Log Horizon – 21

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This is where the true party is at.

spring13-jrowParty time! Fosh & I talk about the many “ships” of the series and get a peek at what to look forward to as Log Horizon heads for its, hopefully, just 2nd cour finale instead of series finale.


spring13-foshAfter the defeat of the goblin army it is time to have a party for the heroes and of course the battle of the ships is in full force.


Extra MMORPG fun

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I have missed these two characters together.

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Rudy sure has turned into a great character.

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Time for a date?


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2 Responses to “Log Horizon – 21”

  1. skylion says:

    They’ve done so little with Akatsuki, it seems like Midori would easily slip in for all this Master and Servant thing that is getting played around with….

    Lots of this episode seems more like a bridge to a possible second season. Which is me hoping, of course. As long as they keep up with the quality, I could easily watch this for quite some time.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    They’re taking a breather after the battle against the goblin general because of self-confidence but let’s hope they don’t overdo it and let another or even worse situation develop.

    Spreading the rumor about the memory loss is a double edged sword seeing there’s good and bad to the reveal. Bad because delaying it has brought Shiroe’s credibility into question and that could ruin everything that’s been built so far, especially when he could look like a real villain since he still has the privilege to lock adventurers out of their bank account because the guild building is the property of Log Horizon.

    In Guilty Crown, Shu’s reign as an unquestioned leader ended because the hidden info of the void’s destruction being the cause of the user’s death like Hare was leaked from someone else and because he failed to say it which resulted in making him look untrustworthy, the masses started to rebel in secret.

    Hahaha!! Crusty is really giving Lenessia a whiplash with his “compliments” and gestures. The poor girl doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. That aside, with she said she could do in Akihabara, she has all the signs of a shut-in.

    Marie sure is the show’s spoiled child. She wants everything. Air glasses? The girl is desperate to join the villains.

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