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These were an interesting pair of episodes. The Hima Council (yay for having established group names so I don’t have to come up with my own) had their introduction episodes, and have been pushed back a bit in the plot. However, the Meganebu’s new antics definitely makes up for that.

Episode 8:


WHAT?! This show can come up with plots that don’t involve glasses in any way?! …I don’t know how to describe this episode. It was definitely amusing and had a plot to it, but I don’t know what else to say other than it had a bunch of detective cliches all over the place and an obligatory Phoenix Wright parody. It’s surprising that 99% of this episode wasn’t the Hima Council’s fault, but I guess they have more to do than to antagonize a single club. …Which they still managed to do this episode, by only giving them a 500 yen budget. With that small amount of money, it really makes you wonder how the Meganebu keeps coming up with supplies for their X-ray glasses. It’s not like any of them have jobs.

As for the real culprit, I’ll give the Meganebu the benefit of the doubt here. Some people really are unrecognizable without their glasses on. It’s amazing how there was an entire database for an overly dedicated lunch lady, but I’m trying my best to stop questioning this series and just accept things. In the end, the true culprit here was concern. …Though some of the results were pretty terrible. Spinach cream puffs don’t sound very appetizing, and that curry was pretty pitiful. Yukiya’s dilemma wasn’t too bad. At least she made up for it in the end with feeding all of the characters glasses-themed dishes. That’s something. …Probably. The Meganebu seemed to forgive her at least.

…I only realized after writing the above paragraph that HOLY SHIT there was an actual female character in this anime. I guess Akira wasn’t crazy after all. I mean if the lunch lady exists, I’m sure there’s at least one slightly more attractive female out there that they can see naked if they ever finish the X-ray glasses.


I laughed more than I should have about that really stupid pun about the eggplants. Toru seems to still have a somewhat tsundere relationship with the Meganebu, but at least he does try to make amends over some things. …Who knows why he thought eggplants were the best thing to apologize with, but at least he seems to care about Hayato. I don’t think any of the Meganebu would have felt too badly if Hayato tripped because of them. They even ignored him at the end of the episode (though that’s nothing really new).

Episode 9:


And here I thought that Hayato would have sisters or something to further differentiate him from the rest of the Meganebu. I guess I was naive in expecting more female characters, but I figured that if they did exist, the anime would have never shown them like they do when the Meganebu aren’t wearing glasses. Like the other sibling relationships in this series though, a lot of Hayato is explained through how his siblings act. You can see where his personality comes from at least, since his siblings are just as loud and attention seeking. Actually, looking at it, maybe the fact that Mitsuki doesn’t seem to have siblings explains why he’s so attached to Akira as well. You know, since he doesn’t have that interaction at home and his only companion seems to be that dog.

In any case, there was some kind of development between Mitsuki and Hayato. It was short lived but it was nice to see the two characters finally get along for all of 3 minutes.  It would have been interesting to see what would have happened to the club dynamics if it had lasted, but it’s nice to see that Mitsuki can get along with Hayato if he really tries. Maybe once Akira graduates, the two can maybe get along better more often.


As for the senpai trio of the Meganebu, one really has to wonder about the integrity of whatever company they booked that diving trip with (and probably the school itself), since no one went looking for them. …And at the same time, marvel over how the three of them seem to have travelled all the way from Okinawa to whatever nondescript rural town they live in (that probably isn’t anywhere near the ocean). I don’t think they even had shoes. Who knows why they brought the log with them, but I guess it makes for a good story.

This was a good couple of episodes. The Hima Council wasn’t too present in the episodes (just enough to remind us that they exist), but the Meganebu’s interactions with one another were fun. The trio acted the same as always, but Mitsuki was considerably less annoying in the past couple of episodes and he was one of the most prominent characters. Actually, Hayato had some good lines too. Or at least, he seems to have more going on in his head than one would think, since he has plans for the future. …Though who knows if he’ll ever be accepted as an actual member before he graduates or not. Actually, even though Yukiya seems to do the majority of the work in the club, the last episode proved that the two kouhai could actually carry on his job after he leaves.


Oh wait, the school does care. Though apparently nobody reported 3 half naked guys carrying a log around campus.


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