Kakumeiki Valvrave – 19

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Say hello to Haruto’s spirit animal!

Welcome back to another space filled adventure with Valvrave! So last week was all about L-elf and Lieselotte winning best new shipping followed by Haruto x suffering which was my go to option, but what is going to happen to our winners this week? I guess we will find out today.


No love in Valvrave

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Q-vier is having the best day of his life!

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L-elf-“Whoops I think I was driving fast again.”

It seems that the creators of Valvrave really love to toy with our pairings lately like at the very start of the series with Haruto about to confess to Shoko but at the time he claimed to be a monster that did not deserve to be loved until Saki got super close to him and yeah everyone pretty much knows how that ended up happening between them. Besides Haruto being screwed over Kyuuma lost Aina back in the first half and this week L-elf confessed his feelings towards Lieselotte who sadly dies in the same freaking episode! NOOOOOO! Damn you Valvrave, but I suppose you could argue that it probably would not have worked out because the original technically “died” after that Magus took over her body and yes I know L-elf did not know the original anyway so it did not really matter right? So what if all of that worked out for those two characters and they managed to live happily ever after? I mean Lieselotte would still end up dying eventually because she was being drained of her runes practically every day which meant her memories would disappear one day. I just want to know will L-elf go on a killing spree to get back at Cain and the other Magus?! HELL YEAH HE WILL or do you think he will remain calm and plan out some revenge? Either way he is going to need Haruto’s help to accomplish his mission. I just don’t want L-elf to be moping around for the rest of the series but I will give him some credit at least because he confessed to Lieselotte and didn’t chicken out like lame ass Haruto when he tried to confess to Shoko back in the day! Also everyone forgot Saki and that kind of made me laugh.

Extra Valvrave fun

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Saki loves guys of all ages!

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I am sure your insurance covers missile attacks.

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What a big sword you have there Haruto…


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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34 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave – 19”

  1. Chi says:

    Actually, one person remembered Saki: L-elf.

    He left her that letter that basically explained what was going on with the mission, the Royalists, and how it might of been of interest to her that they were saving JIORians (possible family of hers, except he doesn’t know how shit her parents were). Along with that he mentioned if she couldn’t meet up with them, that she should contact the Royalists via an account that he left her. He also mentioned traps that he laid out, so she should be careful and to make sure she returns to them.

    So basically it was his way of showing he cares about his teammates. Nobody else even bothered to leave a sticky note ;_;

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeahhhh he is the only one I just found it hilarious and I don’t know why…

      LOL a note would have helped.

  2. zztop says:

    So how does everyone find the new ED for Valvrave? I heard it’s the singer’s first debut into the Japanese music market.

    • Irenesharda says:

      It was okay, kind of catchy and had that early 2000s vibe to it like it came right out of SEED. The visuals were much better this time around, but Realism was the better song.

    • MgMaster says:

      I find it hinting to Haruto sacrificing himself in the end.Dat ruined helm…

    • Foshizzel says:

      I didn’t like the song but visuals were nice like Hartuo’s floating helmet? That definitely hints towards him dying or sacrificing himself to save his friends.

  3. zztop says:

    Gasp) Little green (parasitic) men from outer space?!You were right, Mulder!! I believe, I

    Still, Liselotte’s final act did what neither our merry gang has done yet- to wipe that smug smile off Cain’s fat face.

    Do you think Liselotte was possessed before or after the 1st Dorssian revolution? Because it seems a waste for the Magius to give one of their people a new young body, only for them to imprison them afterwards.

    • Irenesharda says:

      It’s actually hard to say. Which revolution/coup are you talking about? Dorssia has had about three of them that have so far been mentioned, the most recent one was 10 years ago. There was also one 15 years ago, when Amadeus took power, and the one 21 years ago as well. The only one Lise could have been important for would be the last two. Lise was possessed before or during the last revolution because she would have been 5-6 at the time and Lise was political prisoner already even at that age since Amadeus took power about a year after her birth. I’m thinking that she was an influential figure that was available despite having no political power, and the Magius Lise’s previous body was just getting too old.

      • zztop says:

        There were 3 Dorssian revolutions? I always thought there was only the one from 10 yrs ago. Where did you read about the other revolutions?

        • Irenesharda says:

          Actually there’s probably more than that. L-elf mentions one that Cain fought in 12 years ago in episode 12. I think the one that was 20 years ago was mentioned in episode 10 by Cain. And of course there’s the one everybody mentions that happened 10 years ago.

  4. PrimeHector says:

    The answer is always L-Elf badass moments.

  5. Irenesharda says:

    Well, that was just sad. Poor L-elf…

    Well, many said that Lieselotte was going to die this episode and they were right, however in spite of this, it was the way that she went out that makes me rather happy. Lieselotte developed her character and gave us useful exposition all at the same time, which does not make her simply a “girl in the fridge” for L-elf but actually a real character with real motivation. And her death was one of the most beautiful sacrifices right after Marie. The way that she and L-elf had such an unconventional love…I don’t care about ships or anything but, I will always consider L-elf and Lise as the ultimate pair.

    Anyway, as to the rest of this episode, Cain has already out-thought L-elf and has surrounded the JIORians at all points which leads to a tense race against time as everyone hurries to get everyone to the shuttle and get it running so that everyone can escape. Satomi, Raizou, Inuzuma, and even Haruto have great moments during this tense fight against the Dorssians. However, once again it’s L-elf that takes the spotlight as he is willing to give it all to save the woman he loves. For once we see the One-Man Army in his weakness and he get bruised, shot, and beaten, but he keeps going if only to save his woman. However, even as Haruto saves his life, Lise decides to use her powers to save everyone. Having been punished for want to reveal her people to the world, Lise was punished and had her runes extracted keeping her at a state of near death all the time, however, despite this, she wished to save her beloved Michael and his friends. She becomes like the very angel her beloved is named after and spreads her wings to try to keep the rocket’s thrusters stable until they are able to get enough lift. However this costs her all her runes and thus her life.

    However, before her death, Lieselotte reveals the truth about her people. It seems the Magius were exactly as they had been alluding to this entire series: space vampire aliens. Unfortunately, the Magius have no physical shape and could not survive on Earth without taking a human body. Having lived on Earth for centuries, their people have kept hidden by going from body to body. They created a governing body, the Council of 101 to help keep their people safe from humanity. However, they live off of runes, and since humans are the largest vessels of runes on Earth, they have to feed off them to survive. I must say, this revelation was one that I had thought of, and one that proves what I’ve been trying to say. The Magius aren’t just some inherent villains, they’re a species just like humans with their good and bad individuals. They also cannot help what they are, I cannot blame them for jacking living beings in order to survive, no more than I can blame them for feeding off humans. They are doing what they are doing for survival. And unfortunately though for Lise’s dream that everyone be able to live together, humanity has a habit of never wanting to accept anything that’s different from them, especially a people that have been hunting them for sustenance all these years. I can see humanity waging war against the Magius because of this. We do see some group that resembles a futuristic Dorssia fighting Saki? Could this be what’s left of humanity fighting against the Magius/Kamitsuki?

    However, what of Prue and Pino who seem to have some small corporeal body in comparison to their Magius comrades? Could it be that these two as two of the primogenitors of the Magius race have forms? Like for instance the difference between the queen bee and the worker bees? I’m guessing that perhaps there was either more than one ship or that Pino was trapped in the ship and thus was buried along with the crashed ship which was years later found by JIOR? Also Pino’s runes have been been reset, so It would explain how she is confused about everything. Also, the Magius say that humans are the greatest source of runes they can find ON EARTH. Also, they have to have survived before this on their own world so I’m guessing there are other large sources of runes out there in the galaxy? Perhaps that’s why the Empire is so widespread and far from Earth?

    Well, anyway, Haruto now has the past of the Magius who now happen to be his own people. He however decides that he wants the Magius to be able to be with whoever they want, and so he thinks back to his love of Shoko (Sorry, Saki….) and he tells Lise to fight for her love of L-elf, to which she does to her last breath. Haruto is slowly building up his resolve which is good. Speaking of Saki, L-elf MUST be a prophet because he knew that A-drei and Saki and ONLY A-drei and Saki would be the ones the find the abandoned ship, and he placed a letter to Saki in some vent that I’m guessing she would know about? And he left VVV4 there only for her to find? Yeah, that’s some coincidence, Sunrise….
    But unfortunately, just as Saki changes back to her old self, A-drei catches her in the process and holds her at gunpoint to question her. And Saki seems to be staying on Earth alone with the enemy as the others are headed back to Module 77.

    So now that we know the story of the Magius, how will everyone react? How is L-elf going to be now that he’s lost the love of his life? What’s going to happen to Module 77? What’s going to happen to Saki? How is this Empire going to begin?

    Well, we’ll have to see as this series continues to unfold. I give this episode a 9/10. Farewell, Lieselotte, your guiding light will guide Michael from now on….

    • Foshizzel says:

      I feel so bad for L-elf! That dude deserves some kind of happyness T_____T

      space vampire aliens

      Finally the truth about WHAT and WHO these baddies are! I guess they really are wrapping up every mystery with these past episodes huh? What is left? I guess Haruto needs to find a way to either cure everyone or wait around to fight Cain.

      what of Prue and Pino who seem to have some small corporeal body in comparison to their Magius comrades?

      Great question! I guess they are trapped inside their Valvraves? I also want to know what “side” they are with either the Magus or humans? I kind of look at it like whichever side gives them food to survive they will stick with them lol

      and so he thinks back to his love of Shoko (Sorry, Saki….)

      I actually don’t think Haruto will confess to Shoko until he finds a “cure” for his vamp space alien powers I just can’t see him walking up to Shoko and telling her that he loves her! Also after what happened with L-ELF and Lisa I fully expect the same outcome for Haruto and Shoko…

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think we should go with “vampire aliens” at this point. Space vampire aliens kind of sounds redundant.

      • Irenesharda says:

        We could still keep “space vampires” which sounds cooler?
        I actually rather like the Magius, Sunrise doesn’t have enough extraterrestrial threats in their space operas. It’s always humans against humans. This time it’s humans against humans with aliens that are watching from the sidelines reaping the benefits. I actually really hope that they find a way for either the Magius/Kamitsuki and the humans to coexist, but I doubt it will be easy or a problem that can be solved in 5 episodes. Humans aren’t going to take to the Magius or the Kamitsuki as Haruto probably thinks they will…which might be where this empire arises from. A place where the immortals can be safe from the mortals.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Calling them Space vampires, vampire aliens, Magius or Kamitsuki can work but “Space vampire aliens” is too much when we already know aliens are from space.

          Peaceful co-existence is always a stretch because it’s always the humans who are too damn stubborn to find acceptance of another species. The minute they see something different showing up, they’re already invested to wipe them out completely without a second thought.

          Side note: You’ve been here a while and have made a lot of comments, especially putting quotes in them. Have you thought of a title for yourself? You should talk to one of the bloggers about that and they talk to Kyokai about it or do so yourself directly on one of her posts.

  6. Irenesharda says:

    What’s kind of sad, L-elf is the only guy in the series that has had the courage to confess to the woman he loves.

    All other so-called couples in this show have known each other for much longer time and not one of those couples had as much devotion as L-elf has had to Lise. And if you want to think about it, Lise for L-elf. She has never forgotten him in all this time, and she has worried for him, and she desired to have a relationship with him, despite the fact that they are different species and she is wayyy older than him.

    L-elf is truly a man’s man. The guy didn’t think he was good enough for her, thought she would laugh at him, and that they had only known each other for less than an hour’s time total, and yet he confessed his love all the same. He has dedicated his life to this woman, and was willing to throw it down in order to protect her. And he didn’t even care what her response was. He would love her all the same.

    Haruto has known Shoko for how long? And still hasn’t gotten that confession out? Kyuma never got the courage to confess to Aina until after she was dead. Satomi tried to start something with Takahi but that went nowhere. And I’m not going to even mention Haruto and Saki….
    Haruto should learn how to truly love a lady from L-elf’s example, no matter which girl he gets with, he’s still got some learning to do.

    • Foshizzel says:

      What’s kind of sad, L-elf is the only guy in the series that has had the courage to confess to the woman he loves.


      I’m not going to even mention Haruto and Saki

      Shoko and Haruto is meh for me lately I know Saki isn’t any better, but lets just say if Haruto actually mans up and confesses to Shoko I will support it! Not until then cause hes still a big crybaby…

  7. Highway says:

    At some point in a show, you can get pretty tired of heroic flameouts. Maybe sometime Valvrave should try to do something different, like, oh, maybe, let someone save the day and live? Let’s try something different sometime. It’s not against the laws of the universe for things to work out in a happy ending, even if it’s a temporary one.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I guess the studio wants to put in as much tragedy as possible by using sacrificial characters. And they are turning out to be those with the least screen time in the whole show. It’s a hit or miss gamble depending if they’re likable or not at all.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Welcome to Sunrise! They hardly ever have any happy go lucky endings for the most part and I can only think about Gundam AGE for actually having a “good” ending, but I do agree it wouldn’t really kill them to have someone SAVE the day without a mindless sacrifice…

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Ack, so much feels again! As if I wasn’t already vulnerable after watching episode 339 of Naruto Shippuden this week when Itachi undid the Reanimation Jutsu and told Sasuke the truth before fading away completely. This is too much!

    Whoa, a lot of sympathies to L-Elf losing his girl right after meeting up with her again after three years. And all the effort it took to get to her was insult to injury. He won’t want to show it but the emotional damage is going to be severe. Hopefully, Haruto will learn from this and confess to Shouko, something that is long overdue. He did contradict himself telling Lieselotte she and L-Elf can still be together though she’s not human when he backed off from telling Shouko how he feels about her because he considered himself a monster.

    If we take what Lieselotte said about her race being one without a physical form and what Haruto’s father intended when he said he wanted to create a new life form, then it means Haruto and the other pilots are the successors, being Magius with bodies of their own. There is one thing unanswered. If the Magius are shapeless beings to begin with and have to possess to do anything physical, how did they manage to control a ship at all for them to crash land on Earth?

    • Irenesharda says:

      I think Lise mentioned that Haruto is like them but made artificially. His father was trying to make a superior human being, but instead made a subspecies of Magius. I think that the Magius probably built that ship to be able to pilot it without a body. However looking at Pino and Prue, they look like they do sometimes have a natural form.

    • Foshizzel says:

      L-elf isn’t allowed to be happy EVER it seems and that totally blows T________T

  9. sadakups says:

    That Saki sushi roll.

  10. zztop says:

    And at that moment, L-11’s heart and brain could be heard shattering into a million pieces…

    Valvrave writers, you cruel, cruel bastards.

    • d-LaN says:

      Considering this is Okuchi we are talking about….

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hmmm… At the back of my mind, I was thinking “Who’s been letting Urobuchi in lately?”.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Urobuchi he is not but damn close!

          • Kyokai says:

            Urobutcher can inspire anyone. 😉

            • d-LaN says:

              True dat. The author of the upcoming Black Bullet anime is also said to be inspired by Nitro+/Urobuchi works and it certainly shows in the LN.

            • Kyokai says:

              I love the world even more when it’s coloured by Urobutchery brand of despair~~~ :3

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