Noragami – 02


The ultimate weapon: the adorable fluff ball.

Reading the Monogatari novels took over my life over the past week and while I feel like I can appreciate Senjougahara’s character a lot more now, I’ve also been neglecting to watch anime. Oh well, I guess I can catch up now.


Hiyori is still being an absolutely awesome female lead. She’s ditzy and makes mistakes, but her positive attitude is infectious. Obviously Yato’s help is a bit unreliable since even he doesn’t know how he’s going to solve her problem, so it’s great that Hiyori is all for trying to be as much help as she can instead of crying and feeling sorry for herself. Plus while she didn’t really do anything helpful this episode, you can’t hate her for causing problems since she’s obviously trying really hard. She definitely seems like a character who would join in the fight if she could. What’s holding her back isn’t her personality or physical abilities, but the fact that she doesn’t have a shinki (and she probably wouldn’t be able to use one even if she did). I guess the question is going to be what Hiyori’s role of the anime is going to be, since she honestly can’t do anything about her situation at the moment and is rather vulnerable. Hiyori’s personality might keep her from seeming too much like dead weight, but hopefully she’ll be able to do more than just watch from the sidelines every time something happens.


I said that Yato seems a bit unreliable in the above paragraph, but that was probably unfair. He has proven to be rather reliable, as shown by how he cleaned that entire washroom for 5 yen. Yato can also teleport and has remarkable fighting abilities. …And yet, everyone in the show treats him like he’s a sketchy figure. If Yato’s personality was just a tiny bit different, maybe he could actually earn some kind of respect from the rest of the cast, since his skills seem reliable enough. …Though of course, Yato’s personality is a great thing about the show. I don’t know if Noragami would be as enjoyable if his character was different.


Yukine is probably smart to hide his arms. He is a Kaji Yuki character, after all.

He’s had about 3 lines so far, and Yukine is definitely going to be a great addition to Yato and Hiyori. There’s the possibility that he might leave like Tomone did since he certainly doesn’t respect Yato any more than anyone else on the show, but thanks to the ED, we know that he’s probably going to stay.

From the white kimono and flashback sequence, I guess the type of spiritual entity needed to become a shinki is the soul of a dead person? …I’m mainly just assuming that Yukine is dead due to his white kimono; maybe he’s still alive. …Though that wouldn’t explain why he was a floating puff ball.  Yato said something about an “uncorrupt spirit” too. In any case though, none of the other supernatural things on the show seemed all that human, so Yukine is special somehow (Hiyori doesn’t count since she’s obviously an anomaly). That raises the question as to what Tomone is doing now though, if she was dead too. Can she just wander off and find another god to work with? I’m sure we’ll see her eventually, since they bothered to give her an appearance in the OP animation.

Bones is doing an awesome job with animation so far~. …There are a few shots that look a little quality, but the budget seems to have been spent wisely elsewhere. Like that scene where Yato landed on that power wire and then flipped/fell off. I don’t know if they had that flipping part in the manga or if the anime just added it in to show off, but it’s nice to see the extra movement. All of the action scenes in this anime have been nicely animated so far, and none of the fights have been boring. Er, all of the fights have been a lot of running with maybe a one-hit kill from Yato, but they’ve still been interesting, so that’s something. The exposition hasn’t been overbearing either, and this episode had a lot of it. There’s a balance of talking and action, and the pacing for Noragami has been pretty good so far. Now let’s see where the plot goes now that Yato can actually fight not (…provided that Yukine complies and doesn’t quit).


This was pretty cool too.

Things seem to be progressing pretty nicely so far for Noragami. The story seems to be going somewhere at a good pace and the action, comedy and explanations are well balanced. …Maybe people will disagree with me on the comedy part, but oh well. Having everyone treat Yato like a suspicious character might get old after a while, but so far, it’s been pretty funny. Obviously Hiyori isn’t doing it to be malicious and Yukine seems to be a stuck up kid more than anything, so we’ll see where that goes. As for Yato… well, I just hope that he never changes. Along with the action and all of that other stuff, the main characters personalities are great. I really have nothing to complain about regarding this episode. …Though this may largely have to do with my Kamiyan bias. 


The ayakashi designs are all pretty cool too.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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33 Responses to “Noragami – 02”

  1. skylion says:

    Why must they bate the Yukiyan fanbois? Three lines! This is criminal!

  2. zztop says:

    Maybe unprocessed souls initially exist as cute fluffballs?

    Yukine is dead, based on how he’s wearing his kimono. Japanese funerary customs dictate the dead body wears its kimono right over left, instead of the living’s left over right. 😀

    • Karakuri says:

      Whatever he is, Yukine is adorable.

      Ah, I didn’t even notice that. I was just focused on the fact that the kimono is white, since that’s generally what they’re put in for funerals… I guess that just adds to the evidence that he’s dead though.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I feel sorry for Hiyori having to put up with Yato because he’s looking more and more like a deadbeat towards her. If it wasn’t for her nagging him about what he promised, I’m sure he would’ve already forgotten about it. He may be helping others but I’m hard pressed to say he’s putting effort into finding a solution for her. One thing is certain: Him getting respect is a near insurmountable objective. Yukine hasn’t been a weapon for even an hour and he’s already disrespecting Yato. Tough luck, dude.

    Though Hiyori is at a disadvantage by not having a weapon of her own, at least by comparison she’s doing better than Blood Lad’s Fuyumi who was dead weight 90% of the time. Hiyori’s biggest asset is that she can defend herself.

    • Karakuri says:

      It’s Yato’s personality really. I’m sure he could do a lot if his attitude was different. …Plus considering how he handled his cleaning job that paid 5 yen, he’s diligent. I think it’s just that Hiyori’s problem isn’t so easily solved.

      Words cannot describe how great it is that Hiyori isn’t dead weight despite not being able to do much on her own~.

      • skylion says:

        Yeah, give a down and out kami a chance, will ya? Spare five yen?

        Hiyori is very much a great character because they bring out that ingenue quality, but bolster it with things like her Jungle Savate. She’s a fish out of water, but she ain’t afraid of the hard swim. Well, not to afraid.

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    this episode was epic…i laughed a lot, showing hiyori falling at the most random times…losing her body and the best part in the episode for me was when yato tells her that her tail is her soul and that she’s going to die if it’s cut…then it comes hiyori’s legendary response:

    that means i’m not wireless?

    by the way that’s a pretty powerfull fluff ball…and very ungrateful too…

  5. sonicsenryaku says:

    Part of the mystery (if you can call it that) in Noragami is finding out who Yato really is…its going to be one of the plot points of the series and honestly one of the intriguing parts.

    • AllenAndArth says:

      a poor god…a very poor and desilusional war god…for now it’s fine,i think they want us to know more about the world before going in the main plot

      • BlackBriar says:

        For a supposed god of war, he doesn’t seem particularly interested in fighting, just being revered.

        • AllenAndArth says:

          that is the mistery…if he’s a god of war why is he so sucky at being one? he almost seems paceful…in a weird way

    • Karakuri says:

      I’ve read partway into volume 4, and they seem to have been holding back some traits about Yato that were introduced in that 1st chapter that they cut out. …Though I have yet to see episode 3. Judging from the manga, this should be a place where Yato’s harsher side is shown.

  6. Overcooled says:

    I did not expect Yukine to be like that…I was expecting a pure, sweet, innocent little boy to fuel the flames of yaoi. Instead, we get a brat. Not sure I like that since it means Yato is going to be teased, and I like it better when we’re left to laugh at how sketchy he is without it being pointed out by someone else. But hey, we’ll see. Yukine turns into a sick-looking sword so he can’t be that bad.

    On a side note, Hiyori continues to be awesome. She gets so much shit done, it’s amazing. You go, girl!

    • Japaninspired says:

      “a pure, sweet, innocent little boy to fuel the flames of Yaoi”? xDDD
      Dont worry. Yukine will get better. He’s just a bit mad that he’s Show ▼


      I cant stop thinking about how much Hiyori reminds me of Hajime 😀

      Love the seiyuu’s work. They are perfect for their characters. And Kamiya-san is just too hilarious too handle sometimes xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        By Hajime, do you mean Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman Crowds? If so, then I can see a bit of her in Hiyori.

        • Japaninspired says:

          Yup, Ichinose Hajime.
          They both are energetic and positive. Well, and they have the same seiyuu. xD
          It’s rare for me to say this, but Hiyori is now probably one of my favorite female characters.

      • Karakuri says:

        I wonder how many episodes they’ll take to have Yukine sort through his issues. It lasted way longer than I thought it would in the manga and if they adapt absolutely everything faithfully, it will take at least half of the season. OTL

        • Japaninspired says:

          Who knows.
          Oh are you reading the manga too? Isn’t it great? 😀

          Well, I gues if Yukine forgot about his problems that fast, it wouldn’t have been so interesting.
          And since a persons past drags one quite a lot. It would have been like “yay, I’m saved thanks to your friendship/love, and now I can forget about emy past forever!”. I mean, really easy and unreal. So I guess it’s reasonable for Yukine to take some time to recover.
          And, well, being dead is not something you can get over that easily. Dont you think? 🙂

    • Japaninspired says:

      Noooo, spammy!

  7. Kyokai says:

    This is the best show of the season. Damn it, it’s amazing how much I laugh and love the characters. Being Yato’s sweaty jacked handed back to him must have scarred for life (or a while at least), but it was pretty awesome. Also, damn, Hiyori’s THE GIRL this season, an amazing female lead.

    • Japaninspired says:

      I agree with you totally!
      Best anime this season.
      And Hiyori is amazing. I dont really like Female characters, since a bunch of them are just useless in the series, but Hiyori’s great, a REAL leading character.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes! And to think that my main reason for watching this was Kamiyan. For once, blindly following my bias paid off. xD Hiyori is going to be hard to beat. She’s set a really high bar for “female character of the year” already.

      • Japaninspired says:

        xDD that sure paid off. That was actually a reason for me to watch too. That Kamiya-san and Kaji-san are main character ^^

        Yay for Hiyori. It’s hard to find a really good and interesting female character. And thats a big minus in a lot of my favorite shows.
        I’m really loving Hiyori more and more.

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