Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ren – 11

Chuu2koi Ren-the embrace

Finally the moment

spring13-highwIt looks like Satone’s fight isn’t over, but what can she do about it?


Guys are Oblivious

Chuu2koi Ren-Mori Summer

Shinka digs up the past to help

Even though it took him a while, Yuuta finally realized, when Satone ran off in tears, that she was in love with him. But that’s barely a concern of his, because he’s got Rikka. Not like he knows what to do about it anyway. Heck, not even Shinka and Kumin can really help him figure out what to do with her, although Shinka is the most perceptive of them, knowing that Satone’s brave face saying she’s over him is just an act. Shinka even pulls out her middle school uniform and Mori Summer guise to try to help Satone get past her internal conflicts, trying to focus her on something outside of herself. But that doesn’t really work because the only thing she can think of to fight is Yuuta himself, and that probably wouldn’t have helped.

Chuu2koi Ren-The past returns

He barely remembered this whole thing

Meanwhile, Rikka gets the promised anime cold from being out in the rain, although she does try to play off the trope by saying that she’ll be all better the next day. And she still won’t say what it is she’s trying to do with running off every night. And from the troubles with Satone the show makes a nice pivot to Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship, as Rikka’s ‘secret’ is revealed: writings from Yuuta’s Dark Flame Master past, saying that on the night of the blue moon, someone has to put together the three keys and revive the Dark Flame Dragon to become the ‘ultimate contractor’. Yes, it totally played into Rikka’s chuunibyou to try to get closer to Yuuta, but she was actually able to find the third key (those arcade tokens). Not that Yuuta cared about any of that. He just loves Rikka, and while that other stuff is part of her, it’s just something that he ends up accepting as part of the whole.

Chuu2koi Ren-The three Keys

Hey, I found the three keys!

Satone’s Final Battle

Chuu2koi Ren-Satone's battle

A well-animated surreal dragon

Satone does figure out what to battle, after they’ve revived the Dark Flame Dragon. Again, she thinks vanquishing that will vanquish her feelings for him, and it might help a little, but the scene after that certainly makes it seem like they’re not all gone. But either way, Satone gives Yuuta the dreaded “Bye Bye”, which I’m guessing means that’s probably the last we’ll see of her.

Chuu2koi Ren-Kumin helps

Kumin gets a chance to shine

The other thing this episode really did was cap off the rest of the characters, with a lot of help from Kumin. She finally got it out in the open how much Shinka loves everyone’s chuunibyou, and seeing her resurrection of Mori Summer for Satone’s sake really confirms that. Also seeing Sanae react to Shinka’s hug from Satone lets us know where she’s coming from as well.


With one more episode, I’m hoping that we’ll see some real lovey-dovey stuff from Rikka and Yuuta, given that the show has made such a big deal about the fact that they haven’t even kissed (although it’s likely that’s all we’ll get, if that). It certainly seems that there’s nothing left in their way, and everyone definitely supports them, including Kuzuha, Touka, and Yuuta’s mom. Of course, even if they do kiss next episode, it would take a whole ‘nother season for them to get any farther than that.


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8 Responses to “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ren – 11”

  1. MR.KLAC says:

    well give it all went look like satone manage get rebirth in life to do over.

    yet yuta & rika still as usual.

    & notice when did nibutani became the MOM of them all?

  2. BlackBriar says:

    At least Yuuta realized the situation he was in without Satone outright telling him how she feels and he gets points acknowledging he’s already taken. Good thing Shinka was there to straighten him out because he pretty much would have left things halfway done.

    • Highway says:

      I don’t know how much responsibility Yuuta really has for dealing with Satone’s feelings. Sure it’s nice that he helped her, but it’s hard to say that Yuuta did anything to really lead her on, and has always made it clear that he was dedicated to Rikka. If he was kind to Satone, well, that’s just what people should be. Would Rikka really want to be with a guy who was brusque or cold to other people?

  3. skylion says:

    …some of the chuuni antics/testing of love aspects are getting a bit strained here…

    The most important thing I can take from this episode was Nibutani. She’s stepping into that mother bear role, and isn’t sure if she can fill that sort of shoe. I like that aspect of her personality.

    • Highway says:

      I think it comes back to Rikka’s inability to clearly state her feelings for Yuuta. So she continues to retreat into her chuuni world, and thinks that doing everything right there will translate into reality. It’s like she can’t admit that she’s already got Yuuta, that he’s not going anywhere, and she doesn’t need to prove anything to him.

      I think Shinka’s been in that kind of role for a while, since the first series. And she’s always been a bit uncomfortable with it, but she also revels in the opportunity to meddle with other people.

      • skylion says:

        The revelation that she is fully in that role is important, she didn’t really understand it herself.

        The idea of meddling is an interesting one. I think she realizes that she is doing just that, but she also has the opportunism of youth to think it will bear fruit.

        • Highway says:

          Most of the time, people who meddle are doing it out of the best of intentions, at least in their own hearts. I’m sure that Shinka thinks that she’s doing the right thing, especially given her mindset as evidenced by her Mori Summer persona.

          I think that she’s wanted to be in that role for quite a while, and that was the whole point of Mori Summer. I do wonder if she’s a little conflicted about it, given that she’s so love / hate with the idea of Mori Summer and her own chuunibyou, but it scratches an itch that she’s had for a long time, whether she has to put on that scarf or not.

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