Golden Time – 23

Golden Time-Kouko can't give up

Kouko tried, but she can’t give up Banri

spring13-highwIt wasn’t the last episode of Golden Time, but it sure felt like The End.


A Reversal

Golden Time-Banri finally gets lucky

At least Banri finally got lucky, right?

Taken from the beginning of the series, if I had had to pick the person who would get hurt the most in this show, it’s hard to believe that I would have picked anyone besides Banri. Maybe you could have argued that whatever girl lost (when it was still looking to be a pick of the harem) would have been hurt more, but it was more a question of “will Banri be hurt by not getting crazy Kouko, or will he be hurt by getting crazy Kouko?” And even through the previous episode, after Kouko broke up with him, he definitely seemed to be the one hurting.

Golden Time-Kouko is distraught

Kouko was hit the hardest

But to me, this episode really brought home the fact that Kouko is the one most hurt. And she ‘won’. She had the guy, she didn’t even get dumped. And she’s still the person bearing the brunt of the pain. Her pleading, promising that if Banri didn’t forget her, she’d always be with him. And then that quick glimpse of her with Mitsuo, destroyed after Banri forgot her and ran off. That was probably the most heartbreaking moment of this whole show. And Banri saw it after returning to his present self, but doesn’t know why she’s crying (although I’m sure he figured it out quickly). I’m sure that the “Kouko explained everything to me” that Mitsuo talks about the next day, after helping the Festival Club get back on track, was pretty tear-filled, but I’m sure it also helped Kouko to get through it, especially being with someone who is such a close friend (and talk about relationship rehabilitation, it’s really nice that Kouko and Mitsuo could end up being good friends).

Golden Time-Everyone helps out

Mitsuo is able to help out

The End of New Banri

Golden Time-2D-kun has had it.

2D-kun finally flips out

There were a lot of one-sided goodbyes this episode. Banri saying goodbye to Nana-sempai, to Kouko, to Mitsuo. And none of them really accepted it, even though they could see during his episodes that he really was different, and didn’t remember them at all. And in the end the thing that was driving the group apart – Banri’s secret past that some people knew and some people didn’t, and his relationship with Linda, and people not knowing what was going on – is the thing that brings his friends together to help him, and helps see him off at the end of this short but fun life.

Golden Time-Banri freaks out

It’s not a horror show, Banri

Perhaps the most annoying thing to me is that when Banri would lose his memories, he’d turn into Old Banri, who I still don’t like. He’s still whiny and useless. I get that he’s scared, but man it’s hard to like him even understanding that. And it looks like the finale next week is going to be going to Shizuoka, to Banri’s home, to maybe start a new new life for him. I hope that the Banri they find there at least has some of the personality of New Banri.

Bonus Yoga Pants!

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So much pain for Kouko, this really had to be so rough on her. If she thought this was something that would happen, it’s no wonder she was trying to separate herself from Banri on her own terms, but we see that she just wasn’t able to do that. She was still desperately clinging onto the hope that he would stay himself, with the promise that she’d never leave if he did. And yet, she still lost him. We’ll have to see what the next episode starts, for the future of both Banri and Kouko, whether it be together or separate, and if there’s any hope for the two of them.


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4 Responses to “Golden Time – 23”

  1. skylion says:

    I don’t know how technical they were getting, but if he was on those anti-anxiety meds, he could be suffering some side effects.

    The pain bearing load of the drama always kind shifted between those two; and now it’s totally on Koko. They really cranked all the emotions up in just a short time.

    Just like you say, it feels like the end, as this episode acted as a great thesis statement for the show.

    What will we see next?

    • Highway says:

      It seemed to me that throughout the show, when there was pain, it was shared between Banri and Kouko. There really weren’t many instances where just one was hurt, even when Banri first confessed (because Kouko didn’t reject him because she didn’t care, but because she thought she shouldn’t love him yet). I just can’t imagine someone like Kouko, who I think has made so much great progress in being both a friend and a girlfriend, having the source of her inspiration for improvement ripped away from her like that. And it showed just how much she was trying to save herself the pain when she shifted from “I can’t promise you anything for the future” when Banri offered the ring to “If you don’t forget me, I’ll promise to be with you forever” with that pleading subtext of “Please don’t forget me!”

      I really hope that Reconstituted Banri retains some of the New Banri confidence and attitude and isn’t just Old Banri suddenly two years older physically. I don’t think anyone would want to see that, not New Banri, not Mitsuo, 2D-kun or Chinami, not his parents (I think it’s more significant than was let on that Banri’s mom supported his relationship with Kouko). And certainly not Linda or Kouko.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    *sigh* I’ve been getting tired of Banri. His memory scenarios have dragging the down the show and it’s getting laborious.

  3. akagami says:

    Kouko~~~~~ ( p′︵‵。)

    I’ve really liked watching Banri struggle with his amnesia and memories. And Mitsuo’s bromance declaration was

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