Diabolik Lovers – 08-09


It’s not a party until someone attempts murder.

I had to skip DiaLovers last week due to essay writing and almost had to skip this week for the same reason. Luckily, catch up isn’t that hard. I suppose this is an upside to blogging a 15 minute anime. The sequel game to DiaLovers came out recently too, apparently. My friend who’s in the middle of playing it gave me a short summary of “Yui seems to die a lot” so, uh, I guess I’m looking forward to it (eventually).

Episode 8

First of all, I’d like to make a note that I think I’ve been getting a few names wrong. The more I look at it, the more I’m thinking “Beatrice” is supposed to be romanized as “Beatrix” (because Umineko). Also, I totally got Subaru’s mother’s name wrong. It’s Christa, not Christina. At this point, I’m just glad that I wasn’t calling Cordelia by the name Caroline or something. Honestly. OTL I am so sorry for any confusion.


Finally, we see Cordelia’s passing. There wasn’t much lead up to it, and Ayato is obviously much older than he was in the last flashback we saw, but I guess he just snapped one day and decided to murder his mother. …The game didn’t really give much about this event either other than just showing that it happened. The part they took out about Laito’s er, deep involvement with his mother might have made the balcony scene rather confusing. Without it, Laito looks like more of an asshole I guess, since he killed Cordelia without a reason (she’s only been seen yelling at Ayato and seemed to act okay around her other sons), but honestly, from what we’ve seen: A.) Laito acts like an asshole anyways, and B.) Cordelia taking out her frustrations on Ayato probably said enough about her personality. Plus maybe the scene implied the relationship that it never showed directly since Laito killed his mother, and we know by now that murdering the one you love is how you express affection. …Don’t ask how Kanato managed to light a rain-soaked body on fire. Let’s pretend that it’s part of his vampire powers and that the purple fire was magical (I’ve noticed that the game seems to like making these powers up on the spot).


Kanato then took the ashes and filled his teddy bear with them. …I’m not even joking. That’s what actually happened.

Well Subaru’s involvement with Yui in this episode came out of nowhere. Yui must have been running from the triplets (or something), and suddenly it’s blood sucking time. I guess it wouldn’t be fair if everybody didn’t get one. Subaru is still acting just like his other brothers in using Yui as a personal blood bank. The only difference is that he’s being slightly nicer about the whole thing. He’s giving her a way out of this with proposing that she kill him, but we all know by now that smart life choices aren’t exactly Yui’s forte. It seems extremely unlikely that she’d kill Subaru, no matter how much pain she’s going through (…and honestly, there are better people she could kill with that knife, but you know that she’s not going to go after them either).


Actually, Yui still being rather resistant to all of the brother’s er, ‘advances’ is kind of surprising. In any given route in the games, Yui eventually goes “screw it” and falls in love with one of the brothers. This of course, means that she’ll volunteer herself to give blood, get jealous if the brothers feed from another female, etc. Here, Yui definitely doesn’t seem to love any of them, let alone wanting to living with them.

Episode 9 


So Yui goes on a midnight stroll, runs into Shu, and then decides to tell him her life problems even though he never asked about them. …Right. I’ve said this time and again, but I don’t know how Yui ever expects anything except the response of them forcibly taking her blood. It’s not like she’s ever gotten anything else from them. I guess Shu knew exactly why Yui was sent there (I couldn’t tell you if he knows in the game or not), but as far as I’m aware, no one else other than he and Richter know about what’s happening. …What Richter said about the church and her father was a huge lie though. It may be true in the anime (they might have made it this way to make the whole scenario a bit less terrible), but Yui’s father totally knew what he was doing when he sent her there in the games. He knew about her heart and even about the Sakamaki family in general, since he was some vampire hunter priest who Reiji hired once (…to kill his own mother, but that’s another story). Oh, in saying that though, I guess Yui did have access to all of the memories of the brother’s pasts in the games, like they showed in the anime. …Don’t ask me why, since I highly doubt that Cordelia witnessed all of the conversations that went on in the flashbacks and I have no idea how else Yui could have seen these things. Hooray for convenient dream sequences, I guess.


You might have been able to guess that this would be the outcome, since Kanato mentioned that Cordelia’s heart was gone in the last episode, and the fact that Yui’s heart seems to act up at times. Oh, and I guess all of the mentions of “awakening” that have been thrown out there since the beginning of the series. Yes, Cordelia has slowly been taking over. How is this takeover possible? …Hell if I know, and it’s never explained properly in the games. Magic, I guess. Screw blood types and all of the medical details that heart transplants involve in order to work properly. But the bottom line is that replacing Yui’s heart with Cordelia’s apparently allows Cordelia to take complete control over Yui’s body. You probably have some questions now too, since you’d think that having one’s heart replaced isn’t exactly an easy experience to forget about. When did this happen? Why was Yui unaware that she’s had the heart of a vampire this entire time? How is she even still human? What happened to her old heart? (Actually, the last two were never even answered in the game, so I doubt we’ll ever get answers for those). Well, I can’t guarantee that you’ll like the answers, but they should be on their way.

This is it. This is the plot’s climax, right here. Cordelia’s awakening is pretty much the only real plot that this game has and is the whole reason why Yui is there …and it doesn’t even properly happen in some most of the routes, which is why pretty much everyone who’s ever played the game says that there is hardly any substance to it. Anyways, it was fun to watch in the anime here. I’m really looking forward to the next episode and seeing how the brothers all react to Cordelia’s reawakening because unlike Yui, Cordelia doesn’t take BS from anyone (except maybe Karl, but that’s a different story). Aside from that though, DiaLovers also only has a couple episodes until it’s ending and I’m rather curious as to what kind of conclusion they’ll come up with~.


I hope she goes extreme sadist on all of their asses.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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12 Responses to “Diabolik Lovers – 08-09”

  1. zztop says:

    Hello boys, Mummy’s back!!! (`∀´)Ψ

    • BlackBriar says:

      Just when they thought they were rid of her. The truly bitchy ones are hard to kill.

    • d-LaN says:

      I’d take Mommy Yui over the poor life choices Yui lol.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Either choice is bad. One the one had, you have vile bitchiness and in the other, pure hard headed stubborness.

        • d-LaN says:

          Oh yeah. Forgot abt the “uber b*tch” part XD So i guess I will go for choice #3

          >Call a vampire hunter

          • BlackBriar says:

            Since this vampire is a total bitch, I’m inclined to agree with you. It goes against my title, damn it! 😉

  2. zztop says:

    I read somewhere that nearly all the brothers had some trauma stemming from Cordelia, but I’m still unclear on what Reiji’s trauma was.

    Re the awakening, is that why the church was sending girls to the house, as potential hosts?
    What does the church get out of this arrangement with the vampires, and is Uncle Richter the one who planned the awakening?

    • Karakuri says:

      Uhh, I don’t think Shu, Reiji or Subaru really have Cordelia trauma. Or if they do, I definitely haven’t gotten to that part Show ▼

      …Yui is the only one with Cordelia’s heart and Show ▼

      , so I have no idea. Or at least that’s how it was in the game. I think the thing about the church here was just another thing that the anime plot pulled out of nowhere.

      Richter planned this (lord knows how he knew that this convoluted plan would work) and… I have no idea why the church sends brides. I just assumed that it’s because Karl is extremely powerful/influential/rich, so he set it up with them. I have never heard of the church protesting the deal, so they are probably satisfied with it.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Hahaha!! Really, you’re getting some extreme biting contrasts with the shows you’re blogging, Kara. I wonder which one you like better.

    I knew the way Cordelia was going, it wasn’t going to end well and she was egotistical thinking she’d get any help from the same children she traumatized. You reap what you sow, you tramp!

    So Yui knows her father never intended for this outcome. Much good that information does for her since she’s still being held hostage. It hardly makes a difference. If Yui is a random choice for the awakening as the uncle says, what happened to make her see all those flashbacks and how did Cordelia’s soul end up inside her for to surface the moment the comatose Yui touched that blood stained dress?

    • Karakuri says:

      I… can’t say that I’m really fond of either one really. I like Kojou and Yukina’s relationship better than anything here, but I like DiaLovers as a whole better than StB.

      I don’t think Cordelia knows what empathy is, and she probably never thought that any of her children would go against her. To be fair, if Cordelia wasn’t screwing 8301 other men besides Laito, he probably would have helped her. Kanato… well, he was a lost cause.

      Despite apparently not being the one to send her there, it still doesn’t change the fact that Seiji is a terrible father. I mean, he just kind of ditched Yui and never bothered to check up on her. …And this is where the anime suddenly gains a plot hole. Yui isn’t random. She’s the only one with Cordelia’s heart. Though maybe he just called her a random choice because she gained Cordelia’s heart because she was the only person around at the time.

  4. Namika says:

    Well, that was kinda anticlimactic o-o
    Subaru is really the nicest of the brothers, isn’t he ;w; And when he finally bit her, I thought to myself “Finally, he did it too.” But I kinda got the feeling that he just hugged her, and then bit her out of his tsundere nature. Who knows…

    I think Yui will commit suicide, in the end. That’s the only (more or less) respectable ending I could come up with. And I’m totally fine with it, because right now Yui irritates me to no end. Yes, she has a personality (again – more or less) but she’s an idiot. Imbecile. Why did she try to dump her problems on Shu, when the guy made it clear that he didn’t give a shit? Why? *^*

    I feel like they took all the opportunities they had to make this a respectable anime and just threw it out of the window. Like, srsly. If Yui’s father knew exactly what he was doing, why did they change that in anime? To tone it down or something???? o-o

    • BlackBriar says:

      Why did she try to dump her problems on Shu, when the guy made it clear that he didn’t give a shit?

      It’s like when Shu told her she had a chance to leave but didn’t because of a dangerous sense of curiosity. There’s no denying that Yui can be as stubborn as a mule.

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