter, I’m ready to move on to spring now (if only the weather would take a hint). Winter was kind of dead for otoge anime adaptations, but it seems that spring is trying to make up for that with two of them. …I’m kind of wary of Kamigami Asobi, since Broccoli has had a bad streak with disguising borderline BL games as otome ones. Those two genres are good separately, but REALLY shouldn’t mix. However, Kin’iro no Corda should be so shoujo and cliche that it hurts (…in a good way). The game has been full of cheesy lines and sparkling performances, anyways. Oh, I’m really excited for Mekaku City Actors too, since the Kagerou Project songs are awesome.
I can’t say I’m too sorry to see winter season coming to an end. Plenty of shows started with promise but have proven to be utterly mediocre when it counted, like Noragami or Nobunagun. Though admittedly this season was host to some fine shows like Witch Craft Works or the 2nd half of Kill la Kill. Still, I’m ready to try my chance at another round of new shows, such as Madhouse’s magical fantasy Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei or the CG animated knights of Sidonia. As usual, I plan on trying out a bit of everything in this new season before I settle down to the 10 or so shows I keep up with.
As you might have noticed, I’ve been less active lately due to school and other commitments, but I’ll hopefully start to have more time once the semester winds down. Anyway, Winter is over and Spring brings with it an unusually large amount of shows. The romcom and slice of life genres are highly populated as usual, but it seems this season we’re also getting an influx of mecha shows. Not to mention, these shows are actually surprisingly diverse. From Knights of Sidonia with its CG to Kenzen Robo Daimidaler with its Highschool DxD director, there just might be a flavor of mecha for you!
Another season preview, and another instance of me not knowing what to say! I always take these season changes as just the start of a bunch of new things, and while sometimes I’m disappointed to see shows from the previous season end, it’s always fun to start some new shows! And with the number of shows that we’re seeing, there’s probably going to be some good ones.
I’m pretty excited for what Spring has to offer us. It’s bringing us top-tier sequels in Mushishi and Jojo that are so great in very different ways from each other. Brain’s Base has a couple romcom-type shows I’m interested in, Bones has some nice shows as well and even J.C. Staff with one of those Edo Period shows I typically shrug my shoulders at I have interest in. Spring definitely has variety with so many time slots to fill and I think this season has potential to be a pretty solid one all-in-all.
Winter, Spring, does it make any difference? It has no difference for me since I’m still stuck in this hot weather and the endless amount of papers and projects that I have to do in real life. The shows in Winter, however, were the source of my sanity among my works, so I’m a little bit sad with the departure of Winter (shows). Spring shouldn’t be so bad though, since some shows for this Spring sound decent… At least they sound enjoyable.
So, is it just me or did Winter seem to just drag on and on? Of course, not that it was a bad thing; I actually enjoyed a good number of shows this time around. However, I think it’s time for some new shows to make their appearance. I’ve always been favorable towards Spring season and there looks to be a few potentially good things coming out, like Selector Infected WIXOSS that had one of the most intriguing PVs I’ve seen, Akuma no Riddle, and Haikyuu!! (finally!). Though, not the most exciting Spring season, I’m still looking forward to it~

Enjoy our comprehensive listing of Spring anime 2014, meticulously organized under categories for your viewing pleasure as always (let’s forget about the bloody tears some of us shed while slaving for hours). Read ahead and

>>  BE POWERED UP FOR SPRING YO~~~  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆



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  1. Kyokai says:

    It’s interesting even after 100+, our second page has not activated. Need to check all this threading comments. :3

  2. Hoshi says:

    ~Was really excited for Spring, but not so much anymore ^^; Too much NEET protagonist shows for me, but eh whatever. Mostly here for Haikyuu!! because I’m too lazy to read the manga lol. (Already looking forward to summer because two of my favorite manga series are having anime adaptions in summer ;sldkhg)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Also, read whatever translated chapters they had of Akuma no Riddle, and it was pretty interesting; though the plot seems to move pretty slow…

  3. Moni Chan says:

    I have been so busy with college that I haven’t been able to watch as much as I should. Hopefully that will all change this season

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