Comic Fiesta 2013 Coverage

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Comic Fiesta was taken to another level of awesomeness this year

Toori-iconI hope you enjoyed and learned some new things from the panels post and an upcoming interviews post compiled by T.K and I, on which we spent hours. Now here I am again to present you coverage of the event for another year. Though with that said, I am sad to say that we couldn’t cover everything as T.K and I spent almost the whole time attending panels and interviews but I’ll still cover whatever I can with some of my friends’ photographs.

For those who do not know anything about Comic Fiesta, check out my previous coverage of it or go to their website for updates. This year, Comic Fiesta was really overwhelming in terms of hall size, booths and guests. We had all the five halls of KL Convention Center plus a separate tent outside to handle the ticketing.


Floor map of Comic Fiesta. while schedule can be found here

We all saw this coming XD

Stage Coverage Highlights


Culture Japan feat Danny Choo: Once again, Danny was at Comic Fiesta with us. This year, other than the usual introduction of himself and about Culture Japan, Danny presented a demonstration of the Smart Doll (sorry about the shaky camera), which he has been tweeting about for a while. I was not there during the presentation but I still got to watch it when Danny presented again during Culture japan Night, which was the day after Comic Fiesta.


Guest Artist (from left): Redjuice, VOFAN, DMYO, Ikkyu

Guest Artist Introduction: As I mentioned, this year’s guest line up was awesome (inb4 Livetune). Here we were introduced to Redjuice, the concept artist of Guilty Crown and illustrator of Beatless. VOFAN, illustrator of the Monogatari series novels. Then DMYO and Ikkyu, illustrators for Culture Japan.


PPY Onstage: PPY, creator of the game Osu!, introduced the crowd to the game. He explained that he is currently working on a new mode for the game but has a few difficulties regarding some coding. He also mentioned that he can’t play some beatmaps created by the community and finds it way beyond of a normal human being. Whoever that scored a full combo is either a person with no life or simply not human at all. Then he called up some players to demonstrate the different modes of the game. The one in the video below is the original Osu mode.

Be Amazed


Day 1 & 2 of endless screams, shouts and jumps

Extra Live: We ended day one of Comic Fiesta with a blast. Extra Live was a live session with a lineup of local and international bands. In short, we were going crazy that night with great songs. Just to note, Loverin Tamburin was one of them. Does Disgaea ring any bells?

Endgame ft. Livetune: If you thought Day one night was awesome, on the night of Day two, Livetune rocked the whole event with a big bang! His song lineup consisted of his popular Vocaloid songs, irony by Claris and covers of Anisongs by Hatsune Miku. T.K and I really enjoyed the performance and tired out ourselves. By the way, this live was free of charge. How about that AFA!

Festival Coverage Highlights


Good Smile Company booth was back in Comic Fiesta again, although they had lesser varieties of figures for sell this year.


Culture Japan booth had new and a variety of merchandise for sale. They also displayed the Smart Doll and a small 3D dancing Mirai. I was lurking around the booth when the entrance finally opened and literally a rampage of Mirai fans charged in to purchase the available merchandise.


Redjuice Exhibition booth had a collection of Redjuice’s works, displayed on the wall and decks of business cards were placed on the table to be taken. Sadly, there was nothing much to see. Next to it was Kinokuniya’s booth selling VOFAN’s artbooks. They weren’t open so I didn’t take any photos.


Comic Fiesta booth: Together with merchandises from the previous years, Coffytiam also sold posters which had designs that made them collectibles and new badass T-shirts. Next to the booth were tables for scheduled signature sessions.


PPY booth was selling the Osu tablets and this booth sort of became a hangout spot for the Osu! fans.


League of Legends Circuit 2013 Grand Finals: Just as its name suggests, together with Comic Fiesta, teams from Malaysia and Singapore were there to compete for the grand finals. I’m a SMITE player so I couldn’t understand much about what’s going on. Results can be found here.

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Creative Market (Doujin Market): As usual, every year we have tons of talented people selling doujin goods and this year, there were lots of Shingeki no Kyoujin, Kantai Collection and Yaoi goods. Since I can’t fit all the photos into this post, I’ll just put them in my photo album for you to check them out.

Cosplay Section

I would like to excuse myself from this section as I took almost no cosplay photos… I am truly ashamed. However, like last year, I will be featuring the cosplay albums of Day 1 and Day 2 by a friend of mine, Ruwendra along with TK’s collection. You can find all relevant images on Metanorn’s fanpage as well.

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Service for Kyokai :3

Click for more cosplay Show ▼

End Note: Comic Fiesta 2013 was a whole new experience for me. This was my first time interviewing guests, not to mention so many guests (you’ll find out soon enough, how many!). Also, rocking the house with Livetune was a blast as well. My body was so tired after running around during the interviews and going crazy during the live, it took me two days to recover. My only regret is that the schedule was a complete mess for media and I wasn’t prepared enough for it. Really, I even bought a new DSLR as preparation for Comic Fiesta. Still, I would like to thank the Comic Fiesta committee for bringing all these guests and also the guests for attending this event. Big thanks to Kyokai for the media pass for another year. Getting in and out of the halls easily really helped a lot at this event. And finally thanks to Kraizer for the stage photos and video (or else there won’t be much to talk about in this post). That’s all for this post. Hope to write again for Anime Festival Malaysia 2014 (IF it is ever going to happen). Oh, oh, I also made a Facebook page recently, please like it~ You can find all my photos there as well (shameless self promo).


Toori-iconAbout Toori-chan // Anime Otaku, who watches literally everything, genre isn’t a problem as long as the story is good. I’m a Black Rock Shooter fan that goes crazy seeing anything related. Newbie procrastinator. You can find me @ TwitterFacebook & Google+.


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14 Responses to “Comic Fiesta 2013 Coverage”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Those cosplays are epic and yay league of legends! I am addicted to that game even though I am terrible ahaha

    Great coverage on the convention! It looks like you had a lot of fun xD

    • Toori-chan says:

      Thanks. I really have fun every year of Comic Fiesta~

      Yes the cosplays are great but not as good as Indonesia’s. I could never play 2.5D MOBAs anymore (Dota, Lol, HoN) because I’m too used to the 3D system in SMITE.

    • T.K. says:

      Me and my pal’s art booth was staring right at the huge screen, we were LoL players so the tourney kept us entertained. As well as a few of our temporary residents, Toori included. XD

      • Toori-chan says:

        I’m just sitting there, sort of tired and not understanding what is happening on the screen…

      • Foshizzel says:

        Nice! League is so addictive when you have friends together on skype~

        my summoners name is Fosh3 if you ever want to play I usually play mid lane or bot as support or a alright adc haha

        • T.K. says:

          Awesome, mine is “TKtakeru”. I only play in the SEA server though, and most of the time against AI bots. Used to pvp, never got back to it after I stopped for a season…

  2. Highway says:

    It definitely looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Interesting that you showed the Osu! stuff, I’ve been wondering about that game, and maybe I’ll give it a try.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Osu! That is a really fun game I used too play a lot haha

    • Toori-chan says:

      Osu is really fun and addictive. The classic mode really sets itself apart from any popular rhythm games. Not to mention, you can find Anime, Vocaloid and Touhou beatmaps as well (depends whether anybody made the one you want). I’m still playing it occasionally.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Nice coverage. It looks like it gets more fun every year. The cosplayers are sure putting some enthusiasm in. Obviously my favorite is Seras Victoria.

    • Toori-chan says:

      Thanks BB. Comic Fiesta gets better and better every year. I was too busy with interviews and stuff so I didn’t spend any time on going after cosplayers but I really liked that Gundam 00 cosplay.

  4. d-LaN says:

    Attack on Comic Fiesta lololol. That I saw a lot of peeps is wearing the coat/cape thing frm AoT. I wonder who will take the throne of AoT in 2014?

    I missed the Redjuice and VOFAN panel since I went there with my lil sis at day 2 X_X I even had one of his artbook I bought frm Kino earlier.

    I ended up buying some Madoka keychain (Homura kicking QB for the win), Gekota hand fan and some badges (My Akuma/Kud can’t be this cute). Too bad I didn’t make it in time to buy the Gempak Starz merchandize since I’m a total fanboy of Tadatada (Monster Girls have its up and down, but in the end I still enjoy reading it) and to a smaller degree Keith (Wasabi 3 when?).

    Also, the End Game with livetune is freaking awesome. As my first experience to expo, it a pretty great experience 😀 My legs don’t feel awesome though.

    • Toori-chan says:

      Oh this is your ACG Convention debut? Congrats. You joined at a very good time to enjoy a great event.

      Well we have T.K cover the panels for you so you should still be fine. Did you get that artbook signed?

      Maybe we can meet up in some other ACG event if you’re attending any in the future.

      • d-LaN says:

        Nope. Didn’t know/forgot there a signing event not to mention I didn’t plan for it + time limitation.

        Sure, why not if we have the chance ^_^

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