Log Horizon – 19

logHorizon (3)

Krusty is having a ton of fun soloing monsters!

spring13-jrowYes! It’s time to kick some goblin butt! They can’t all be beasts like Krusty is on the battlefield as we talk about his action scenes, Shiroe’s strategy and Midori and co. having trouble defending Choushi. And oh yeah, the truth about Rudy is revealed.


spring13-foshWhoaaaa this episode was freaking AWESOME as far as the over the top action! While that was the highlight for me we finally discover the truth about Rudy and the aftermath of him doing his best to save his friends.


Extra MMORPG fun

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Shiroe-“That Xbox one is crushing my hand.”        Akatsuki-“Shall I slay the evil box master?!”

logHorizon (6)

Midori-“More dots! More dots! Tank it like you mean it!”

logHorizon (5)

I think Serara needs to get that rabies shot soon…

logHorizon (1)

Take care buddy! I hope we see you soon.


logHorizon (2)

Shiroe pulls off a Gandalf! Appearing when he is needed.


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6 Responses to “Log Horizon – 19”

  1. skylion says:

    I’m happy we got to see the diplomacy side of Crusty, and his emerging relationship with the Princess. It made his battle that much more awesome, cause we know this guy.

    Midori is BOSS! But they got to learn to cool down. They took on that next battle way before they were ready.

    And you know, Rudy is Boss, too. I know the OP gave us that bit with Rudy possibly passing away, but with rez, why should that be a drama point? With the revelation that more is going on when Adventurers pass away and revive, I thought they would have worked that into Rudy’s story. Never saw him being a PotL. Did it ever come up that they could have “adventurer levels”?

    Good talk, guys.

    • br0 says:

      I know the OP gave us that bit with Rudy possibly passing away, but with rez, why should that be a drama point?

      Because the resurrection process of PotL is different, you must do it at the moment when they die or it will fail and they won’t revive in the cathedral. In Rudy’s case the spell failed.
      Show ▼

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Have been waiting for this for weeks.


  3. HannoX says:

    Midori is developing into quite the strategist and is learning to be devious when necessary. She needs to get glasses so she can push them up on her nose like some other characters from this show we could name.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    The First Great Elder Tale War has begun and it is awesome! I can easily say all the prior episodes lacking in battles were made up for in this. Crusty is finally venting from not fighting for so long.

    Midori is truly worthy of being Shiroe’s apprentice. I haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings movies but for me, this setting was like 300. This handful of soldiers going up against this massive army but still managing to pull through because their strongpoint lies in their strategies. “No prisoners! No mercy!”

    Rudy’s flag was raised the moment we knew he couldn’t be added to the party so that’s not much of a surprise guessing he’s one of the People of the Land (We also have the OP to blame for spoiling the surprise). Though I wonder if he isn’t an orphan because if anyone else like him knew he was hanging around adventurers, surely they would’ve tried to stop him.

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