First Impressions – Gundam Build Fighters

Fight on!

After the whole mess with AGE I really thought we were finally done with this series for good! Just kidding the world of Gundam will be around forever and ever, but I just have one question! Can this series re-energize the diehard fans and will it purge our memories of AGE? I certainly hope so right Anaaga?


So last time I watched the combination of Gundam and little kids, it wasn’t a good combination. Now let’s see whether Sunrise can fix this pessimistic view of mine. Though really, I’m just killing time waiting for Unicorn and Origin.


A great mix of old and new

gundam builders (5)

Wing zero reporting for duty!

I have to hand it to Sunrise for finally making a Gundam series about the actual model kits! It only took them a few years, but if you think about it technically every Gundam series is there to push the toys just like what PreCure does for the girls. Besides the obvious stabs at a twenty-four minute commercial it was great watching the actual fighting portions of the episode along with the shout outs to both the old school and new school fans by showing off different Gundams like the original, Unicorn, wing zero, Strike Freedom, Exia and Victory. I know I probably missed a lot from the list that were actually shown, but there are just so many suits to cover! So let’s talk about the battle system which was a lot like Angelic Layer only higher in the tech? I did enjoy how the toys actually took damage after the fights finished and I assume since the kids are not really piloting these machines they should be free of death or is the game simply a cover for a real threat later on? Personally I don’t want some damn surprise war to magically happen forcing all these kids to fight in a real war. Now that I am actually thinking about it I could actually see that playing out in this series or am I just expecting too much? The only thing I have left to say is what the hell is Renji? Is he really a Newtype or maybe he is just from the future and what happened to Sei’s dad? I really hope he did not die in some war, but at least these are fun questions to keep in mind while waiting until the next episode.

Bread is Friendship

gundam builders (1)

Bromance or special friendship?

Paying less than five dollars for someone’s bread, such a simple and meaningless gesture for many, and yet so precious for one. Yep, this simple gesture is the start of bloming friendship between Sei and Reiji. It’s so silly yet cute, plain yet meaningful. When Reiji gave said something about how every debt should be paid back whatsoever, it made me wonder about my own attitude. Reiji, an anime character that is totally fictional, takes every single thing Sei does seriously. And me? I took my friends’ breads without even saying thank you. I am so ashamed of myself. Anyhow, the friendship started off interestingly. With such a simple bread, Sei changed his life completely. I have a feeling that this unique friendship will be even more unique and fun. And lesson from this anime? Always pay for someone’s bread.

Extra gundam fun

gundam builders (4)

Seji-“Yeah I murdered Kira and stole his Freedom Gundam what of it?”

gundam builders (6)

Reji x Anaaga

gundam builders (7)

Free food is always the best kind.

gundam builders (2)

This is going to be a fun Gundam series!

End thoughts

This certainly is not your average Gundam anime! I just hope the action during the battles continues to look amazing because to be honest that is really the only reason I am watching this series but who knows maybe the characters will surprise me? I was shocked to see how skilled Reji was when he magically appeared to help Sei fight that other lame guy; however I just have to ask HOW the hell did he appear so fast? I guess that was some bro-friendship-power? Either way I want to see these two guys team up and fight together! Before I end my thoughts here I freaking loved the music during the battle parts of the episode which reminded me of Robotic;Notes and guess what? It was the same guy! Mr Hayashi Yuki and one final note beware of the Gundam Builders image boards because you will find a lot of NSFW imagines of Sei’s mom. Anyway what did you like from the episode and are you going to keep watching?

Honestly, I feel nothing at all about this anime. My only favorite part is where they show all the Gunpla, showing a line of old Gundams that made me jizz in my pants. There’s also the shout-outs for the classic Gundam such as Red Comet for the second episode and the old man that has the biggest crush on Sei’s mother named Mr. Ral. I laughed so hard when he uttered Newtype. Speaking of Newtype, I was surprised when that term is going to be used in this anime. It makes me wonder though… What the hell is a Newtype in this new Gundam? Someone who can control the Gunpla Battle control flawlessly? Someone who obviously comes from another planet? This, of course, baffles me because I don’t see the need of having a Newtype in this new anime. Unless… Please don’t tell me that they’re going to switch from Gunpla Battle to other planets trying to invade Eart halfway of the anime. No, jut no. No to that. No to everything in this anime. Although there are many shout-outs for the classic, it’s not enough. This new Gundam needs to improvise on the plot if it seriously wants to catch many old Gundam fans’ attention. Honestly, the only thing that makes me watch this anime is the hot Red Comet that will be shown next week and the control for Gunpla Battle. How the hell do you click in that sphere control?


gundam builders (3)

Friendship for the win


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7 Responses to “First Impressions – Gundam Build Fighters”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    I love Gundam as it was SEED that really brought be into full scale anime after going through a few gateway ones. It tuned me in to the mecha genre and showed that it could be more than just Power Rangers and Voltron.

    However, I’ve never been a fan of the kid stuff, and while the models of the Gundams may be important to a lot of fans, they are really only secondary or tertiary to me. I love the look of them, but the story and characters of Gundam have always been paramount in my eyes. And unfortunately I could really care less about Gundam Build Fighters’.

    Now the fight scenes were good, and worthy of Sunrise, but the fact that they’re pretty much all imaginary, takes the wind out of my sails in seeing them.

    This is one I’m going to skip, so to all other mech fans, have fun!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Gundam Wing was my gateway Gundam series back when it ran on Toonami and ever since then I have loved the hell out of this long running series! I mean sure some are hits and some are misses like 00 and some parts of SEED/DESTINY xD

      Lately they have been aiming at the kids especially with AGE and now this but at least the adults get Unicorn and of course as Anaaga said Origins in the late future! Till then we are sadly stuck with the kid versions =/

      Fighting animation was awesome! Story wise not so much >.< At least we have Valvrave <3

  2. EdBunny says:

    I too am both enjoying this and slightly disappointed too. Like I don’t want to watch an Angelic Layer version of Gundam. I want real Gundam. Not toys.

  3. sadakups says:

    You should have posted that scene where Freedom gets destroyed by a Dijeh. That’s sending a message.

    In all honesty though, I do not mind Gundam BF. After the mess that was AGE (Generation 3, actually), I wasn’t that excited for another Gundam war drama. Basically, BF is Sunrise’s way of saying FUCK YOU to those who thought Gundam AGE was the kiddy toy anime they thought it was. Now they’re actually giving us the real toy anime.

    At least for now, I’m going to watch a Gundam show for purely entertainment and not be too serious about it. I don’t expect this show to have a good story, but the main draw is seeing older suits in HD glory. That’s good enough for me.

  4. fragb85 says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Gundam but I honestly thought that it was never as good as everyone says. As a market-driven franchise the whole franchise has always walked on double standard. “REMEMBER AUDIENCE THAT WAR IS BAD AND PEACE IS GOOD!!! ALSO OUR ROBOTS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ARE AWESOME SO BUY THE GUNPLA NOW!!! ALSO WAR IS BAD!!!!

    It doesn’t help that in more recent works its peace theme feel like its written by a 15 year-old. Its devoid of any subtlety, feels pretentious, smug and so sure of itself that it hurts the story and makes the heroes feel like entitled jerks. And yes, that includes Unicorn, Banagher really got on my nerves in the fourth episode.

    Suffice to say I’m probably one of the few who loved the concept of this show right from its announcement. Its like Sunrise finally decided to be completely honestly with Gundam, and focus completely on the mecha. And as a long time mecha fan, I love it.

    Also Angelic Layer was awesome so why can’t this show be?

    • EdBunny says:

      It isn’t that this can’t be good. Because Angelic Layer is amazing. But let’s look at it from this scale:

      Gundam Toys = Gunpla Battle

      Gundam= Toys for Adults that are really hug and kill people, and teenager angst

      I want the lifestyle Gundam. I think I was even telling that to my roommate. I don’t want the Gunpla toy, I want the real damn thing.

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