Witch Craft Works – 07

Witch Craft Works-What's this outfit

Where the heck did this outfit come from?

spring13-highwWell, the Olympics are almost over, so maybe I’ll have time to catch up on my anime watching and posting! Has anyone else been watching the games? And what’s your favorite sport? I didn’t see any Witches there, tho.

Plans Within Plans

Witch Craft Works-She never sleeps

They never had a chance

Could Team Rocket be more feckless? I doubt it. Living in Ayaka’s room, while Medusa is cooperating with Ayaka, they decide they’re going to go ahead and grab Honoka, but they never even try it. They just watch Ayaka taking care of Honoka and dillydally. They only time they even make a move on Honoka is when he surprises Mei and Kotetsu in the bath (nice figleafing by the way), and then they just get themselves in trouble by being outed to Kazane.

Witch Craft Works-Don't try to peek

This is what happens when you peek at a witch

But that was just one part of the episode this time. If this one felt like it was a little slower, maybe it was because it spent plenty of time going back and showing the same time period from another perspective. Like Honoka’s dream while he was asleep, followed by what Ayaka was doing while he was asleep. I thought it was an interesting way of storytelling, and gave quite a few perspectives. It also made it clear that Tanpopo should NEVER MAKE PLANS. Seriously, I have no idea why Kanna is still going along with Tanpopo’s plans. Even Rin’s plan worked (slightly) better than Tanpopo’s.

Witch Craft Works-Fist of justice

Kazane just employs the Fist of Justice

But the ones with the big plan are Ayaka and Medusa, who team up to try to put the hurt on Kazane. Yes, that’s right, Ayaka teams up with Medusa against her mother. And let’s just say that Kazane might be really strong, but she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, coming up with a really wrong reason for Ayaka and Medusa to team up (although the rest of Team Rocket swallows Kazane’s idea hook, line, and sinker). So so far we have the smart crew: Medusa, Ayaka, and Chronoire. And then we have everyone else. I’m still not sure where Komachi (Honoka’s mother) fits in, but Kasumi is definitely in the ‘everyone else’ category. I think Komachi’s got her own agenda, actually, which consists entirely of ‘make time with Kazane’.

How Long Can This Go On?

Witch Craft Works-Teaming Up

All sorts of costume changes this time. Fishnets and a tight miniskirt?

The reason that Ayaka and Medusa team up is because Ayaka is trying to hide the fact that Honoka’s first seal is gone. And every witch besides Kazane is now on the path of keeping Honoka free until all the seals are broken, but we don’t really have an explanation of why. I think the only person whose motivation I understand right now is Ayaka, who really really loves Honoka and just doesn’t want to be separated from him. But as for the Tower witches, or even Mikage, I have no idea what their reasoning is.

Witch Craft Works-A little uncomfortable

A little too close there, Ayaka

Luckily the one person that they all don’t want to find out about the seal, Kazane, is about as sharp as a ball bearing. So without anyone telling her directly, she’s not going to find out. She does know the secret to Ayaka’s power, tho, and I thought it interesting that Ayaka’s teaming up with Medusa ‘tainted’ her enough to lose Evermillion’s support. I wonder if Honoka’s switching places to take Kazane’s punch was Evermillion’s idea, or if it was just what happened because of Honoka’s nature. But Ayaka is back to herself, although in the “punishment room” (where judging by the graffiti, she’s spent a bunch of time: “baka mama”) with Honoka. Not to worry, they just need to power up to get out of there, like they did when Honoka kissed her as she was petrified. Pretty funny that the ‘more power’ they needed wasn’t from a peck on the cheek, but a lap pillow and ear cleaning. Hoo boy, it’s getting hot in here!

Witch Craft Works-glowing



So the secret is still safe, because Kazane couldn’t interrogate Medusa, and she let the Ivory Quintet go. I wonder if Chronoire knows that the first seal has been broken yet, but she’s not going to tell Kazane unless it would help her. I still just love the speed of the show, and the nearly ludicrous situations that it gets into and out of. And now Tanpopo and friends are openly living with Honoka and Ayaka. They’re adding people to the household faster than Nyarlko-san ever did!


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10 Responses to “Witch Craft Works – 07”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Ayaka has the best outfits shes like Lightning from the newest Final Fantasy series because she has tons of outfits to choose from for fighting baddies with.

    The final scene with Ayaka breaking out of jail and wanting to duel her mom was so damn funny! Just the reaction from her mom…

    TEAM ROCKET FAILED AGAIN! I wonder if our main characters can really be friends with them? I sure hope so <3

    • Highway says:

      I liked that Ayaka’s all “I’m gonna fight you!” and Kazane just said “No, go home!” Setting up a huge battle, and just ‘nuh uh’.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Well, I guess she didn’t feel the need to fight because she had confidence of winning without breaking a sweat.

  2. Kyokai says:

    That fusing with Medusa was pretty awesome but the reasoning behind whatever hell is breaking loose is still very fickle with this series. Though, I’m totally fine with Team Rocket crashing at Honoka’s place. Think of all the possibilities.

    What I’m looking forward to is what happens when Kazane finds out about Honoka’s seal break update.

    • MgMaster says:

      Well,WCW did start off as a pretty wacky show(DEM EVIL BUNNY MINIONS!) so I guess it’s not needed to make THAT much sense.

      It’s been a really good balance of crazy fun time & a story that’s going somewhere though so yea,it can’t just ignore the later and just go full battshit crazy on us. Still,I think just being entertaining is it’s priority so I’m not really expecting that much in terms of a conclusive ending,even though I’m enjoying the show much more than I thought I would. If it manages to surprise me,then by all means,I won’t say no!

      • Highway says:

        Maybe it’s because I’m still thinking of this show as similar to Girls und Panzer, but that wackiness and not too much sense part doesn’t bother me. Everyone’s motivations hold up well enough to get from one point to the next, even if on further examination it’s pretty off the wall.

        I think a lot of the key is that the story is super fast and doesn’t slow down. It doesn’t have to be very deep if it makes enough progress. That won’t really be satisfying to everyone, but it can make up for a lot.

        • HannoX says:

          As long as it keeps us entertained, and it is!, it only needs to make just enough sense so we can follow what’s going on.

          • Highway says:

            Yep, and the speed actually helps us believe that they make the decisions that they do. If the characters don’t have time to ponder and deliberate and decide, it’s a lot easier for us to believe that they’re going with whatever seems best at the time, even if it’s not actually the best idea.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, yet another two forms from Ayaka. Just when you think she was beginning to run out and I’m sure most are suited for attack than defense. Her form fusing with Medusa was the best.

    Those Tower Witches really are the Team Rocket of this show. Every time, Tanpopo looks and acts more and more like Jesse with her half baked plans going up in smoke though at times, there would be an opportunity for it to work. And this time, I’m inclined to agree with them on one point. Doesn’t Ayaka ever sleep?

    Kazane should have been more inquisitive on those who took Medusa. They’re a suspicious looking bunch giving off an untrusting vibe. That aside, I’m curious as to what she is. A horn and fangs?

    • Highway says:

      I did wonder about if there was some sort of credentialing about whether Workshop Witches can just identify other Workshop Witches. Because there certainly was no hesitation on Kazane’s part of believing who those two from Rotenberg were. And Chronoire knew who they were, but she’s not going to spill the beans as to whether they were Tower witches to Kazane.

      It is interesting that all the witches have an alter-ego kind of form. I do wonder what the fluffy one that Ayaka had at the end was about, tho. Ruffles, and one pant leg? Who came up with that?

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