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Dem eyebrows

*prepare a  box of tissues* You guys should prepare some tissue also

Literally a Bad Boy


Those who wonder why Hanamiya has “Bad Boy” as his nickname will finally have their curiosity satisfied… Because he literally is a bad boy. Though he was only at the second half of the episode, it’s obvious that he has the habit of playing dirty on the field. This can be seen when he signaled one of his team members to have a late rebound or whatever it is that puts some pressure on Teppei’s injured leg. At least, that’s how I see it from the position of the legs in this scene (I apologize for my lack of knowledge, I didn’t continue my basketball career). Anyway, what he said to Hyuga about him “not being injured” makes it obvious that he plays dirty intentionally. That sure is not a good habit for one to have on the field. I’m impressed though with how he can notice Teppei’s already-injured legs when the other team members don’t. This is something because not even Riko notice Teppei’s leg. That or maybe Seirin members weren’t as cool as they are now. Anyhow, why Hanamiya likes to play dirty, we don’t know since it’s not revealed yet. His hidden ability is not known yet since all he showed is sly personality. Does he have any hidden ability though? I’m not so sure yet (more like I forgot), but I’m sure there’s more to him than his tricks. There must be something more to him than being cheap on the field. There’s no way he snagged the title of Uncrowned General if his ability is… To play dirty. I hope.

Being Teppei is Suffering (Kind of)


While Hanamiya is enjoying the sensation of playing tricks on others, Teppei is “enjoying” the sensation of injury on his leg. What sucks is how it’s not just a “sprain” like what he claimed. It’s something serious that will involve surgery, rehabilitation, and others. It’s not like it can’t be healed, but the cost of that will be him not being able to play basketball with others. That’s how long the process will take place. If he wants, he can play with the others next year, but that will last for a year only, which means that he won’t be able to play basketball anymore if he forces himself to play next year. Knowing Teppei, it’s obvious which one he’s going to pick. The reason for his injury is still unknown though. Probably that has something to do with the match he had against Teiko during his middle school years?


Whatever the reason is, being Teppei sucks. He lost so many matches before, and now his leg is injured. No wonder he has so little confidence in himself despite of his words and smile, just like what Hyuga said. He’s so used to losing and being alone to the point where he doesn’t know what to believe in who or what anymore. All he needed was someone who can push him and hold him when he’s about to fall, but he has nobody to rely on. Until Hyuga and others appear. Thankfully, Teppei has Hyuga now. Imagine if Hyuga isn’t there, Teppei won’t have anybody to encourage him despite of his injury. Heck, imagine if Teppei didn’t enter Seirin, there’s no way he would’ve met wonderful people like the ones he met in Seirin. Yeah, Teppei’s injury sucks, and it’s going to cost a lot, but he’s not alone anymore. He won’t fall into despair now because he has Hyuga, Riko, and the others to hold him.

Extra Injured Balls:

Show ▼

Nothing happened much with the exception of the senpai’s backstories. Okay, that’s actually something big, but it doesn’t feel big at all because of the lack of real scenes that are replaced with still images. Many people like how the opening song is being played in the beginning of the episode, but I didn’t like that at all. I prefer an insert song because the replay of the opening song makes the whole thing looks so… Cheap and low-budget when the whole thing already looks so low-budget with still images filling the first half of the episode. The second half of the episode is an entire different matter though. The basketball match still looks cheap, but that’s probably because they want to focus on the emotional aspect of Teppei’s injury. Which didn’t work that much until that hospital scene. It took so much of my energy not to cry when Teppei and Riko cried. Though the first half of the episode sucks, the second hald made me went ASDFGHJKL with tears. Good job I.G. For almost making me cry in the second half and filled my heart with annoyance thanks to Hanamiya. Now I’m all fired up about the match against Kirisaki Daichi. You guys should too!… You guys are, right?

Preview: Errr I can’t remember this part in the manga. I guess it’s the game against Kirisaki Daichi?


Did they finally see a cute manager?


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  1. Kyokai says:

    Oh man, Teppei’s back story was pretty D:… which makes me hate the FukuJun character even more. I hope Seirin’s next match against this dodgy team goes well.

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