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Because not breaking the fence is more important than chasing after the thing that just tried to kill you

Surprise! It’s Miyu blogging this week hehe, I’m glad to be back ♡ Kyokai no Kanata is the show I look forward to every week for my dose of moe moe and pretty artwork, so I’m really happy to be blogging it along with Kyo, Hoshi and Highway! Now, time for some moe action!


So, like I (and possibly many of you!) have guessed, Akihito (I’m just really tempted to call him Akkey now) and Mirai both have pretty grim backstories, from the numerous flashbacks we’ve gotten this episode. They were really short and vague, but what it seems like at this point in time is that both of them have had the common experience of “killing” somebody. Mirai had confessed prettily shakily that she killed someone with her very hands, but I’m guessing that it had to do with something like someone really close to her turning youmu somehow, and her being forced to perform a mercy kill. That would also explain the fear she has against killing youmu despite her clan’s high status, as well as how she had hesitated those seconds before stabbing the bandage youmu. And because of this, she’s condemned herself to a life of loneliness and solidarity so as to not risk hurting anybody else around her.


Aki, on the other hand, seems to be reluctant to spill his past. They’re dropping us hints here and there, with how Mitsuki was talking about how Aki is under her “supervision” – which implies that he’s done something really horrible in the past (even if he hadn’t meant to do it, seeing as to his horrified expression). If it wasn’t for his immortality, I think, Aki would most likely be killed by Mitsuki’s clan by now. Knowing Kyoani, we might get a lovely picture of two characters, both broken in their own ways coming together and helping each other to overcome their past, which could be really sweet (like in chu2koi) if done well.


I also think it’s kind of sad that everyone has the kind of passive-aggressive attitude towards Aki. We got introduced to Mitsuki’s brother (and 3rd member of their lonely Literary Club lol) this episode, and the cool dude he is (ok, if we ignore his waist fetish for Aki – it’s like they’re willing us fujoshis to ship them together), he has that awfully distant attitude towards Aki too. That incident that happened in Aki’s past must have played a big part in everyone being unwilling to trust him full-heartedly. On the surface it seems as if everyone is quite friendly to him, but they still give him warnings and watch him – because even if they wanted to deal with the problem, Aki is immortal and he can’t be killed.


It’s only episode two, but I think we’ve just been introduced to the Last Boss of this show. If Aki’s mother’s message to him didn’t serve as anything more than comedic relief, it did foreshadow the upcoming battle between our characters and Hollow Shadow. It really reminds me of Madoka and  Walpurgis Night, with the whole impending-doom atmosphere. Of course, the fact that Hollow Shadow has already killed lots of other spirit warriors isn’t going to stop our main characters when the time comes, and I just hope that the story wouldn’t turn as horribly depressing as Madoka did. Hollow Shadow probably isn’t going to be expecting an immortal (who knows what more could be up Aki’s sleeve), the last-surviving member of a powerful clan and a whole bunch of other spirit warriors. It’ll be fun watching everybody (despite all their disagreements and ways of life) banding together in an attempt to save the world, especially if Kyoani manages to add something new and refreshing to this cheesy penultimate-enemy boss kind of plot.

I like how we can see the relationship between Aki and Mirai slowly developing! I’m sure that with time, Aki will be able to bring down her walls (and perhaps she, his) and that she will grow to be able to love and be close to the people around her again. I cannot emphasize how much I love the art for this show, Mirai’s messy hair and nerd glasses will be the death of me one day and Aki really makes me want to hug and pat him. Although people have been criticising Mirai for being your typical clumsy, moe female lead, I don’t think she’s gotten to the point where she’s become annoying because she’s certainly not useless. As seen from the fighting scenes this episode, she’s actually pretty good at her job as a spirit warrior and if only she could overcome her fear against killing youmu, I’m sure she’ll be a huge asset in upcoming battles. We’re also getting to know more characters, like humanoid youmu who are actually assisting them, so I think that’s really cool too – Mirai needs to learn that not all youmu are bad either, and that there is so much more to the spirit world that she has tried to avoid all this while. Next week, a different writer will be covering the show so look forward to that!! Can you guess who it’ll be? ^A^


Maji 1000%– oh wait wrong show


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18 Responses to “Kyoukai no Kanata – 02”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    This is getting even better! Unlike Coppelion which simply seems to be getting worse. I’m glad I watched it. We’re learning more and more about this world and how it works and I’m beginning to understand Mirai and Akihito’s characters more.

    I like that all youma aren’t just nameless monsters, but have different types. I also think the older brother character is pretty cool, even as he teases Aki with his shonen-ai laced gestures. I am interested in what Mirai and Akihito’s backstories are, though I can pretty much guess them both based on just the flashbacks seen here. Mirai is such a good fighter, yet seems to be totally clueless elsewhere. I hope they give her more confidence and that she won’t keep trying to push everyone away.

    As for Aki, it’s interesting how the Spirit Warriors, especially Mitsuki and her brother, act as his friends but are more of his watchers. They seem as if they are his wardens making sure he doesn’t act out of line. Especially in that conversation with Hiromi, where he implies that the only reason they haven’t taken Aki down and let him do as he pleases is on the condition that he doesn’t interact or try to help others (I’m guessing using powers we have yet to see.), so I wonder what’s up with that?

    Also, someone on a blog asked a good question: that if being half-youma makes Akihito immortal, wouldn’t that mean that full youma are also immortal? So are they not really killing them, but sealing them? Could this be done to Aki? Also, they say that as long as there are humans, there will be youma…are youma sort of like the hollows in Bleach, where they are angry vengeful spirits of humans or something that can’t let stuff go and so stay on Earth?

    Well, hopefully we’ll get more into that, next time around. I give this episode a 7.9/10.

    • Japaninspired says:

      Oh, ho, Hiroomi didn’t “do” anything so Akki won’t support anyone. They just came to the conclusion that they should do that, Hiroomi only offered it. I think they’ll cover that in the future, maybe. Or not, since I really have no idea what’s going on since they mixed/skipped a bunch of chapters and added things that didn’t happen in the novels, which is pretty awkward, and Hiroomi should have mentioned why they made that promise at that moment on the roof. Well, and if not, I don’t think this is a huge spoiler but, Show ▼

  2. lifesongsoa says:

    I wonder if they will all band together, that is kind of what I expect as well, but I could also see the other spirit warriors becoming antagonist toward the two main characters. If that happens I could also see the protagonist being the true last boss, everyone is walking on eggshells around him. That is probably just to foreshadow the big reveal with his past, but the possibilities are interesting.

  3. Highway says:

    A couple of observations I had.

    1- Aki is apparently treading on dangerous ground with Mirai. Mitsuki tried to warn him nicely in the first episode, but in this one Hiromi was more direct about it. I’m guessing we’ll find out more about his ‘agreement’, but Aki doesn’t seem to particularly care about it. I wonder if Mirai also has an idea about it, and that’s part of why she’s trying to distance herself from Aki?

    2- Two more chances for Aki to be seen eating something, and two more times that he doesn’t. We see Mirai eat, but not Aki. Even when Mirai pays for his food.

    • Japaninspired says:

      About their agreement, if you dont mind a little spoiler, and I dont think it’s that of a big deal, I already typed about it in response to Irenesharda-san, scroll up a bit.

      But there might be a chance that the anime will mention it in a few episodes. Since there was a moment where Akki asked Hiroomi if something that he plans to do break that agreement. But as I said earlier, this anime got the chapters so mixed up that I’m not sure anymore.

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        The anime is doing a lot of original stuff; technically it hasnt been following much of the events in the light novel past the introduction and its been adding plot elements, to which i feel the anime is actually better for it. On a side note, daaaaaaamnnnn, those in-between animations this ep were immaculate.

        • Japaninspired says:

          Oh, a fellow reader? 🙂 I’m glad you notices.

          I don’t know. I really like the anime, and I love the novels.
          I cant really say that the anime is better, but rather, if you had read the novels and now watching the anime, it’s nice too see something that wasnt in the book. And I think it’s better to read the novels first, they supplement each other really well.

          And you understand the characters more after the novel, here the introduction was too fast (or wasnt at all, like with Nino. She just appeared there; and with different circumstances).

          • sonicsenryaku says:

            yea i had a feeling from the pv’s that Nino’s introduction was going to be changed (After all, mirai’s circumstances where changed) but i took it for what it was. Looks like ep 3 is where the fun and games come to a close and the dark stuff kicks in.

  4. CarVac says:

    I think the reason for his mother’s warning could be that Hollow Shadow might turn Akihito evil if he gets too close.

  5. zztop says:

    If Akihito’s mom is…that unique, I wonder what his father’s like…

    Someone on another review site said Aki’s mom was a ‘Christmas cake’, but she doesn’t look like any kind of baked fruit-filled/sponge dessert, covered in icing, served during Dec 25th yearly I’ve ever seen. (?_?)
    Can anyone please explain?

    • Highway says:

      “Christmas Cake” is a derogatory term for a single woman over the age of about 25 – 30. It comes from the reference that Christmas Cakes are in high demand up until Christmas (as in the 25th), and then they can barely give them away after that.

  6. Liza says:

    Akkey, the new member of Starish! 😀

    Other than Akihito’s future as a pop idol, I liked this episode. Mirai definitely had talent when it comes to her blood powers and whatever happened in her past really messed her up. Don’t worry girl, Akihito won’t leave you because you killed someone!

  7. Kyokai says:

    Oh man, I like this MC so much. Maybe some part of it is because he’s voiced by Kenn (he voices Hibito in SpaceBros and I love that series), but most of it is his comedic timing and playing the straight man. His expressions of horror are so adwooable! And for a change, I actually like the girl, even if she’s being all don’t-come-near-me crap. Things are still mysterious and I’m fine with that.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Kenn does have an awesome voice. I recently found out about him as a voice actor when he played Mushibugyou’s Jinbei Tsukishima. He nailed that role with perfection.

  8. skylion says:

    Oh, yeah. This series just tripped it big. It’s good to see that the moe trope has a bit of a reason behind it.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      Agreed; not to mention that the moe is not being thrown in our face as often as it is in their other series’; it’s more of a tribute to the kyoani style. If people have been enjoying the comedic bits mixed in with the story, enjoy it while you can; ep 3(maybe ep 4) will most likely be the last time we see those spliced comedic moments before the hammer drops and they virtually disappear.

  9. BlackBriar says:

    Better than the first episode! I was wondering if Mirai’s blood manipulating abilities only stopped at creating a sword so it’s good to know that it doesn’t. So she can make her blood become acidic as well. That’s an ability one has to be very cautious with so as to not unintentionally kill innocent people since blood easily splashes in all directions.

    With Akihito being half youmu, it isn’t much of a shock that he’d be associating with more of the lot. And what a business they have going for themselves. Doesn’t it seem like an act of treason that dreamshades are appraising their own kind especially for money even if they’re not the exact same categorized species?

    By society’s standards, guys are, so as to save face, obligated to put up a front of strength and self assurance so his reluctance at admit what is tormenting him is to be expected. If he spends more time with Mirai and he will, he’ll start to open up bit by bit. Given his current personality, I’d say whatever horrible thing he may have done was probably accidental, something beyond his control and he unjustly and unfairly has to pay for it with the lifestyle that’s in play. He doesn’t look the type to deliberately take someone’s life.

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