First Impressions – Sakura Trick

Nothing can beat female highschoolers getting cozy with each other

Like I said in the Winter Preview, I love a good yuri show. And now Sakura Trick is here, so we can see if it really is a good yuri show. Thanks to anaaga for letting me join her for this one.
Thanks for being here, Highway!! Having two yuri fans fangirl/boy-ing yuri is definitely the perfect way to start this show. Now let’s see whether this is an actual yuri or it’s just borderline yuri like (unfortunately) most so-acclaimed “yuri” shows these days. And yes, I read yuri manga. Real yuri manga, not suggestive yuri that disappoint my hormone.

Highway // Having spent the last week and a half watching another show that people commonly lump in with yuri (more about that soon), I probably had the wrong thoughts of where this show would go in my head. Plus, the blurbs on the show before the season started made it seem like it was a lot more of a romance / chase kind of show. So I was pretty surprised when there really wasn’t any chasing going on, or if there was it was, in the words of Maureen Long “being chased while running away very slowly”. The show wasted zero time in setting up three yuri couples: Haruka and Yuu, the main couple, Yuzu and Kaede, who seem to be a fairly solid couple, and Shizuku and Kotone, which might be where most of the chasing comes in.


There really wasn’t any ambiguity about Haruka’s intentions from the get go of this series. Jealous of Yuu having other friends, upset about being at the front of the class while Yuu was at the back, she’s entirely focused on Yuu. And I thought there might be some pensive, unsure kiss to start this relationship, but nope! Haruka goes right for the long “I want to make her moan *again*!” kiss. And then follows it up with makeouts on the veranda the next day. There’s no hesitation here, that’s for sure. For her part, Yuu isn’t really holding back either, with the boob grab and a couple kisses back on her own. This show definitely can’t be accused of not really being yuri.

anaaga // Seems that Highway and I (finally) synchronizes since the anime differ from how I expected it to be. When I first read the summary, I expected Sakura Trick to be a comedy that has the same tone in Yuru Yuri, with its suggestive yuri and all that. But nope, the yuri is not even suggestive at all. The cast went straight down to the yuri with its lesbian kiss in the later half of the episode. It’s not even a peck. It’s a freakin french kiss where the girls do, well, stuff with their mouths while moaning like mad. I, being a fangirl who have not watched yuri anime in ages because most “yuri” anime tend to be not yuri most of the time, was overjoyed to see such cute yet sexual scene. My hormones are finally happy.


Back to the show, I like how the anime is between slow and fast. It is fast because the anime went straight to the yuri right away without any warm-up whatsoever. No mushy dialogues like “what is this fuzzy feeling inside my heart?” since they went to the action right away. However, the pace is also slow because the actions done here are daily events the audience can relate with their daily lives (yes, some of the things Yuu did here, real girls also do them). Moreover, the storyline is not trying to force anything dramatic that will throw the slice-of-life feeling out of place. No “will you be my girlfriend?” drama, just friends kissing each other. This might sound strange, but I’d rather have the two of them being friends first rather than being girlfriends right away. Not only that this will make the show closer to the slice-of-life genre, the audience can slowly see the relationship development between the two, making us more attached to the relationship between Haruka and Yuu (intelligent way of saying “ship”). We fans are such masochists.

Extra Yuri:

Show ▼

I enjoyed the first episode of this series a lot, even though I wasn’t really expecting the 4-koma format (maybe I should look at source material more? Nah.) I hope that it stays with a maximum of two segments per show, because I find when they do more than that, the shows tend to get too disjointed, a major problem I had with Kiniro Mosaic. However, it’s possible to have a more continuous show with a 4-koma source, like Kotoura-san was. I’ll hope for more story like the latter, rather than the former.

So far, I’m liking this anime. I love how the creator can fuse real yuri with the slice-of-life genre while having the audience giggle occasionally with its humorous scenes. I can imagine myself relaxing on my couch on the weekend, sipping my tea while watching this anime. Let’s just say this is one of the few relaxing anime I can watch with excitement as I wait for the progress between the two characters every week. Nothing is better than watching yuri on the weekend, yes?

Preview: Yuri skinship is the perfect way to start the second episode.



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44 Responses to “First Impressions – Sakura Trick”

  1. HannoX says:

    In terms of quality I don’t think this comes close to Aoi Hana or Sasameki Koto, especially the first two episodes of the latter. However, I do give it props for not beating around the bush with “Will they or won’t they” setups and one or both being shy about expressing their feelings. That can get both old and frustrating for the viewers. And as has been pointed out this is genuine yuri, not something that merely hints at it. So I liked it and plan to stick with it.

    • Highway says:

      It seems pretty clear from the first episode that it’s not really a shoujo ‘story’ like we got from either of those two shows (and which I like, but they really are frustrating at times), more that it’s going to be a rom-com where they’re going to be more forward about actually having a relationship. I’d say in tone it’s more like Yuru Yuri, but in relationship I kinda hope it gets more like Sono Hanabira ni Kuchikuze wo. It’s definitely past the Yuru Yuri “mooning about the girl you like” stage.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I finally get my pure dose of yuri for the first time in a long time and boy, there wasn’t any hesitation at all for the girls to get busy. Even the OP wasn’t pulling any punches. The best part is that the girls are so up front with their feelings for each other even if most of it is coming from Haruka (played by Haruka Tomatsu). It would be good to know if the relationships get more perverse as they develop but there’s the nagging feeling it won’t reach the level of Kuttsukiboshi.

    Anyway, this yuri fan is pleased with this start and I intend to see more. It still boggles the mind that Anaaga follows yuri after all the time I’ve spent commenting on Metanorn. 😀

    • Highway says:

      There was still some hesitation, but it was of the “I really want to. Will she get mad if I kiss her again?” kind.

      I don’t think it will go to the lengths of abduction that Kuttsukiboshi did (but if you haven’t seen Sono Hanabira, you’d probably enjoy it)

      • BlackBriar says:

        Unlikely that it will reach to kidnapping in Sakura Trick but the two girls in Kuttsukiboshi sure were passionate.

    • anaaga says:

      Actually, I don’t want Kuttsukiboshi in this anime. I think Kuttsukiboshi’s pace is too fast since the audience is presented with the relationship right away. The studio could’ve spent their time animating some backstory for the girls in Kuttsukiboshi instead of them having sex literally everywhere.

      Is it that surprising that I read yuri? It’s just that I read yuri with more skinship, something that’s barely animated these days. In fact, I like yuri hentai more than yaoi.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hahaha, yeah, it was that surprising. Especially when you consider your title.

        By the way, congratulations in advance when you reach 2000 comments.

        • anaaga says:

          Damn ittttttt I just realized that I wasted my 2000th comment on Nobunaga and him watching anime in his graveyard.

  3. skylion says:

    Ah. Cute, bubbly, bouncy, sweet, and funny. My cuppa.

    • skylion says:

      Oh, heck, one thing I did not mention. The storboardist/ and sometimes episodic director for the first three series of Hidamari Sketch is the series director for Sakura Trick. He even brought over the sound effects.

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    Hmm…i tried, i really tried seeing this, but, i couldn’t even finish the episode…it just seemed to drag on forever…ever…ver…er…r…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Well, first episodes are supposed to take things slow to better explain the story.

    • anaaga says:

      Unfortunately (for you), I think that’s how most of the episodes will be since it’s slice-of-life, where things move slowly. Maybe you should watch Kuttsukiboshi

    • Highway says:

      I wonder if it’s less it being slow or fast and instead just being a style you’re not a fan of. To me, the plot moved really fast, maybe because of my expectations of a more shoujo story. I really thought it would be all those longing looks, the smoldering but unstated jealousy, the ‘does she like me the way I like her’ self doubt, and then finally working around to that kiss at the end of the first episode. So given that, I thought it moved at the speed of light.

  5. MR.KLAC says:

    um well i just watch 1st ep & yet i think in words of tony stark saying from the 3rd iron man movie this said it all for it “I got nothing.”

    really sure give ha ha gag bit fun but the YURI FEMALE LOVE so too much it like nuke it all on it.

    indeed no wonder i like YURI FEMALE LOVE anime so keep watching it.

  6. akagami says:

    I was deceived. I thought this was going to be a comedy with some yuri-undertones. But nope. so much lesbian action. I kept cringing every time they kissed.

    I’ll probably give it another episode or two because the rest of the show is pretty cute. But I have a good feeling I won’t be able to make it through many more kissing scenes. Alas.

    • anaaga says:

      Awww you’re not going to try this out as your first tolerable yuri? Because the show has some potential as a slice-of-life anime

      • akagami says:

        Hmm, well I *did* say I would give it another episode or two. But it was cringing like “(covers eyes, peeps through fingers) What… are… they… doing? Oh! Oh… my… (peeps again)”. I’m not sure how much of that my body can handle.

  7. JPNIgor says:

    I really don’t have anything against lebianism but gosh, I couldn’t help but be embarassed whenever they kissed. Though I can’t really say I watched the show unprepared, since I saw this post before.

    The animation and the characters are still very cute, and the pairings seems to match well. The danger of the teachers finding them while they were kissing on the veranda made this moment weirdly exciting.

    I’m not sure why I’m looking forward to it, but I am. I guess the quick development made my experience watching yuri (my first one) kind of less annoying. I guess I wouldn’t enjoy it if there was a lot of chasing if they wouldn’t kiss because they were embarassed.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I guess the quick development made my experience watching yuri (my first one) kind of less annoying.

      Welcome to the club. 😉

    • anaaga says:

      I’m glad the post helped you to prepare yourself! It’s not that bad, right? Who knows, this might be the beginning of your yuri journey

      • JPNIgor says:

        I’d rather not follow this path XD But if anything, I hope can at least say that my first experience was nice and remarkable.

  8. Restia says:

    To be honest I was quite surprised by this. I’ve seen “yuri” shows like Yuru Yuri (which happens to be one of my favorite Slice of Life series) but I haven’t necessarily seen actual yuri hentai.

    It was cute, but it made me uncomfortable like I was something extremely ecchi like Senran Kagura. I do like the animation, characters, and gags, but I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this for long XD

    • Highway says:

      You shouldn’t watch ImoCho, then. That *is* yuri hentai so far, if you’re going to call things like Aki Sora and Yosuga no Sora hentai (and they generally are).

      I don’t know how much more they’ll do on this show than just have makeouts. To me, that’s kind of just farther down the line of relationships, and doesn’t bother me at all when it’s between people who want to.

      • Restia says:

        XD I’ve heard about ImoCho from my friends and I’ve seen screenshots even if I didn’t want to haha. Apparently the live action movie has the actress going fully nude. Very lewd. Very.

        I might watch it if I have time though, just cause I want to make sure I’m notmissing out on something good (cause I quite liked YnS even though it was wayyyyy past borderline for me the last few eps & final scenes for respective routes).

        • Highway says:

          Well, in tone, ImoCho is certainly nothing like Yosuga no Sora. Not at all. Just in level of hentai. I like it, and think it’s pretty funny (with an odd undertone of seriousness), but it’s likely not something I’d want someone else to walk in on.

          Speaking of walking in on, my wife DID walk in on the first part of SYD*, and was pretty sardonic about that. “So this is what you’re watching?”

          • Restia says:

            oh my, SYD is certainly not something you’d want anyone to walk in on while you’re watching XD

            I love SYD though, dirty jokes are totally fine even past borderline

            • BlackBriar says:

              oh my, SYD is certainly not something you’d want anyone to walk in on while you’re watching XD

              Even though I haven’t seen the series in question, what you’re talking about is all the more reason to watch shows like this late at night while everyone else is asleep. Like how it was for me watching episodes of Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! because of the obvious erotic moaning. It’s viable justification for being sneaky. 😀

            • Highway says:

              She was asleep, but it was mid-day, and she just woke up. It was the very beginning with all the double entendre sex jokes on the plane.

              Could have been worse, tho. She could have come in during ImoCho.

  9. skylion says:

    All I really see are two people that have fallen for one another trying to express how they feel. It can be boy x girl, girl x girl, or boy x boy. In this show the flirtatious, furtive, feelings made genuine appearance.

    • anaaga says:

      So… you don’t mind cute boy x boy stuff *search for cute BL anime*

      • skylion says:

        It’s the story that’s the most important, and that the relationship is genuine.

        • skylion says:

          That being said I would prefer it as the Moe/Kawaii style rathe than the styles we’ve seen before. All my blobs.

          • anaaga says:

            I just realized that most good BL anime has sex in it

          • Highway says:

            I might be along with skylion. If it was a more moe style, but still identifiably male, that would be better than the bishounen style that BL usually is.

  10. akagami says:

    I still haven’t decided if I’m going to drop this or not.

    I’ve watched the second episode and I keep alternating between “this is so cute” and “omg, nooooo……”.

  11. Highway says:

    I’m on the third episode, I really like how this show is going. There’s really progression in the relationships, and I like seeing that. And the show has a cohesion that belies its source as a 4-koma. I like the way it’s being put together.

    • akagami says:

      Hmm, that’s true, it doesn’t come off as a 4-koma as it doesn’t have 5 minute segments.

      The yuri in the show isn’t too much for someone who isn’t a yuri/yaoi fan; they’re like best friends plus a little more than “omg let’s get married and do xxx”.

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