Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 21


Febri wants a hamburger and now I want one!

Last week the famous frog doctor revealed a major plot point in the febri arc that she was not human and I guess that means Misaka will have to find a way to save her new friend which means action scenes are coming again!


Misaka asks for help

railgun SS (1)

Mitsuko-“Sup? Nothing much just playing with my snake on my bed.”                 Misaka-“…….”

railgun SS (7)

well look who finally decided to show up…

One of the biggest complaints I often heard while the Accelerator/sisters arc was airing was that why doesn’t Misaka ask her super powered friends for help? I mean she has friends with Anti-skill and Judgement right? Well most of us already know why she never asked them because she wanted to prevent them from getting hurt, but that idea changed quickly thanks to Mitsuko’s friendship with her close friends it reminded Misaka that her friends are also very important (also the lyrics to the current opening) which pushed her to finally reveal certain things to Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu about Febri’s future. Now I don’t think she will ever talk about her clones or Accelerator because it was quite painful, but at least this is a step in the right direction to trust her friends a bit more and what did we learn this week? Febri has a sister? Wait what? How is that possible and my theory along with a lot of other fans out there got it right, the candy that she has been eating this whole time has been keeping her alive; however we also learned another shocking truth that the frog doctor revealed near the end of the episode sadly Febri only has about seventy-two hours left before she dies! Damn that is depressing to think about I have a feeling that Shinobu created Febri as some kind of human message in a bottle to alert Misaka  that she was in trouble. I know that sounds like a really screwed up way to send someone a message, but think about it for a moment she probably gave her memories of Misaka so that she would find her and eventually save Shinobou who probably has a quick solution to save Febri’s life or does Misaka have no other choice but trust the mad scientist Therstina from Railgun season one who was shown at the end of the episode? Either way things are getting damn close.

Extra railgun fun

railgun SS (2)

You can almost see her brain melting.

railgun SS (3)

Pixiv watch out Febri is going to upload all her original artwork.

railgun SS (4)

Maybe she is related to Luffy from One Piece?

railgun SS (6)

Damn it Shinobu!

End thoughts

Wow what an intense episode this week, but I think part of me already knew that Febri was doomed after she was introduced for this special Railgun arc and thankfully it appears that the other characters will finally get their time to shine like Mitsuko? Who knew her father was the owner of those robots? I was like wow the puzzle about Febri and Shinobu is going to be solved soon. So what the hell is up with the ending?! Febri is about to die and Misaka has to seek help from Therstina? That came to me as a surprise even though I was thinking who could it be? If the frog doctor said “someone” instead of “her” I would have instantly thought Accelerator but that wouldn’t make a lot of since or it could have easily been Frenda or Meltdowner…so anyway what did you think of the episode?


railgun SS (8)

Frenda likes revealing swimsuits~


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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20 Responses to “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 21”

  1. skylion says:

    Whew, that Frenda cuts a fine figure…

    Well, they gave us the old Clock of Doom Death Clock didn’t they? There is so much that this franchise gets right and so much they just herp de derp along on…

    But, all in all, the meta plot of “Don’t let the LOLi die” is a good one. So I wonder what higher ups took charge of Shinobu to make an offer she couldn’t refuse to lead STUDY. In the Index LN’s these groups are assembled usually for a specific purpose. Disbanding isn’t usually an option….getting blow’d up, is. I hope she is working an angle to blow them up good. If not then the hell-face exposition at Sister’s Noise start was nothing but hot air.

    Hmmmm. ITEM in swimming “items” Super ecchi!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Frenda reminds me of Kuroko especially with their choices in skimpy swimsuit choices xD

      I was waiting for the countdown to begin! Also couldn’t they just ration the lollipops? I guess not…

      This is what I love about the rail-dex universe with the code names for the teams like ITEM, GROUP, STUDY and I just read something about BLOCK? I guess ill fire up the light novel machine and start reading that when Railgun S wraps up.


      • skylion says:

        SCHOOL, MEMBER, DRAGON, GREMLIN. Start with LN vol. 15.

        • Foshizzel says:

          The last chapter I remember reading was the events after Accelerator ran into Index and his whole power-up punch that dude into space and a bit after that…

          Ah yeah SCHOOL was another one xD

  2. HannoX says:

    Well, we all knew Febri had a death flag raised over her so no surprise there. In my view the best part of this episode was Misaka finally turning to her friends for help rather than trying to take it all on herself. That shows growth of her as a person, realizing friends are friends in time of trouble as well as in happy times. If she didn’t start trusting them she was going to start losing them.

    I certainly didn’t see Therstina’s return coming. But how much can Misaka trust what she tells her? Though I could see Therstina telling the truth because she figures that will get Misaka killed. And what price will she want for her information? She doesn’t seem like the type to just give it out of the kindness of her heart.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same! Like the moment she met Misaka and everyone else T____T

      I also had no idea that Therstina would appear in the second season, but Index/Railgun has a history with old baddies from the past showing up again.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Looks like a few shows have gotten intense this week. If you guys haven’t been following Symphogear G lately, then you should. The latest episode was a blast and it was shocking.

    Show ▼

    That aside, this episode was nice and loaded with troubling revelations. Telling her friends the truth about Febri was a bold move from Misaka and half of me is surprised they took the news so well. Half when you remember two of her friends work for Judgment so they’re probably used to that stuff to a degree.

    As for why Misaka doesn’t like to ask anyone for help. To me, she’s the self-sacrificing type. Always takes the burdens onto herself, takes things very personally and doesn’t want to involve others because she’s afraid of reprisals. So I guess to her, like that, if she fails, she’ll be the only one that gets killed and no one innocent will have to take that place. Much like how she was going to throw herself to Accelerator because she couldn’t find another way to save the clones.

    If Febri is Shinobu’s message to Misaka then she must have been monitored and had little time while creating her. Compared to what she did with the clones, Febri is basically a failed product. My guess is Shinobu is being forced to prove how fanatically obsessed Academy City is with espers. Her prior work did involve the research to create the first level 6 until she got complacent.

    For someone as prim and proper as Mitsuko, one wouldn’t think she’d have something like a snake as a domestic pet, let alone dressing it up with a red ribbon tied in a bow. It tears that ladylike image to shreds.

    We’ve been thrown a curve ball. Geez, asking that crazy bitch Therestina for help is equivalent to making a deal with the devil. You can bet there’ll be some betrayal along the way. And she’s a Kihara, no less. What a morally screwed up family of researchers Academy City supports and reveres.

    • skylion says:

      What a morally screwed up family of researchers Academy City supports and reveres.

      Two words: Baggage City. It’s in the LN’s and probably won’t be adapted for years and years to come given JC Staff’s track record. But yeah, like much in Academy City; politics and science make for diverse bed fellows.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Duddeeeee Symphogear G is awesome right now!

      I am glad she finally got the guts to ask her friends for help at least compared to the sisters arc I can see WHY she wouldn’t ask because Accelerator would have easily owned her friends.

      Shinobu is in deep! I am curious to see the answers as to why she did what she did or if in fact she did create Febri as a messenger to alert Misaka? I hope we find out sooooon~

      I love that about Mitsuko though! I mean a snake as a pet? WHAT? That is hilarious xD

      Therestina working with Misaka? What is going on?! Damn…

  4. Highway says:

    To me, this is exactly what Railgun is about that Index is not. There are other talented, caring, and driven people around Misaka, and they should be included in this stuff. It gives much more of an impression of complication, of more moving parts that come together to make something work. it’s just more complex and interesting.

    And it’s not like she had to exactly drag Uiharu, Shirai, and Saten into it. They spent the whole sisters arc asking, almost begging, to help. And it’s not like they’re incompetent or need to be protected. They can all take care of themselves, and sometimes Misaka needs them to take care of her.

    Railgun is best when it’s an ensemble show, not a superhero show.

    • skylion says:

      I think it does great when it balances both aspects. If Railgun S does that, it’s up to the viewer. As for me, I give it a 7/10 for that.

    • belatkuro says:

      Hate to play the devil’s advocate Highway, but this development actually runs counter to Misaka’s character and any characterization in the past and future arcs.

      Misaka isn’t suppose to tell them anything about the darkness. That’s what the Sisters arc is about. She doesn’t want them to get involved in the darkness of Academy City so she took it up to herself to fight it. It’s a whole different ballgame in there, as seen with ITEM and Accelerator. Kuroko may stand a chance but Uiharu and Saten will not even last a day. She knows what that side is so why would she even drag her friends to the despair in there. She even alluded that she can’t be sure that she can protect them. Then why did she even tell them about the darkness? Inconsistent.

      Now you might say that the other thing about Sisters arc is that Misaka cannot handle things alone, hence asking for help and Touma. But the development in this episode also runs counter to an arc in Index II, the Remnant arc with that other teleporter, Awaki. Misaka still did not ask for help in that arc and Kuroko got involved on her own. Kuroko isn’t suppose to know a thing about Misaka facing bad guys in the bowels of the city. She has her suspicions but no confirmation from Misaka. Her telling Kuroko about it invalidates that arc.
      Also, Kuroko ended up half-dead while facing Awaki. What more with Uiharu and Saten.

      tl;dr These developments change a lot of characterization just to push the power of friendship against the darkness and I hate it. It’s not that simple and easy and it ruins a lot of things.
      And Railgun isn’t suppose to be the 4 girl ensemble. It’s about Misaka and Misaka alone.

      Then again, to consider these bad guys as the “darkness” is totally laughable. Ah well.

      • skylion says:

        Wow, you me going there, bel, For every point you were making I was going to go, “ah, but counterpoint THIS”, and you put THIS as your closing sentence.

        You played Angel to your own Devil. STUDY isn’t all that mapped out yet. While it is true that Shinobu is very much a part of the dark side, we’ve yet to see all that much action from them, other than commanding powered suits, which is about as common as breathing for Academy City specialized groups…

      • Highway says:

        Given that I didn’t care much for Index I, didn’t bother to watch Index II (because I didn’t like Index I) and liked the ensemble parts of Railgun, I think it’s pretty obvious what I think about the characterization of the Index-Railgun universe (I don’t like it, in general). So I’ll just keep enjoying this part that I do like.

        Darkness and despair in stories is just something I don’t care for.

        • Highway says:

          Also, I’m not saying that Saten and Uiharu should be there battling the bad guys. I’m saying that they shouldn’t be abandoned to walk the Widow’s Walk because their friend clams up about everything that’s happening. There’s plenty of support they can provide without being co-combatants. And yes, even that would expose them to more danger than it does now, but give them the choice.

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        I would have to disagree with your statement about the characterization being all messed up with this arc: mikoto didnt go to kuroko with her problems in the remnant arc because it pertained to the sisters and the level 6 shift; and let’s not forget ppl are not suppose to know about that (more so the clones for all the ethical laws that breaks). To Mikoto, that’s the one thing that is just far too dangerous to involve anyone into; the fact that she is letting people in on any problems she is dealing with tho is a major step forward. Not to mention Mikoto depending on her friends is not unheard of even in the canon becuase Show ▼

        so in reality, this current arc is sticking pretty close to the character’s templates; we are just seeing a sneak-peak of mikoto’s development past the sister’s arc that will reinforce and future moments in which she relies on her friends;that to me, from a story-telling standpoint is always a good thing no matter what.

        • belatkuro says:

          It’s not about the character development, it’s about being consistent to canon.
          Remnant still came first before Daihaseisai. It’s a break in the continuity in her development. True, she didn’t tell Kuroko about it in Remnant because it relates to the Sisters but the whole Level 6 Shift project is a part of the darkness. And she knows that side of Academy City is dangerous and will not let her friends be in danger.
          It was only in Daihaseisai that she did ask for help, as you pointed out.

          Heck, to add another example, Liberal Arts City. This happens even before Remnant and shortly after this arc supposedly. Show ▼

          Again, Misaka did learn her lesson about asking for help, but this is not the right time for it. Canon dictates the right time she will do that. That’s why the development in this episode isn’t right.

          • sonicsenryaku says:

            it is true that canon dictates when those things are right but only if the canon makes that moment poignant to its story. And in regards to mikoto asking for help, there was never a point in the canon where it was considered “right” for her to finally develop that sense of reliance. The point i am trying to make is that just because mikoto shared her problems with her friends once (to which its alluded by this original arc that this is the first time she has done this) doesnt mean she’s going to be doing it all the time; that’s not how things usually work in real life when someone is use to doing a certain action. Her asking for help in this arc is a breakthrough for her and a step forward but it does not guarantee consistency; we’ll see consistency as more growth occurs with her character Show ▼

            , but the way you’re phrasing your words, you’re making it seem like just because she asked for help in this arc means all the other times she didnt after this point in time contradicts this instance which it doesnt because all this original arc has done is showed her finally come out of her shell and ask for assistance as well as making it relevant to her growth and character development. Show ▼

            Again, in terms of characterization, nothing has been ruined by this original arc nor has the timing been screwed with. Show ▼

            This original arc puts some clarity on that, so yes it’s still respecting canon accordingly. I see where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to say but from what ive seen, the story is handling her character quite consistently to its original material.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya! Railgun is a lot of fun with the TEAM working as one unit to solve a problem! They basically have all their bases covered when it comes to investigating xD

      It feels like pre Avengers in terms of iconic marvel characters that start off solo in their own movies kicking ass and what not, but throw all of them together as a team and it becomes amazing just like Railgun~

      • HannoX says:

        Yes for the ensemble team in Railgun. Sure, Misaka can screw up and circumvent computers and even get information out of them, but I bet she can’t hold a candle to Uiharu when it comes to digging information out of the computer network. And who better than Saten to run down the urban legends and rumors on the street? They can help Misaka without confronting the villains themselves and they are highly motivated to do so, as is Mitsuko. We can be sure that it’ll be Misaka who delivers the knock out punch (railgun blast?) to the bad guys. So she’ll still be the star of the show and a superhero, a superhero with helpers.

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