Kuroko no Basuke – 28


Kiyoshi Teppei  shines brighter than Buddha

Finally, a basketball match after two weeks of drama and character introduction? Are ya ready?

Teppei the Iron Heart

Teppei is Seirin’s mystery, but it seems that he’s a mystery no more. Through the match with Josei, we are finally exposed to Teppei’s skill and natural ability. Thankfully, I forgot about everything (except the GoM InterHigh matches) because it was just… Awesome. Who knew that Teppei is actually one of the Generals? Alright, I still remember that part, but the part where he can control the ball easily because of this hand is surprisingly… Logical, in a way. I remember I used to have a hard time at grabbing the ball properly during passes because of my illogically tiny hands, thus one of the reasons why I quit basketball. Anyhow, though it has been hinted with his height and all that, it’s pretty smart of the author to use some of the tiniest details that are barely noticed as one of Teppei’s strongest points. Lesson from this? Even some of the tiniest things in your life can make big changes to it, and Teppei is a perfect example of this.


Of course, the title Iron Heart is not because of his hand but because of his personality. Again, there have been hints that he has a laid-back and calm personality, though it might look silly at certain times. But it should be noticed that some of the intense moments were melted by Teppei’s silly personality. Yep, he is a natural ice-breaker that can calm everyone’s mind easily. Sounds like something trivial, but this kind of things will definitely contribute a lot. A person can think logically when his mind is in peace, and Teppei can bring this peace into a situation easily. Besides, teamwork can be done better too when the situation can be rationalized with the mind. Just with his silly and sometimes stupid personality, Teppei can bring some of the most important things in basketball games to Seirin. With Teppei, it seems that the chance of Seirin winning the InterHigh are higher than before.

Breaking the Miracles


A silly title, but yes, Kagami actually went and did it. To make it clear, the author even visualized it with Kagami forcing an iron door to open. So yeah, finally someone surpassed the ones with Miracle. It should be noted though that Kagami did not “beat” them with some kind of miracle. No. We already have Kagami’s back story, and it gives us enough to know the reason why he’s so talented in basketball. He has been playing basketball since he was small, and his basketball skill develops overtime. Of course, there is also his coach (the person will show up later), but that’s not the point. The point is that his miracle did not appear in a snap. Kagami started as nothing, but he was diligent enough to make basketball a part of his days until now (this can be seen when Kagami jumped too high). This passion of his is what makes him now. A bunch of basketball players who don’t love basketball (though some change) is going to be beaten by a fiery basketball player who started as nothing. Oh, the irony.

However, Kagami’s ability becomes a concern as well. He will surpass the Generation of Miracles, making him one of the new Miracle. When this happens, will he develop the same trait as those of GoM’s? Will he hate basketball because nobody will be able to beat him, or will he stops playing so often because he knows he will win? Or will he become none of that and will still be the same old Kagami? Right now, nobody knows. We, at least I, can only cross my finger and hope that Kagami won’t change, unlike the Generation of Miracles.

Extra Iron Balls:

Show ▼

Welp, that did not turn out like how I expected it to be. I wanted it to be more intense and jaw-dropping, but it turned out to be plain and boring. The match, I mean. Somehow the match with Josei is more intense in the manga, but it’s probably because it’s from the manga. Oh well, it’s not that big of a problem. The match with Josei allows the audience to see Teppei’s true skill and role. I really like direct exposure the audience went through when the others explain his role. With that exposure, even we the audience don’t need that much explanation and can understand the ability since we’ve already seen and “felt” it. Though Josei really got slapped in the face just for the sake of Teppei’s introduction, I think the episode did a great job at showing his skill and special role.

The highlight, however, has got to be Kagami. He literally opened the “door” into “miracle” by force, an obvious sign by the author showing that this badass will beat those over-talented bishies. Though the representation of Kagami’s big role is simple, it was placed at such a perfect scene (where Kagami finally shows his true power). Because of that, it left such a deep impression on me. In addition to Kagami’s fiery state when he opened the door, of course. It was just impressive. I really like how the episode and every thing build up just for this Kagami scene. Though the animation of this episode was a bit off, the story-telling and all did a great job at helping me to forget the disappointing animation for this episode’s match. Though it’s understandable since the studio is investing on bigger matches. At least, I hope everybody think like this too. Do you?

By the way, I’m guessing that the storm is Murasakibara. I also just realized that Akashi’s eye in the OP is filled with fire, and the scene shakes. Interesting.

Preview: It seems that next week will be focused on other matches? Oh, and next week’s episode will be late.


Me gusta Daisuke Ono characters that play with balls


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7 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 28”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Damn it, all these glimpses of Akashi are killing me. GIVE HIM SOME SCREEN TIME ALREADY! Though, I liked Tappei’s role (if you have seen Saint Young Men, your quote about Buddha actually makes sense ;)), finally defined and Kagami doing his thing.

    • Karakuri says:

      Or at least give Akashi some lines! Let Kamiyan speak!! xD

      • Kyokai says:

        I know right? The moment he appeared this episode, I was like, he will speak but damn it that smile and shogi pieces. ><

    • anaaga says:

      The only thing I remember the most in Saint Young Men is that cat scene pffftttt.
      Have you read the manga? Akashi will have the most intense first scene EVER

      • Kyokai says:

        I haven’t read the manga as I didn’t want to be spoiled. Well, at least till the events covered in S2. For curiosity’s sake, did the adaptation leave out anything from manga?

  2. belatkuro says:

    This wasn’t much of a match in the manga since it was pretty much one-sided for Seirin so it probably didn’t need the extra intensity…and animation. I noticed some derpy shots at some parts, like that cross-eyed Kuroko. They’re probably saving for the bigger matches, like the next one.
    The three Onos(Yuuki, Kensho and Daisuke) face off again.
    And I can’t believe they got Kakihara Tetsuya and Hiyama Noboyuki to play those players in Josei. The amount of big seiyuu names in this show continue to please me. Can’t wait for FukuJun’s character to appear as well.

    That “disturbance in the force” with Kagami and the GoM was pretty cheesy but it made its point I guess.
    And longer haired Riko is fine too.

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