First Impressions – Meganebu!

No megane, no life!

ME.GA.NE! I’m not really here for the megane but for the bishies. An hey, it turned out that one of my favorite directors is directing this anime. So what’s the harm in that? Maybe I’ll get infected with Kara’s megane fetish if I watch this anime. Who knows~
I think I’ve been waiting my whole life for this anime, and I’ve just never known it. Yes, I have a rather bad case of glasses 萌え, which is more than enough to get me to watch this anime, even without the awesome seiyuu cast and the fact that DEEN has been making improvements lately. My title on Metanorn has never felt more appropriate.

Yaoi + Megane = Perfect Combination


BL-vision glasses not necessary.

I might have been taken aback with the story in a way, but I am totally welcoming the relationship chart in Meganebu. The characters have been introduced properly, and I can immediately see the chemistry among the characters. The most notable relationship has got to be the “love triangle” among Hayato, Mitsuki, and Akira – Mitsuki as the the kouhai with a big crush, Akira as the oblivious senpai, and Akira as the kouhai Mistuki sees as the rival. Mitsuki and Akira might be fighting for Akira’s attention, and Akira might give it to them, but is it a genuine attention, really? After all, Akira is pretty devoted to his little brother (whos name I still can’t remember, so I’ll call him Souma). The intimacy between Akira and Souma can be clearly seen when Akira spent his time talking for the whole night with Souma, forgetting his worldly needs such as eating an showering. All for talking with Souma, and it’s about trivial thing named megane. And see how Souma leans to Akira without any doubt whatsoever? Gosh, the chemistry between Akira and Souma is just too right to be true /fangirl squeal/… Alright, the director might have slipped all the yaoi hints on purpose, and I have taken the bait. But I don’t care since I’m loving all the bromance and yaoi in this anime. After all, what’s this anime about except megane and yaoi?

For the Glory of Glasses!


There is no plot, only megane.

…No, seriously, I don’t know how they’re going to make a plot out of this nonsense. These characters seem to live in their own little world where glasses are the centre of the universe and everything they do revolves around them. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a school vision test (or at least, on outside of the school physicals that happen). It’s extremely plot-convenient that this school had one. Where else would they find a use for X-ray glasses in an entirely male school (even if there weren’t any females to be seen)? I wonder if the entire thing will revolve in some glasses related incident in every single episode. Will they be able to pull it off? The characters aren’t completely stupid, considering that in a miracle, they did manage to make a pair of X-ray glasses, but the idiocy seemed to far outweigh the genius. Which is to be expected, coming from a comedy anime. Plus the entire thing wasn’t that well thought out. Yeah, they had X-ray glasses with the full intent of seeing people naked, but, uh, there are far more males in the school. More than likely, they probably would have seen things they’d probably rather not see (or maybe not, since this seems to have some BL to it). …Though is this really as gay as it seems? The character’s main goal here (or at least, for Akira and maybe Yukiya; the kouhai are questionable and Takuma’s only ambition in life seems to be eating cream puffs) was to see a hot naked woman. That… doesn’t seem very yaoi-ish. Though I did read somewhere that the uke was supposed to be the ‘normal’ one (though this was also in a comedy, so who even knows). I don’t even know if Akira would be considered an uke. OH WELL. Long story short: glasses are life.


Gurren Lagann was only the beginning of glasses-wearing robots. 

To be honest, I was confused when I read the synopsis of the plot, and I still am until now. Basically, it’s about a bunch of guys who like glasses, right? And… What? Honestly, I see no future for the lot of this anime. Sure, the first episode delivered with megane who that can see through anything, but then what’s going to happen in episode two? Though the first episode is appealing (in a way), the director will have to try harder, plot-wise, to keep the interest of the audience. Thankfully, the diversity of the characters contribute to the entertaining aspect of the anime. The characters might have different personalities and odd traits, but all of them are packed perfectly to the point where they harmonize with each other.

With the exception of the plot, I think everything about this anime is great. As I have mentioned before in the Fall Preview, Yamamoto Soubi is one of my favorite directors that need more recognition. For those who wonders whether DEEN is taking the SHAFT way, don’t worry because that’s the original style of Yamamoto Soubi. All her other works have the same style as Meganebu’s, full of colors and unique aspects that can be enjoyed greatly without having the need to be animated (her other works have great plots too, so WATCH THEM). So no, DEEN is not going down the SHAFT path. It’s just Yamamoto Soubi. Also, her style is perfect for low-budget anime such as Meganebu. I mean, just look at the animation of it, there’s no way DEEN invested lots of money in this anime. And yet the animation and style Yamamoto Soubi poured in this anime is fresh, colorful, and entertaining – something that will always go back to Meganebu every week. All you need is ME.GA.NE.

So yeah, there’s absolutely nothing intelligent here. At all. This takes place in a world where glasses are everything, and that’s the plot. But regardless of that, this was the only most glorious glasses-related anime that I’ve ever seen. The art style was something I’d expect out of SHAFT instead of DEEN, but I guess like anaaga said above, it’s due to the director more than anything. You know what, I can live with that. The bright colours and style in this anime is pretty great, and I imagine that this would be SO much more boring if the style was done differently. Even I have to admit, watching 5 guys talk about glasses for 20 minutes would be extremely difficult to sit through if there wasn’t something interesting going on visually. I’m not expecting anything deep and meaningful in this anime, but that is totally okay with me. If I can blog UtaPri, this should be easy.



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44 Responses to “First Impressions – Meganebu!”

  1. skylion says:

    If Kill la Kill takes sakuga and battle anime up to 11, then Meganebu takes glasses and yaoi fetish up to…well, I think this idiot five man band just broke the machine, and the dial exploded.

    Absolute, utter and complete shameless, yet glorious, garbage. I had to watch it, just to do my “sample it all” approach, but my brain nearly jumped out of my head half way into the show and destroyed my HD screen to save our collective sanity. Nearly, I keep it tightly reigned in.

    While it does have a unique and creative approach, I don’t think I’m game. But it was kinda fun while it lasted.

    • Karakuri says:

      A fitting image, when compared to all that was accomplished during the episode. …An explosion and not much else. Though I’m perfectly okay with that. xD

      At least you tried~

      • skylion says:

        I may, if the day proves to be less busy, dive into the second episode, just for gits and shiggles.

    • Namika says:

      Absolute, utter and complete shameless, yet glorious, garbage.

      Well said! 😀

  2. Liza says:

    I have no idea what this show is. ._. Like, I knew it was about glasses but I was not expecting…this. I have no idea where this show is going to go. Is it a slice of life with glasses as the main focus? Or are the guys going to have more antics? Will there be some kind of plot in the future!?

    I’ll stick with this for now but it isn’t capturing me like Free did.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well, the premise was pretty vague, aside from saying that this was about glasses. …And indeed, this was about glasses.

      Ahahaha I think the huge difference between this and Free! was that Free! actually had a plot.

    • Namika says:

      Well, I think Meganebu is quite different from free. Less cuteness, flat-out bishiness and well…. nearly non-existent plot.

  3. Highway says:

    At 5 minutes in, I was reaching for the mouse to turn this off, and said “No! I’ll give it more of a chance.”

    At 10 minutes and 18 seconds it was off.

    Just so dumb. Dumb Dumb Dumb. I couldn’t take it. I mean, I can get behind a plot for X-ray glasses. But there were no women!!!! If the point of X-ray glasses is to ogle girls, then show some dang girls!

    Did they really stick with that stupid-ass ‘plot’ through the whole first episode?

    • skylion says:

      Sir, Dumb-asses have much better things to do with the time given them.

    • Karakuri says:

      Be honest Highway. Would this be better for you if it was gender swapped? xD

      • skylion says:

        The reverse Bechtel Test?

        • Kyokai says:

          Moe girls doing cute things (taking showers, changing room shenanigans, etc.), while inventing glasses to see bishies’ ripped muscles (a la Free!)? Dude, people will fund this and watch too. 😛

          • skylion says:

            I’m trying too think of a show, other than Free! that has more males than females…

            • Kyokai says:

              Kimi to Boku, Uraboku, Prince of Tennis, Oofuri, etc. etc. 😀

            • Highway says:

              Of ones I’ve watched: Brothers Conflict, Arcana Famiglia, Chihayafuru, Danshi Koukousei… Just off the top of my head. I’m not allergic to guys in shows, even being the main characters.

              I don’t know if I could watch a cute girls show that looked like this, tho. Heck, at least 2 of the guys had me wondering if they were girls.

            • Karakuri says:

              Any given BL-ish anime? Tight rope, Hatsukoi, Meine Liebe, Boku no Pico, etc?

            • skylion says:

              I survived the Boku no Pico challenge. I was stunned…

            • Kyokai says:

              There’s a MAL award called ‘feels good man’ on watching all Pico. I commend your anime appetite. 😀

            • Karakuri says:

              Boku no Pico was good for both scarring me for life, and giving me the realization that there are some anime that are more terrible than I once thought possible.

            • skylion says:

              I found it no more or no less appealing or unappealing than any other sort of hentai. They boys relationships were just as contrived as any other hentai, but had a hint of honesty to keep it within the realm of fantasy relationships. I mean, they really liked each other…quite a bit. Besides, hot mosaic action is hot mosaic action…

            • Highway says:

              The only thing I’ve watched with “Hatsukoi” in the name is Hatsukoi Limited, which is DEFINITELY not BL. Perhaps it’s the most convoluted relationship tree ever in anime, tho. Spoilers for the show in that chart.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I agree with you! 😀

      I had really thought that this show would fill my Free! void. But no, I couldn’t be more wrong. This series was so boring. It made no sense and the characters were so flat, I expected the show to be paper. There was no character depth at all.

      Oh well, I was thinking of giving this show one more episode, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe not. I have three shows that are seriously in drop territory, and this was one of them.

      • skylion says:

        I didn’t find it boring. Just the the exposition was just there for the sake of..this thing called meganebu, which is so nonsensical….

      • Irenesharda says:

        Well…maybe I should have said that I agree, but for different reasons. 😛 I don’t care that there’s no girls, but it’s the story that’s boring and the humor that falls flat that is making me want to drop it even before I get to the 3 episode trial level.

  4. Kyokai says:

    This one came out of the left field. I mean, whoa, man, talk about megane-fetish but I’m down for this silliness!

  5. Highway says:

    Looking at the images above, I realized what it is I really disliked about the way this show looked.

    It’s in CGA colors!!!! Horrible horrible color palettes.

    • skylion says:

      Cheap ass SHAFT is Cheap ASS.

      • d-LaN says:

        I dunno, it works as well as SL/SHAFT show to me.

        Spammy! RETURN MY POST!

    • Namika says:

      Aaaaw, stop hating this show so much 😀 It’s crap, but it’s kinda fun as well 😀

      • Highway says:

        Sorry, I didn’t find any ‘kinda fun’ about it. For me, Brothers Conflict was crap but fun, or InuHasa was crap but fun.

        I’ve only turned off one other show in the middle of the first episode, Manyuu Hikenchou. This one was bad enough to turn off in the middle of the first episode. No fun, just crap for me.

  6. Namika says:

    Okay, this show was really strange. At first I wasn’t thrilled about it, didn’t like how they showed people other than the main cast and so on. But towards the end of the episode I actually got a hang of it. The humor is strange, clumsy and fanservice-y, and yet that forced fanservise was what sold that “wind resistance” scene 😀 It was so stupid, but so glorious 😀

    I say yes to this anime, wholeheartedly. Because it’s like nothing I have watched before, and, well, MEGANE. It’s gonna be fun. I just hope this humor won’t get too annoying and repetitive.

  7. d-LaN says:

    BEST COMEDY OF THE SEASON (so far). This and KlK make me laugh pretty hard.

    And wow, is this really DEEN!? this looks more like a SHAFT/Silver Link show @_@

    • Namika says:

      Yeah, compared to DEEN’s other stuff I’ve seen, this is radically different.

  8. Yes! Haha, I agree, Akira is too adorable, he can be shipped to MOST characters …

    Anyhoo, I will anticipate the rest of the episodes, hopefully, the comedy and randomness will not be left out.

    Also, I pray that they will FINALLY finish the X-ray glasses.. I mean, really. That would be a REALLY nice ending.

    Heart-wrenching, the ghost episode was. I felt my tears roll down my cheeks while watching the episode to the end.

    Last but not least, I strongly agree:

    “No megane, no life!”

    Haha, I’m a proud otamegane (otaku + megane), and without my glasses, or contact lenses the least, life for me would be very difficult.

    These guys are SOOO passionate about their glasses, I bet when they see my pair (a bit wonky, and has lots of scratches, like Takuma’s glasses in episode 4), they’re gonna throw a fit.

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