D-frag – 02

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Beware of Roka’s darkness

 Fu fu fu its time for one of the best comedies of the winter season! Yes I think D-frag is a wonderful anime so far with non stop laughs much like NoKome or Haganai because there are some fantastic characters like Roka who remains to be my favorite so far, but to my surprise there are a few new characters this week that are just as crazy! Anyway since Infinite Stratos livewatches seemed like fun we decided to tackle a comedic show instead of a terrible harem! Also Youtube is giving me a hard time with all the music so you are stuck with just downloading the file…


 Hey guys, MetaTeam Watch is back for another livewatch! This season, we’ve gone with D-Frag!, which should automatically be a step up from IS2… Reception to the show so far has been pretty much hit-or-miss, but that’s pretty standard for comedies. If it’s the former for you though, definitely tune in with us every week. There’s plenty of laughs to go around, and I’m sure the introduction of the clumsy-tsundere Takao and the real Game Dev Club will be a boon to the show.


 Welcome to the Winter 2014 Livewatch of D-Frag! Two episodes in, and this is soooo much better than IS 2 was. I think it actually works as a livewatch better, too, although it’s a lot more of us laughing unironically rather than at how bad the show is. They’ve really come up with some good characters here, but I think my favorite so far is Chiwa Saito’s Chitose. Kenji’s already a good main character, and even if he’s not sure why he’s joining the (fake?) Game Dev Club, he’s certainly giving it his all. Enjoy the show!


Extra game creation

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Anime Robocop in the future? DO NOT WANT.

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I swear this character could be Rika’s sister.

dfraggg (4)

Trap power level! OVER 9000!!

dfraggg (5)

Hnnngggg Roka ftw <3


dfraggg (6)

Time for a game creation showdown.


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11 Responses to “D-frag – 02”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    i kind of felt sorry for the real game creation club…
    the poor guy who got arrested

  2. HannoX says:

    A very funny show and one of the best this season.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    With so much lunacy, especially from those who have influence (a teacher and the student body president) in the school, it’s going to be a miracle if Kenji is able to keep his sanity intact. Nevertheless, this is a funny show.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True that! The teacher teaming up with the student council president is a deadly combo.

      The comical moments are great!

      • BlackBriar says:

        And one could cover for the other and vice versa. That’s a true abuse of power.

  4. akagami says:

    I was going to drop the show, but then Hina and Hayate showed up… and then I was like…. YES!

    I could watch the show if it was only about those two ^^ Forget about the fake game club girls, I’ve already deleted them from my mind.

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