Kuroko no Basuke – 32


It seems that Sengoku Basara fever is spreading

It’s as if the rain that makes me stuck in campus is telling me to finish this Kuroko post in time, heh. Not that I mind though, since watching bishies playing basketball makes the weather feels warm for some reason. Maybe it’s the bishies.

It’s a Tie!


As it can be guessed, the match is a tie. This means that both Seirin and Shuutoku will go for the next round. This is another proof that both teams have tried their best and developed into better teams than how they were last season. Though nobody wins, the tie became something that satisfied both teams. Even the audience don’t mind about the result of the match, seeing how the audience clapped for both teams. Why? Because it really was a good game. Both teams were really into it, and not a second they stopped trying. Both teams tried and tried and tried despite of the scores and refused to give up until the end. Though it’s a tie, I refused to see it as a tie. I see it as victory for both teams, as both teams gave it all for the match. Both Seirin and Shuutoku deserve this victory. Besides, the promise between Kuroko and Midorima will matter a lot later on in the story.

Scars from the Past

Finally, it’s me-time for the senpai. Though we’re not yet at that part about Teppei’s injured leg, but we know that the passionate Hyuga used to hate basketball to the point where he literally changed his style so that people won’t mistake him as a used-to-be basketball player/fan (I giggled when I read Kyokai’s tweet about Hyuga’s hair). He even tried to get a “new goal” that could distract himself by “conquering the school.” But that’s not the point. The point is that he loves basketball so much to the point where he has to change everything just to erase even the smallest trace of basketball in his life. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. He still loves basketball, and the thought of him losing to Teppei on their one-on-one game pissed him off. Looking at Hyuga as a basketball player, it’s understandable why he wanted to forget basketball. Losing will always be a stain in every basketball players’ lives, but Hyuga’s scar is even worse. He always loses in basketball, and even when he wins, he will end up losing again. What makes it even worse is that those who keep winning will eventually be defeated by Teiko, Generation of Miracles’ residents. Losing from a team is already bad, but seeing the winning team defeated by another team is even worse. What sucks is the fact that the winning team at the end of the chain will always and always win (GoM), discouraging some people to put their effort at playing against the monstrous team. It makes sense for Hyuga to “hate” basketball. It’s as if he lost for nothing.


The question is, should we give up, knowing that we’ll lose in the end? Hyuga might have given up in the past, but Teppei didn’t. In fact, Teppei’s scar is much worse because he literally confronted the Generation of Miracles, feeling that pain of losing after working so hard not only mentally but also physically. Hyuuga was angry at the state of middle school basketball in Japan, but he didn’t fight against the Generation of Miracles. He only felt the pain emotionally. Directly fought against the Generation of Miracles, Teppei found out the limit of his physical body even though he’s one of the Kings. He finally knew why he is Uncrowned until now. So, if Hyuga thinks that he has the right to sulk, Teppei should have done the same thing as well because he already had a match against Teiko. And yet, he didn’t. Teppei still tried his best for basketball, even until now even though his leg is injured for reason unknown. His failures and trauma did not stop him from dedicating his life for basketball, nor he will stop. Now, again, should we give up, knowing that we’ll lose in the end? Will we be like the delinquent Hyuga or the shining Teppei?

Extra Yankee Balls:

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Even though the end of the match can be predicted, seeing how they ended it last week, this episode became a satisfying resolution for the game. Nobody wins, but I personally don’t mind that. In fact, I think I’ll be slightly pissed or sad if one of the teams lost. Seriously, it was so intense because of the effort the players poured into the game. When I watched the game, there was this fire in my fangirl heart that glued me to the screen. Even though this is just anime, but man, I love how the characters are depicted as hard-working players passionate about basketball. And boy, how they looked so fiery in the game! They totally deserve that tie.

As for Hyuga and Teppei, I can’t say a lot about them, but I was definitely surprised when I first saw the delinquent Hyuga in the manga. So he had a past like that! I thought he was just some kind of basketball freak, but I guess there’s more than meets that megane of his. I was more surprised about Teppei though. I really did not expect such past behind that smile of his. In fact, I find it admirable how he still can smile despite of the great loss he had in the past. I salute Teppei’s character that stayed resilient until now. I bet he would’ve been more energetic now if only… If only that tragedy didn’t happen… Anyhow, I knew about the tie between Shuutoku and Seirin, and I was worried that the episode would be stretched. It turned out that they decided to fill the empty slot with the flashback though, and that’s fine with me (even though the flashback is later in the manga). In fact, it’s a good cliffhanger, and it will leave some room for the audience to prepare themselves about Teppei’s injury. *prepare some tissue*

Preview: Is the mysterious injury going to be revealed later?



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9 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 32”

  1. zztop says:

    Has anyone heard the news that someone in Japan’s been targeting everything Kuroko-related?
    Threat letters and suspicious substances have been sent to the manga author’s old university, Kuroko events and stores stocking any Kuroko material.

    I’m so confused(+_+)

    • belatkuro says:

      Old news. This has been happening since last year. The fact that they haven’t captured the perp yet is what’s bothering me.

    • Kyokai says:

      Jail the bastard!

    • zztop says:

      This is the 1st time I’ve heard of it myself.

      • anaaga says:

        This has been going for over a year, I think? Anyway, it’s been a reaallyy long time. Just like belatkuro said, it’s suspicious/annoying/tiring how the police haven’t caught the culprit yet.

  2. Kyokai says:

    Btw, yeah, could’ve never thought the blondie would be Hyuga because he looks so different! Though, I love his Sengoku Basara fanboyism for many reasons. :3

    Even when Teppei arrived in the fray much later, he has been growing on me. Love his positive attitude really. Now that we are on a flashback, I want it to end properly rather than us still guessing what really happened.

    • anaaga says:

      Seeing how much you like Teppei, I have this feeling that you’re going to hate Hanamiya a lot later in this week’s episode :3

      • Kyokai says:

        I hate him already. DAAAMN, you are making me want to read manga now.

        Btw, do let me know, how far the actual manga is from anime and are there some missing chapters that were never adapted?

  3. Namika says:

    Okay. I thought that they would introduce a new character, when I watched the preview. Okay, another megane, that’s great. I wonder, how he plays.. and then BAM. The fact that it was actually Hyuuga made me laugh much harder than it should have 😀 It’s so ridiculous! 😀

    Okay, I knew that something like this was coming. I’m awaiting Sunday with a prepared box of tissues, because if it will be as sad as you say it will be, imma cry my eyeballs out, because Teppei is probably my favorite character. Usually, characters like him have the most traumatizing past, which makes them so amazing. But I’m worried, that he will not be able to play anymore because of that trauma, that would be so sad ;_;

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