Kakumeiki Valvrave – 17

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Cain-“Yo dawg wanna get high with me?”               H-nuen-“……..”

 Welcome back to more Valvrave on Metanorn and I saw the results of the poll from the last review has both Saki and Haruto tied with fifteen votes each and the random student with ten, but I think it is safe to say that the voters are correct on who should suffer next.


Runes for everyone!

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X-eins and H-nuen share some bro bonding.

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Craaawling in my skinnnnnnnn~

After the “death” of Marie (I still don’t think she died but in a coma but whatever) I know some characters said that she died even though they are hanging onto her body? I mean I know they haven’t exactly had time to morn for her because they are technically in enemy territory. So what was the episode about? For the most part this episode focused a lot on the Dorssian side of things with H-nuen running a solo mission to assassinate Cain and the whole reveal that the Magus were trying to do some ceremony? What was up with that? Why were there like eight guys waiting to hijack just one body; however the true target was X-eins instead because he was summoned by Cain to meet with him later that night. I get the impression that all the guys on L-Elf’s former team will also meet the same fate as X-eins as in waiting around for the other Magus characters to jump into their bodies and it was also revealed this week that Cain has been running his own rune harvesting factory by using random peoples memories as “fuel” but for what? I think he needs a massive stockpile of power for his new machines that he is currently building. So what about Haruto this week? Aside from being scared to pilot the Valvrave because he was told the longer he continues to fight eventually he will suffer the same fate as Marie one day. I guess one of my theories as right, but since he is the main character of the series I can’t really see it affecting him until the final boss fight against Cain and if anyone is going to die in the end it will probably be either Haruto or L-Elf! Before I wrap this up what did Cain mean by we need to find a new food supply and what planet was that Magus ship headed too!? I guess that is the Magus homeworld? Damn things are continuing to get interesting.

Extra Valvrave fun

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Cain you really are a sick bastard!

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H-nuen is not a fan of  practical jokes.

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This is how the Magus throw down on a Saturday night.

Who's body would you take over if you could?!

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Is that Haruto’s dad or something?


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16 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave – 17”

  1. millia says:

    wasn’t that ship heading to the moon tho? like they’re gunna harvest the module 77 kids and the moon inhabitants even if that’s neutral ground? i mean that’d make for a lot of drama.

    • Irenesharda says:

      Yeah, the Magius are headed for the moon. And Shoko is one of the last to even know anything is up too.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh right da moon! Still seems like an odd moon though…

      • zztop says:

        The Moon is a neutral territory with several residential modules present, plus the recent Sakimori module.

  2. Irenesharda says:

    Well, that was a lot revealed in one episode.

    So we have confirmed that the Magius live from body to body by transferring their consciousness and permanently jacking their victim. Weirdly, the bodies they jack don’t seem to age physically(Cain looks no older than his younger self, despite that scene being 12 years ago, and he became a Magius 10 years ago.), so do they change bodies because they want to keep their cover? Or because something is going on on the inside of the body that breaks down and that’s why they have to change from body to body?

    In a way, I was a little disappointed to find that Cain has a victim of the “invasion of the body snatchers” disease. He seemed like a really cool guy. Now, he’s still cool, but to a lesser degree. However, what they heck happened to H-neun? I know he gave a signal out using his earring and the only person I can think that he would signal is Kriemhild. However, it looks like she gets there too late. Also, from the way it sounded, Kriemhild has her own secret organization as well? Is she a royalist? We see 4 Kirschbaum’s out fighting with Cain in the ED, so H-neun has to be in one of them. My guess is that H-neun got taken over too.

    With the JIORians, we find out that for now Marie is definitely dead. It seems her death was caused by a continual drainage of runes over the three year period she was a test pilot and then this last time was the clincher. Actually from the way it looks with the team, it’s that as long as they don’t pilot the Valvraves, they have immortal life, however the more they pilot, the more the machines drain them of life force aka runes.

    Interestingly, we learn that JIOR captured Pino and trapped her in the engine of VVV1 so that they could use her as a conduit to use runes as an energy source. I can definitely see why Prue is kind of pissed at that. The Valvrave is draining runes to use as energy, not Pino, though she consumes a small amount as food. Prue and Pino seem to have very close association with the Magius, and they might just be Magius themselves. We have yet to see the space vampires true form, but I’m guessing they were humanoid. Haruto and his fellow pilots seem to be specialized Magius, since they are humans that have literally been transformed biochemically into Magius, rather than simply the natural born alien species that takes over human bodies. This is probably why they in the future call their particular subspecies Kamitsuki, a sort of specialized form of Magius. Interestingly, this episode also reveals that Haruto has the triple V symbol on his skin as well, on his chest. This makes me think that perhaps the others have it as well, but they just don’t acknowledge it.

    That JIOR scientist with the mustache we’ve seen before in Marie’s flashbacks. I’m getting the feeling that’s Haruto’s dad. They don’t really look alike, but Sunrise is full of kids who don’t look like their parents, or at least a lot of sons look more like their mothers than their fathers. He doesn’t look particularly trustworthy either.

    We see Haruto have a mental crisis after learning that he could suffer Marie’s fate, and at the same time, L-elf finds that Pino finds him distasteful. This disappoints L-elf since he knows Haruto is useless, and it make him feel powerless. I don’t know, but I have a feeling L-elf will become a pilot, and if sweet Pino won’t take him, angry Prue might not be so picky…

    I find it hilarious that L-elf was so underhanded that he manipulated all the pilots off the ship so that he could create new pilots and make an immortal army. He’s perfectly willing to dump Haruto as pilot and damn all the students to immortal lives if it’s for the greater good. However, thankfully, Haruto decided to man up and not turn a blind eye to what was going on any longer. He decided to at least be half the person Marie was and go out there without any regret even if it costs him his life, which is what I think it may end up taking.
    We know that some of the other students will become Magius as well. Will L-elf actually get that immortal army he was alluding to? We’ll have to see how this whole Third Galactic Reich gets started to see what happens with that.

    Speaking of Reich, poor H-neun really came in there unprepared, and X-eins still doesn’t know what’s going on. However, I have a feeling that if anyone defeats Cain, it will be X-1 if he finds out that an alien being took over his beloved colonel and killed/jacked his best friend, there will be Hell to pay.However, what is this ceremony that the Magius are planning? It can’t just be moving from one body to the next, since they didn’t need to prepare any vats of runes for that. What are they planning? Why do they need so many runes? Also, what did happen there that night with the attacking ships? It was kind of hard to follow what was going on with the fight going on outside. It also looks like the Neo Jior is going to be attacked by the Magius in a cloaked vessel. And unfortunately, there’s nothing there to protect them, and L-elf and Haruto don’t even know about the Magius yet, let alone the dangers they pose.

    It looks like L-elf stored Akira and Saki’s bodies on the transport ship is some offscreen way, though he logically had no time to do that, so….yeah Sunrise, just kinda rushed past that one huh? Also, I guess you’re never going to explain how you disposed of the remaining crew that got locked in off the ship, or what the heck happened to the girl whose body Akira took over? No? Nothing? Okay, fine.

    Poor Saki got almost forgotten in this episode. It took Yusuke and friends, of all people, to finally bring her up. Where were you on that Haruto?
    She’s still with A-drei, who is being pretty princely at the moment. Hey, I’m all for those two being together. Though it looks like Akira and Raizou are going out to get her, though I don’t know how long that’ll take. I’d actually support a romance between those two as well. There is nothing like having a “yankee” bad boy boyfriend to bring a timid girl out of her shell. ^_^

    Well, they covered a huge chuck of information this week, and it looks like we’ll get even more backstory next week.

    I give this episode a 8/10. Not the same heart-beating-out-of-your-chest action and twists of the last couple of weeks, but still really good, if just for the new information being presented.

    • Foshizzel says:

      So we have confirmed that the Magius live from body to body by transferring their consciousness and permanently jacking their victim

      Yep! That is what I assume happened to Cain’s original body and we have Amadeus from the start of the new season.

      Marie is definitely dead

      Yeah I dunno ill continue to think of it as a coma but at the same time if she is dead ah well shes just a side character in the end even though I liked whenever she was around.

      poor H-neun really came in there unprepared

      HE GOT SO OWNED and now the others are out of the loop as to what Cain really is unless Kriemhild steps up? I still have no idea if she knows what Cain really is >.>

      Poor Saki got almost forgotten in this episode

      hahah I know right?! ill be honest I kind of forgot about her too…

      • d-LaN says:

        Shoko is still being plot-zoned on the moon >_> At least Saki have more relevance as of know.

  3. zztop says:

    “Why were there like eight guys waiting to hijack just one body; however the true target was X-eins instead …”

    I think it was more like one Magius for one body. X-1 was going to become the new host body for the old Magius with the mustache who wanted ‘a young intelluctual’.
    The other Magius were there to help finalise the transfer from the old body to X-1, and the one Rune container was probably to help finalise the transfer. Recall ep 13 when the Magius Council did the ritual to turn the Fuhrer into a Magius.

    But this confirms a theory I had since ep 13, that the Fuhrer is no longer himself. Rather, Mirko the Magius is currently possessing the Fuhrer.
    Recall the conversation at the end of ep 13, where Cain calls the Fuhrer Mirko, and the Fuhrer tells Cain to call him Fuhrer Amadeus amongst the humans.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I know they wanted to take over X-1’s body it just seemed strange that there was eight guys in the room waiting for one guy? I guess maybe they would have to see who is compatible for his body? LOL

  4. zztop says:

    Will anyone here be attending the Anime Festival Asia in Singapore this week? I hear all the OP and ED singers for Valvrave, including TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki will be performing live, and the voice actors for Haruto and L-11 will be in attendance as well.

    Your team roll says one of your members, Miyu, is a Singaporean, so perhaps she might be atttending?

  5. MgMaster says:

    R.I.P. Kriemhild & H-Neun OTP.Or maybe not…ah,who am I kidding,Valvrare loves to kill off it’s likeable characters so if he’s not toast yet,he will be soon.

    On a side note,did anyone expect anyone else but Kriemhild to dominate that poll?I mean,that body would be useful in more ways than one…

    • BlackBriar says:

      I didn’t expect it and I chose her on a whim myself. Well, Kriemhild is a high ranking Dorssian soldier like Cain so there would be plenty of benefits hijacking her body to further some plans. And I’m sure Cain will find out or has already found out she’s been helping H-Neun out. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Foshizzel says:

      R.I.P. Kriemhild & H-Neun OTP

      SO TRUE! Nooooooooo!!

      Yeah shes quite the looker I guess that helps for certain things ahaha

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Got to hand it to Sunrise, things grow more ominous every episode of this series. L-Elf is handy when it comes to knocking some sense into our otherwise self centered protagonist Haruto. It’s a war so it’s not just him being involved.

    I feel sorry for H-Neun. Given his attitude, the way he looks and the situation he was in, he’s no better off than Psycho-Pass’ Kagari. Wrong place at the wrong time. But it was honestly a bad idea going in alone. That’s an automatic death flag.

    L-Elf’s flashback while talking to Haruto only confirms what I thought in the first half of the series, that he wanted the Valvrave to save the princess Lieselotte whom I’m sure is already a Magius after that scene last episode of her going into a machine that had the same red symbol as the “Phantom” submarine. I wonder if he’d still accept her if it’s the case.

    The quantity of Runes in the submarine was insanely large for one ceremony and it’s probably more than enough if it’s to fuel the Valvrave copies Cain is creating, so I’m sure it’s meant for something else. No doubt they’re heading to the moon but something is telling me it’s about increasing their numbers as much harvesting more Runes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sunrise is the master of being sneaky and killing off cool characters! -shake fist- damn them for Marie T____T

      Agreed I feel bad for H-nuen! He was just trying to do the right thing and got owned before he could expose Cain’s secret! Wow he got owned fast.

      RIGHT! L-elf wanted to be the Valvrave pilot but things did not work out for him.


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