Watamote – 11

My God! Look at all those papers strewn on the floor!

Last time I berated Watamote for being the boring same old every time. Now this episode proves me wrong by being my new favorite of the entire series to date hands down.



Best girl

So what’s so special about this episode? Technically speaking, there’s no new development with regards to Tomoko. She’s still the same awkward girl standing in the corner who nobody notices. But here’s the thing. Someone is actually nice to her! Oh wait, that’s not new either. But wait, it’s different this time, I swear! Unlike those few guys who have been kind on the occassion or Yuu-chan who we pretty much take for granted by now, this episode introduces someone who actually watches over Tomoko during the course of the cultural fair. Introducing herself as the chair of the cultural fair committee, the nameless guardian angel proceeds to melt our hearts with her genuine concern for Tomoko as the episode progresses. Despite their rather shocking first meeting (involving a very bloodied Tomoko), she takes the time to learn Tomoko’s name and class and watches out for our troubled heroine before and during the cultural fair.


In the stairwell, at the school gate, even visiting Tomoko’s class, Angel-san makes a point of treating the missfit with kindness and care in the most natural manner imaginable. Really, I have a feeling she is exactly the kind of friend that Tomoko needs. If only the bumbling girl could just stop choking during their interactions and strike up a conversation. As much fun as it is to hang out with and sexually harrass Yuu-chan, Tomoko really needs more than one friend in her life. Especially considering we’re talking about her entire life so far. And while Yuu-chan is certainly plenty nice, she pales in comparison to Angel-san’s gentle overwatch. We’re talking about a girl who sees Tomoko feeling down and alone, then proceeds to don a sweaty mascot costume, offer the poor girl a balloon, and top it off with a surprise hug. That’s just so ridiculously sweet words can’t even remotely justly describe it.


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But that’s enough of my gushing about this perfect angel. Now that Watamote has absolutely wow’d me with this episode, the only logical question to ask is if the finale can continue on this positive trend and end the show on a good note. I don’t ask for a reformation of Tomoko’s character. That’s just beating the dead horse that will never come alive again. But if the show can deliver an experience as heart-warming as this penultimate episode, I am willing to overlook its more boring and repetitive aspects. I was convinced that there is no way for Watamote to keep moving with its insistence on keeping Tomoko constant, but clearly that’s not the only thing that can be done to bring about a satisfying experience. So who knows? Perhaps the finale will also be able to bring back my early enthusiasm for this show.


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9 Responses to “Watamote – 11”

  1. skylion says:

    At last, someone finally gave her a hug. She needed that.

  2. Shigokun says:

    The committee chairman! should be at every school!! seriously.. she’s so sweet

  3. Highway says:

    I thought there was even some progress from Tomoko. I shouldn’t get my hopes up much, but she did volunteer to cut the sheets, and while some was because she could look busy, some was because she wanted to be included. I think that’s progress.

    • HannoX says:

      I agree. However hesitantly and even though some of her motivation was to look busy, Tomoko did ask to cut the papers. And when they told her she didn’t have to, she insisted. For Tomoko that was a MAJOR step forward.

      Can a person get any better than Angel-san? That hug at the end was a perfect moment.

  4. Irenesharda says:

    I totally agree with you here. Just when I thought nothing could get better and that the episodes were just becoming more and more of the same old, same old. Then, this episode shows up!

    This episode and it’s amazing ending made me not just teary-eyed, but I actually cried.

    If anything, this show stresses that a person needs human contact, human affection, and a desire to feel included and important, and a person can be starved of those things even when surrounded by people. This has been Tomoko’s situation for far too long, and we can see the desperation in her. Her desire for a hug is not a selfish one, and you feel your heart ache as she tries everything she can to get one. However, even while having fun finally at the festival with Yuu-chan, she still is denied what she most wants and you can almost feel the depression that is looming over her.

    However, this is the first time we see that Tomoko has a proactive guardian angel looking out for her. Honestly I never remembered the girl’s actual name, but she is still a character I will not forget. This girl proceeds to not only go out of her way to talk to our socially awkward MC, but she constantly looks out for her and checks up on her, and more than anything else–she understands her.

    She sees Tomoko in her gloom and shadow, alone and lonely and somehow knows on some level what it is the young teen needs. She pulls Tomoko out from her shadows, and gives her that contact that she so strove for and desires, and made her feel like she existed and someone cared.

    This was a very encouraging episode not just for Tomoko, but also for the audience, as we get to break the monotony of Tomoko’s screw-ups and angst, and realize that there is hope for this girl yet.

    This episode actually brought up my entire outlook on the whole show. I have to give this a 9.5/10.

  5. KLACMAN says:

    yea seen this indeed at least someone else trying help de-frost tomoko aka the school fest girl.

    & least good side at least tomoko manage flow in the school fest.

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