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As opposed to writing this yesterday like I should have, instead I killed my wrist playing UtaPri 2. Whoever decided that 90% of the gameplay be on the button side of the PSP needs to be slapped. I regret nothing though. The senpai songs are actually way better than I expected~.


Well, Meganebu has gone into that territory of glasses-obsession that I can never really keep up with again. There was at least half of the episode dedicated to the importance on how one cleans their glasses. Though keeping one’s glasses clean and safe is indeed important, since HOLY CRAP glasses are expensive. Anyways, I’ll admit, this first section wasn’t all that interesting. Meganebu seems to be at it’s best when it has the characters interacting with one another, and this all just seemed like long an unnecessary explanations on the ways of glasses cleaning. There were some moments, like on the train. But as a whole it felt like there was a lot less individuality in the group than usual, and other than Akira and Hayato, the members could have practically all been the same person. …Or maybe I’m just so lost about cleaning glasses that I missed the character exposition. Maybe how each character thinks about cleaning their glasses reveals something deep and vital about their inner selves. Yes, that must have been it.

…The student council also has a theme song. They’re comprised of a bunch of half-foreigners with heavy accents (plus that one Japanese guy) for some reason. They have members with names like Maximilian and Lorenzo. The president doesn’t seem to do anything expect sit at his desk and drink tea. They all wear glasses. This is clearly the greatest anime ever.


Even better, they seem to have dedicated their entire existence (or at least this episode) to hindering the Meganebu. Out of all of the clubs they could have chosen to antagonize, they chose the one that’s comprised of glasses obsessed idiots. …Or maybe I’m being harsh here. Judging from all of the students we’ve seen thus far, it’s quite possible that the entire school (or even the entire world) is comprised of nothing but idiots. Maybe in the plot twist of the century, the Meganebu are the most intelligent members of the student body. Getting back on topic though,the student council doesn’t seem to have anything better to do than to run around and create convoluted plans to try and… shut down the Meganebu? Severely depress them? Who knows. What we do know is that they have a lot of money somehow, since they went around buying the entire town’s worth of Megane Celebs. It’s not like they could be spending that money on anything else.

The random Japanese guy among the student council is interesting though, since he’s like another Hayato. Toru is the odd one out of the group since he doesn’t seem to be foreign, he’s rather loud, and he’s kind of obnoxious. Though unlike Hayato, the members of the student council actually seem to have a kind of respect for him, since they went through with that plan and Toru seemed like he was in charge. …Or maybe like Hayato, it’s kind of a tolerance. I guess we’ll see. …If these characters stick around.

As you can tell from how much I’ve said about the student council as opposed to the Meganebu, they kind of stole the show at the end there. They just seem to have better teamwork than the Meganebu. Probably because they don’t all abuse one member. Though the ending with Akira having a glasses epiphany brought things back again. I think my main problem with the main characters was just that all of the talk about glasses cleaning and praising the Megane Celeb bored me. …Which is rather strange, since I normally enjoy the mindless glasses obsession from the characters. In any case though, I hope the student council sticks around, since they seem to be adding another dimension of idiocy to the Meganebu and the anime in general. I guess if anything, this episode was amazing in the fact that it almost looked like it had a plot. Almost.


Though this anime will forever be too deep for me to ever fully comprehend.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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3 Responses to “Meganebu! – 06”

  1. d-LaN says:

    Whoever decided that 90% of the (UtaPri2) gameplay be on the button side of the PSP needs to be slapped.

    Say, is UtaPri a rhythm game-slash-otome? And frm wht I heard of it, it seems to be in a same vein of comedy with Meganebu! or am I mistaken? Will watch it some day anyway. (I hope)

    So uh…. I did manage kept up with MB! but I didn’t realize I missed EP5 until I finished watching it and EP5 is in the backlog for quite some time ady. Time will tell if I will ever watch it.

    I feel like I just learned a bunch of things abt glasses tht I never knew whenever I watch MB!. Yay? Though I think no one will wear their glasses while bathing And I will gladly have a box of those Megane Celeb.

    And seriously, the student council members are fabulous except Toru. Just stop thinking rationaly and enjoy the fabulous and the sheer ridiculous, Kara. 😉

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, it’s an otome game, but I rather enjoy rhythm games, so I find myself doing more of that than playing the actual otome part… And then someone had the brilliant idea of releasing a game that was totally focused on the rhythm game aspect, which is what I’m playing now~.

      The UtaPri anime was a lot like this in terms of ridiculousness. Though it’s more fabulous due to cheesy insert songs. …Plus it actually has a plot.

      YAY for someone keeping up! …At this point, I didn’t think of it as odd that Takuma wore his glasses in the shower. I imagine that Akrira never takes his off.

      The student council may be the best characters on the show. We’ll just have to see if their gajin-ness stays funny or not.

      Shhh, I have to maintain my sanity somehow. xD

  2. d-LaN says:

    Bad spammy! Don’t do your hunting in an empty board!

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