IS: Infinite Stratos 2 – 05

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This harem is getting intense!

 Welcome back to another fun week of harem stuffs! This week we have myself, Highway, Lvlln and Jrow sneaks in for a quick second!


Extra harem fun

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Fox girls are in this season!

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Cecilia’s face is looking a bit  crazy…

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So many prizes to win!

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Ichika-“Worst birthday party ever.”

Extra pics

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Charles themed episode next time?


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16 Responses to “IS: Infinite Stratos 2 – 05”

  1. Highway says:

    I wish this show would figure out what it’s trying to do. Right now the only impression I get of the Series Director is this:

    “Well, there we go, got finished with Samurai Brides. Now on to Infinite Stratos 2!”

    There’s just no coherence in this show at all! I mean, a fanservice episode is fine, but it keeps hinting at some sort of plot or conspiracy or enemy group, but only for like 5 minutes a time. Then it’s back to Idiot Ichika.

    I honestly think part of the problem is that the harem is too big in this show. 5 Main girls who are attention hogs, plus the onee-san that the MC is stuck on, plus the OverPowered Seitokaichou who shoves everyone else aside, plus the teaching assistant who can’t decide which Orimura she likes. When the show focuses on situations where it’s Ichika + 1 girl vs All the other girls, that kind of works, as it can rotate the girls through for development. But when it tries to give every girl a turn in a particular situation, it just bogs down severely.

    And this is the same problem that Samurai Brides had, imo. First season, there were 3 girls. Second season, that exploded to like 8, including a monkey.

    It’s almost unfair to compare it to DxD, which is as good as IS is bad, but in DxD, there are obvious levels of harem: Rias above all, Asia and Akeno second tier, Xenovia and someone else 3rd tier, and then a bunch of people who think the Oppai Dragon is super cool. And it takes until the 4th LN to even get to having Akeno and Xenovia interested. I’m on LN 9 now, and this basic dynamic hasn’t changed at all, it’s just intensified, with even more space between the tiers. It just puts these other stories to shame, really. The gold standard is out there, guys, take a look at how it does it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      All 100% true Highway! The story is not the strongest point for IS and I don’t think it will ever change and like you said there are too many girls running for Ichika’s love and personally I would ditch Cecilia, Rin and kick out Chifuru but have her appear in random episodes? I mean she is important…

      I just finished DxD New and yeah that harem is perfect because what only Rias and Akeno are after the MC right? I mean SUREEE Xenovia wanted to get with him but she just wanted a child from him ahaha

      Personally I feel in the world of official harems as of late for me goes DxD > World that god only knows > IS > Samura Bride

      • Highway says:

        The thing is, there is a serviceable story in the IS LN’s, they’re just presenting it horribly here. Granted, there’s a lot more you can do in a book that would take a lot of time in an anime, but this adaptation is just failing at getting anything coherent out of the book.

        Don’t forget Asia in DxD, she ultimately wants to marry Issei and live with him forever, but she is somewhat resigned to the idea that Rias owns his heart, so really she’s just trying to keep up with Rias as much as she can.

        The other thing that’s great about DxD is that not only do they have a reason to be in love with Issei because he’s showing growth as a caring person, but he also has intervened in all of their lives in such a way as to cause them to be in love with him. He was Asia’s first friend who didn’t abandon or use her. He saved Rias from her unwanted engagement to Raiser Phenex. He rescued Akeno from her despair and self-hate, by saying that he’d like her even though she was a fallen angel and he hates fallen angels. As you say, Xenovia is kind of a rare case, in that her stated reason is that she just is after him for his dragon-ness and being a strong person (but it’s repeatedly said that he is the *least* strong being ever to become Sekiryuutei there has ever been, but that his mentality towards it makes him the most potentially powerful Sekiryuutei in history). And there are more girls, but I won’t talk about them because if you’re interested, you should read it yourself. The books are so much fun.

  2. Jrow says:

    Cecilia playing pool in that bunny suit, whoa <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    This show might start to become bad for my health. Hot girls cosplaying in scantily clad costumes will be the death of me.

    The best ones going down for me are this:

    Ichika forgets his own birthday each year? Okay, that’s just plain sad and shouldn’t even be possible. He may also be a hopeless siscon.

    The episode was alright but I was put off a bit that the story didn’t stay entirely consistant after what happened last time. The progression is becoming a huge mess.

    • Highway says:

      Ichika in the LN’s is actually worse than this, a moralizing dunderhead, always talking about good nutrition and exercise habits. I guess it’s acceptable that he forgets his birthday because there really wasn’t anyone around to remind him of it.

    • belatkuro says:

      This episode was actually an anime original for the most part. He actually celebrated it properly with all of them, though with none of these shenanigans. The girls actually asked him when his birthday is and he remembers it. He just didn’t bother telling all of them. Houki and Rin kept quiet because they already knew.

      The whole volume 6 was actually skipped here and I doubt they’ll cover them later. The preview also seems to be another anime original as I don’t recognize some of the scenes there. A lot of things happened in that volume but honestly though you won’t miss a thing. I can even tell you what happened there but they might place it later on the off chance they do adapt it.
      The only thing that was retained in this episode from vol6 was Tatenashi wanting to introduce someone when she was flirting here and that encounter with Madoka which happens after Ichika stepped outside from his party.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Tatenashi = WHOAAAA this week <3 dat cat outfit ahaha

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, there’s no way that was fitted for Rin and Tatenashi fit in it. ~Nyaaaaaa~

        • BlackBriar says:

          In her ongoing attempt to steal Ichika from the other girls, it’s more than fitting to call her a thieving cat. 😉

  4. Rathje says:

    Just FYI, the sound is now perma-muted on your YouTube review. Apparently someone decided to crack down on copyrighted material or something.

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