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Okay, one more post. Noragami has bee more dramatic in the recent episodes, but the plot is moving ahead at a good pace~. Plus Daikoku beat up Yato again, so there’s something.


Not so innocent anymore

Killing the little girl (or I guess “re-killing” her since she was already dead) in the last episode seriously took a toll on Yukine’s mental health, it seems. He was tempted to sin before, but now Yukine is stealing and doing all kinds of things instead of innocently being slightly attracted to Hiyori’s female charms. I don’t want to say “attracted to Hiyori” exactly, since who knows if he really is or if it’s just hormones. Hiyori isn’t helping the situation either though. Maybe getting mad at him might have made Yukine run off again since he seems to be in a state of mind he’s being antagonized. However, covering for him stealing isn’t helping much either. For one thing, Yato knew exactly what Yukine had done so lying didn’t make the situation better. Of course, Hiyori probably wouldn’t have known that Yato knew. The real problem with Hiyori covering for Yukine is that he might think that his actions are even more justified. Part of the reason why he stole was because he wouldn’t get caught and now he has Hiyori to lie to Yato about it. He even did it again in episode 7 with a charity box, which is in some ways worse than if he had taken from the register.

At first it looked like Yukine had a really crappy life considering the restrictions on him, but now, he’s turning into… well, your typical scared Kaji Yuki character. They certainly chose an appropriate seiyuu here. Yukine’s life still seems unfair since the incident in the last episode really took a toll on him and Yato isn’t exactly sympathetic. Plus, now Yukine’s life is threatened by Bishamon just by association with Yato. Yukine didn’t even have any relation to anything Yato did in the past, yet he’s still the one being targetted. However, Yukine’s attitude certainly isn’t helping the situation. All of his hesitation over the fight with Bishamon only hindered Yato and probably could have killed Yukine if Hiyori hadn’t retrieved Kofuku to help. He totally didn’t realize that it was a kill or be killed situation, and Yukine’s problem overall seems to be that while he’s aware on how other’s actions affect him, he doesn’t quite realize how his actions affect others. Or for the things that he does realize, he doesn’t try to fix them. Yes, he’s a kid and he’s in a really difficult position at the moment, but he needs to grow up or else he’s going to die again. If not by Bishamon, then maybe by Yato.

Yato isn’t the only one who is more than he seems though. It was somewhat less important than Yato’s past in this episode, but Kofuku is also more like a god than she first appears. She may seem like a ditzy girl, but she’s capable of creating calamities if she wants to. …And not just in the lives of unassuming businessmen who are easily charmed by young girls. There were hints of this nature when she first told Hiyori that Yato has killed before, but really, Bishamon is the only god so far who really seems to be the part. Er, her and Tenjin. Though they’re impressive in different ways.


Bishamon seems like she has everything under control. She has multiple shinki and all of them seem to work as a really effective team. They don’t even seem to have problems with impure thoughts like Yukine, and some of them act as sentient clothing, so that’s kind of impressive. Plus, despite the grudge she has against Yato, it seems like she’s a good enough god. Her subordinates seem to worry about her, and she also seems to care for them in her own way since the whole reason why she wants revenge against Yato is because he killed on of hers a long time ago. Perhaps she acted a bit rashly with them in the fight against Yato, but she did care when they were injured, so she can’t be that bad of a person. Kazuma seems to have a weird relationship with Yato too, considering his god. Yato seems to be his benefactor of sorts, but who even knows how or why. Bishamon doesn’t seem aware of that relationship either, so it’s a mystery as to how the two characters are related. …He also looks a lot like Okumura Yukio from Ao no Exorcist, but hopefully that’s not the only reason why FukuJun was hired as his seiyuu.


Overall, Yato seems to be having extreme difficulties and he seems to finally be nearing the end of his patience. We’ve never seen Yato be so serious for such a long period of time, and it doesn’t help that he’s being attacked either. There was also confirmation about the rumour that Yato has killed before. Not only that, but another god of war’s shinki. Also, in this situation, Yato’s pretty close to death himself. The smart thing to so would be to let Yukine go, but Yato seems against that. Yukine seems useless as a shinki with the way he is now, but Yato still hasn’t unnamed him for some reason.

Finally, there was the explanation of what a Nora actually is. Gods seem to have a unique perspective on dishonour and such, so their view on a Nora seems interesting. Having a few names doesn’t seem like a bad thing, but to gods, it must seem like a betrayal. …Yato really has a lot of mysterious connections. Nora seems to have a lot of gods, but she’s really stuck on Yato for some reason. And in return, he also doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her. …The guy who was with her is the Sakurai anime-only character I was talking about earlier, so his part in the plot is also a rather large mystery. Though seeing how everyone seems to be connected to Yato in one way or another, he probably fits under that category as well.

Yes, things are going well. Yukine has been acting up for the past couple episodes, but the progression of corruption hasn’t been too fast. The story has given a lot of insight into just what made Yukine act this way, so while his actions might be annoying right now, at least we know why it’s happening. In contrast, it’s really hard to tell what Yato is thinking or why he won’t let go of Yukine. Shinki can’t be that hard to come by, can they? Well, I can’t really say much about the plot other than this anime is progressing really well and I have no complaints whatsoever. I’m just really looking forward to seeing the conclusion of Yukine’s problems animated.


Hopefully not like this.


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10 Responses to “Noragami – 06-07”

  1. HannoX says:

    I wonder if Nora is the shinki Yato used to kill Bishamon’s? And if she had something to do with why he killed the other one. Along with that she might have been his shinki when he was a badass war god and be part of why he was such a killer. And when he decided to stop being such a badass he cast her away. That could be why he wants nothing to do with her now.

  2. skylion says:

    I love how this show has progressed from some of the early moe sensibilities to a proper sort of horror story. There have been some tense lonely moments for all our principal crew; and the voice acting has kept that to an edge.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    The OST is so freaking awesome for Norigami! I NEED IT NOWWWWWW~

    I swear when I saw Bishimon I was like what the hell is Trish from Devil May Cry doing here? She is definitely a badass character and dat Jun Fukuyama character!

  4. Kyokai says:

    For Yato, I can say his patience with Yukine seems to have manyfold reasoning. I expect being a war god must be hard on him in Edo period because well, that era was all about war. However, I don’t think he would kill anyone without reason because he despises people who don’t value their life. I think there is more than meets the eye on what really happened with Nora. Also, our megane-kun’s utter respect and Bishamon’s grudge against him has more layers as well. I have a feeling that whoever the killed shinki was, Yato did it for a reason.

    Overall, I can’t wait for the progress and reveals. I’m pretty sad this is a one-cour anime still. 🙁

  5. anaaga says:

    but now, he’s turning into… well, your typical scared Kaji Yuki character

    Just waiting for Yukine to lose his arm now

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Honestly, what is Yukine’s problem? He’s becoming more and more of an inconsiderate brat. Yato may have his stingy ways but this kid is overdoing it. Someone needs to straighten him out and make him realize he’s not the only one with issues.

    Bishamon just exudes authority whether she’s decently dressed or walking around scantily clad. She sure has an organized team of Regalia. After she called them by name and rounded them up to clear the Phantoms, she looked a bit like FMA’s Olivier Mira Armstrong.

    So Nora’s rejection has brought a new player to the game and he looks like the stuck up type. His seiyuu is definitely Takahiro Sakurai. It’s easy to tell because he’s using his Shougo Makishima voice.

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