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Anyone who reads Metanorn on occasional basis would know about my obsession with Kara no Kyoukai franchise. Even when it was not the first anime I watched (DBZ), nor the first Type-Moon series (fate/stay night anime does not exists!) I checked out; there was something in it that instantly clicked with me. From the first movie, Ryougi Shiki fascinated me to no end and I came to love all the characters, be it main or side-characters. Fortunately for me, the seventh movie was already out by the time I started watching so I didn’t have to wait for the next instalment. But, when you love something, you want more of it and the reason on umpteenth occasions I whined and pined about why there was no more, even when there was original material for it. Well, ufotable was listening to the collective whines of Kara no Kyoukai lovers and to some degree Type-moon tards. You should know, this fandom circle is very influential in terms of buying over-priced merchandise and a bunch of know-it-alls. Really, you should read some threads in beast’s lair for entertainment one day.

Oh that was a long introduction but as it’s almost 3am here, let me get this post up to speed. No, this is not a Mirai Fukuin review, rather a friendly reminder for everyone who hasn’t checked this series out to go and just do that. What are you waiting for?! It is now complete with the last instalment released, the true epilogue of the series. There are no excuses remaining (I am talking to you, Bass). And I have some very good reasoning to convince you in the shape of this small review of Extra Chorus, which was screened alongside Mirai Fukuin and has been released as a special with the BD box.

For new starters, I will only give you two lines. Garden of Sinners/ Empty Boundaries is a supernatural thriller series centering around Ryougi Shiki and Kokutou Mikiya, who met when they were sixteen. Their association spans years and a number of mysteries are revealed around Shiki. This series portrays their story on how they cope with one difficult situation after another. Okay, that was three lines but I know you’ll understand.


For fans of the series, the Extra Chorus is a treat. It not only complements Mirai Fukuin nicely with Seo’s glimpse but gives us main cast fanservice, including a surprise foreshadowing on Fujino and Seo. This begins with the timeline of Overlooking View and ends just before the Oblivion Recording (from August to December ‘98).

Surprisingly, things start with Kokutou dumping a cat-sitting on Shiki. If you have seen the movies, you would ponder if Kokutou was mad in choosing Shiki of all people to take care of a cat… However, this cat turns out to be quite unique, because it has a damn personality! It only likes Kokutou and anyone else who wants to get closer only gets a sniff or its ass, while it stalks away in the opposite direction. Yep, no kidding, This neko is all head over heels after Kokutou but is soon dealt with. Though, the foreshadowing from two previous stories is a stern reminder that this is still written by Nasu and things will not always go hunky-dory. I’m not going to divulge into spoilers but it actually answers some questions that a few viewers might have, who have not read the novels and extra material.


Finally, the special packages a festival scene at the end sandwiching the story with some neko updates and chagrin of Azaka. Kokutou and Shiki visit a shrine and wish each other Happy New Year under the first snow of the season. OH MY HEART! These guys sure know how to give me the FEELS. I have to remind you here that the seiyuu of Shiki (Maaya Sakamoto) and Mikiya (Suzumura Kenichi) are married in real-life. Gives a new perspective to their roles, right?

Overall, it was a very good special and nothing like the usual fodder we get in the name of specials (especially for those fanservice anime…). It showcased the characters well and knit them all together nicely to prepare the audience for the true Epilogue of this story. Now, as promised, let me give you some ironclad reasons!

Reasons you should watch Kara no Kyoukai:


This handsome megane-kun. He’s the kindest guy, you would ever meet. Look at the kawai neko meowing after him :3






Badass woman. I really do stress on badass.


Kawai imouto-trope. Geddit?


Smokin’ hawt milf


Formidable side characters


And finally, THIS SHIP; the truest of all ships!

And now to srs bsns afloat. I am finally giddying up to take on the big project that I shied away from before. Getting down to review my all time favourite series. However, I would like some feedback on how would the readers and lurkers of Metanorn want it served. So, vote up below and if anyone wants to join our Kara no Kyoukai live watch on weekends, give me a shout on twitter.

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18 Responses to “Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin Extra Chorus”

  1. CarVac says:

    I don’t think Touko is a mother…

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:


    A Cat Is Fine Too!

  3. MgMaster says:

    Ah,Kara no Kyoukai. When I finished this series(which was actually just a few months ago),besides wondering why the hell didn’t I watch it sooner like despite knowing of it’s existence,the other thing that was on my mind was when will we get the next anime that’s at least somewhat close to being this good from Ufotable(that was definitely Fate/Zero,but I watched that before this). Then I learn that they’re planning on making a remake of F/SN and I’m like “meh”. I’ll still be watching it though,probably…

    • Kyokai says:

      I love the intensity and rawness of Kara no Kyoukai. I have seen very few stories that come to par with this.

      As well, you might have to change your meh because in actual sense fate/stay night VN is pretty great. It is my second favourite work of Nasu after Kara no Kyoukai. People end up hating it because the DEEN anime was horrible; though, the story is very deep and intriguing. I can only hope this is a reboot of the actual FSN arc but even if it’s heaven’s feel (the third and last route of the FSN VN), I’ll be happy for it.

    • d-LaN says:

      Too bad DDD anime will never happen. But you have F/SN remake if it done well.

      @Kyo How far the TL for DDD go after all this while.

  4. Rakkyo says:

    Oh look, I got tagged! XD

  5. CarVac says:

    Man, I forgot how much harder vocab is in KnK than typical anime. I’m gonna have to watch this at least 2x more to understand better…

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh yes! And let me tell you, you’ll come to like it even more with more watched. I’m over my 7th time and never get bored.

  6. T.K. says:

    Real nice to see Fujino getting a visual upgrade. Noto-sama’s voice came out incredibly petrifying in that scene, and then dere Shiki killed me. My heart was completely caught off guard…

    • Kyokai says:

      Ooh yes! I was not expecting to see her in this special but there she was and doing her thing like a pro. 😉

      The dere Shiki killed me too, I mean all that rolling on the bed and then all BLUSHY towards Mikiya. Aaah my heart!

  7. belatkuro says:

    Ok so I finally watched the movie and Extra Chorus and I can say that it was really awesome.

    Show ▼

    Extra Chorus was also excellent. Nice to see more of Fujino. And oh god, that blushing Shiki, coupled with what she mumbled before that. HHHHHHNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!
    ufotable and their snow animation was just beautiful. And that last pic just says everything.

    So yeah, truly worth the wait and really great stuff to wrap up the KnK movie franchise. My love for TM will never die and I’m truly proud to be a TMfag.
    Will definitely rewatch again with subs. In the meantime, gonna rewatch it again. Still can’t get over blushing Shiki. HHHHHHHNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

  8. Martin says:

    Commenting now that the subtitled version is here at last…

    S’funny…the two screenshots I picked as highlights are exactly the same as two of the ones here. Great minds thinking alike, etc., etc.

    The best bit really was bringing Fujino back and tying her story to that of the events in the first film. I really appreciated how they’ve explored some of the side-characters, because it adds to your understanding of them without the risk of detracting from the main story arcs that are so burned onto our minds by now.

    The short stories before and after that are pure fanservice…honestly, the closing moments were a real treat for long-term fans while the first one was hilarious. THAT CAT. *laughs* For all that talk that Shiki gave about not bonding with the cat, she really understood it and highlighted that you don’t adopt a cat: the cat adopts YOU. Very true IRL actually.

    I think all this will help the wait for the subs of the main event now…

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