Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 12

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Akari is either super excited or really freaked out…

Another episode of Genei on Metanorn! So last week Akari figured out that she was half demon and half human, but which side will she align herself with? As cool as it would be to see her become an evil character I don’t think she will betray her friends because her friendship powers are super strong!


 Well, we now know what that one scene from the OP is about. I can’t say that I saw anything that happened in this episode coming, but at least Genei is keeping things… interesting.


Magical endless eight

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Luna is a badass melee fighter now!

Akari why did you just trust Cerebrum so quickly? Then again it did appear that he did keep up his end of the deal by saving Luna and Seira so he didn’t really trick Akari or did he, but whatever he has planned he now has her trapped in an endless loop forcing her to watch her cousin Fuyuna die over and over and over again and at the same time Cerebrum is there putting dark thoughts into her head in order to win her over to his side? Damn you Cerebrum! Also and what is up with the thought of him mating with her? I was like wait a minute what the hell is really going on here? The other girls better hurry up and save Akari before something bad happens or magical demon babies are created. While we are talking about the other girls was anyone else shocked like me that Ginka magically appeared and saved the day? I was not expecting that but I assume it has to do with that key Laplace brought from The Leguzario? I just want to know what it unlocks. I wonder if it that key unlocks the world of the dead? I mean if that is true I wonder if Ginka’s sudden appearance is just temporary for now and she will disappear afterwards? I guess we ended up with more questions than answers once again.

WTFery all around

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“I want to mate with you.” …Christ, Cerebrum. I know you frequently disguise yourself as little girls, but isn’t Akari like, 12? And can she even have kids at that age? I’m actually relieved that this seems more like a ‘baby of despair’ kind of thing as opposed to the way babies are usually made. Maybe I’m wrong with that assumption, but it seems like breaking Akari seems to be the goal here for some reason. Probably for that dark and light creating the ultimate Tarot thing this plot has going. Whatever it is though, apparently letting the other team gain back some players (Seira and Luna) seems to be of no consequence. You’d think that having a few more enemies against Cerebrum might be troubling, but I guess he was only targeting them to get Akari. …And looking back at it now, the Tarot users fight Daemonia, but the Daemonia don’t seem to care who they kill. The Tarot users just kind off seem like a convenient clean up crew now or something (you know, so the Daemonia don’t kill too many people) as opposed to enemies. Assuming that the Daemonia are like experiments for the voice or something. …Referring to the voice as “the voice” is almost as troublesome as back when we all had to call Cerebrum “that hooded guy”. Oh right, and I guess Ginka is back too? I wonder what that’s all about.

Extra magical fun

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Every team needs a awesome healer.

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Extreme animation this week!

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Cerebrum is looking for a player two~

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Welcome back Ginka?

End thoughts

Welcome back Ginka you were greatly missed but like I said I have a feeling it is just a temporary fix provided by The Leguzario? If so I guess we shouldn’t get attached to Ginka because I can see her leaving us once again. While that was epic and amazing I just want to know what Akari is going to do because near the end she was freaking out, but of course if you had to relive a nightmare over and over again I think you might go crazy too! So what is going to happen with the final episode? Yes I know there is an OVA episode that will come out after the series wraps up, but one thing is certain I think we all just want to see Akari own Cerebrum.

Just when you thought that this was different from Madoka, the show throws a seemingly endless cycle of despair in our faces. …Actually, this is kind of different in the fact that the end goal is different. Now if only the end goal was more clear. Mating seems to be a pretty broad term here (or at least in this case, Cerebrum seems to be doing it wrong). I feel bad for Akari here, but I’m rather curious as to what the whole point of this was. Hopefully the last episode actually explains things. I’m not getting my hopes up too high though.


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The suffering continues! 

The final episode…


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27 Responses to “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 12”

  1. skylion says:


    …it must not be that hard to crawl out from under the bus the writer’s threw her under…

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:


    Mine 2 cents:
    This is exactly the Star Trek resolution scenario that I was expection. All the plot ends are being tidied up here in this episode.

    Cerebrum’s True motives – check!
    The Leguzario – check!
    Why LapSchro is there – check!
    Why we need magical girls – check!
    Why they have a backup house – check!
    Seira character building completion – check!
    Luna character building completion – check!
    Ginka character buil… – wait, she was completed ages ago.

    I did expect Ginka to return, and technically she is dead and not dead as she did mention she went to the other side and back. I suspect it has to do with Cerebrum rewriting the timeline. And Luna were-wolf melee was so obvious. Wolf-ears in Tenebrae form. Kinda pointless unless it was a plot device.

    And now to the main discussion:
    My first reaction to the mating: WTF?!!?
    My second reaction: “Why is an even younger loli trying to raep onee-chan”
    My subsequent reaction: Analysis mode!
    Shota-Palpatine aka Darth Cerebrum is likely to be related to her. I am still thinking Father-Scientist or likely Twin-Brother, the latter would explace why he has human form. It looks like he is trying to merge the two Tarot sets to the original Aeon Tarot. Rather than sexual raep, I think he is more of the mind raep person and doing a good job of it. Maybe this was exactly what happened to her mother as well… Seduced to the Dark Side of the Force(tm)

    Speaking of Cerebrum, my hypothesis is that he is Diablos Tarot XXI, the World, ie the counterpart of Etia. It would explain:
    1) Etia can rewrite memories, part of thier power. Cerebrum can rewrite timelines, part of their power.
    2) Same hair, eye colour.
    3) Why the Sun is the first Tarot featured and the World the last.

    So now Saturday arrive so I can find out what happens!

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Addendum… dendum… (nano)

      This episode ALSO explains why Akari is in an hourglass in the OP. The Clessidra (Water Clock).

      Forgot to mention as well, this episode is loev since Schrodinya has a lot of screentime-nya~

  3. BlackBriar says:

    You guys made a mistake with the heading of the post. This is actually episode 12 for Genei.

    Count me utterly surprised. There was actually some hope in this series. Two team members are back safe and sound. It’s mind boggling after riding this suffering train for so long. However, it doesn’t change the fact this story is so screwed up and Cerebrum’s motive is deplorable, especially after all what he’s done. I can’t stop hating him for being such a bastard. It’s about time he gets mercilessly owned.

    Luna has gotten better at physical combat and something has caught my attention about that. Aren’t those red markings a lingering power she got from being a Daemonia? Because I don’t recall her having those before. It looks like if one comes back from being a Daemonia, they can pick up a new trick.

    Concerning Ginka’s reappearance. I think after confronting her opposite self, she was sent to some world that’s connected to the Clessidra instead of getting killed. They are treading a new territory, she said the “other side” and the information is scarce.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL Whoops thanks! I think I was in a hurry xD

      Cerebrum for best villain of the summer season, but yeah his motives are crazy…

      I noticed that as well for Luna! Now she is a badass and I guess that is from her werewolf adventures so thanks to Cerebrum for that bit of training LOL

      I was thinking the same thing about Ginka appearing again instead of dying she was just sent to another world? Also I can’t help but wonder if the special key had something to do with it.

      • Highway says:

        Cerebrum’s motives aren’t crazy. They’re the same motives that everyone has: Get some booty.

        Awwww yeaaaaaaaaaah….

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Cerebrum wins the Kotomine Kirei award for villians this season. 私大好きケルベレム~

        No matter how deplorable he is or how much people hate him, you have to say he is an excellent villian – planning ahead, anticipating movement, seducing to the Dark Side(tm) instead of goofy villians. These are the sort of villians I have come to love because the hero(es) can die/lose.

      • Highway says:

        I don’t think the key had anything to do with Ginka. I think that the key is something more with Etia and Ariel, in that they’ve had their Elemental Tarot powers locked away, and the Leguzario are deigning to let them use them to help save Akari, because they don’t like that Cerebrum’s gone off the leash they had for him.

  4. zztop says:

    I’m very surprised the show has never clearly stated what exactly the Leguizario’s ultimate goal is, why they pitted the Sephiro Fiore girls against the monsters, what they were getting out of Cerebrum, and how exactly that politician and Cerebrum are connected together.

    If only 1 season was planned, it seems very surprising the show never gave us an insight into the villian’s plans, so that it would give meaning to the girls’ battles.

  5. Highway says:

    Man, mindbending Akari so he can wear her down to hop in the sack with him? And yet, I find this *less* offensive than Diabolik Lovers.

    I liked Akari saying “Ok, save em, I’ll go.” Right off the bat. No hesitation. No agonizing. Although it’s pretty damn lame of Cerebrum with his “Oh, there’s no way you can save her” to Seira, and then *snap* oh, Luna’s fine. Oh, and she got her pants back. But she did keep her claws. That was pretty cool.

    This show’s ridden a very good line for me between dark and light. It’s ultimately unfair of Cerebrum to put Akari at the one day that Fuyuna’s fallen off the cliff. How can she do anything about it then? Hopefully Akari finds a way, but I think it’ll be more that the other three bust her out.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      , and she got her pants back.

      More like she got her clothes back and is no longer dangling boobies and netherbits. Pants back is not a sufficient enough metaphor. 😛

      It’s ultimately unfair of Cerebrum to put Akari at the one day that Fuyuna’s fallen off the cliff.

      Good Sith Lords do that. If I were Cerebrum, I’d do exactly the same thing. >:D For a person with morals and ethics it may look disgusting, but if you look at it from an amoral and unethic aspect, it’s perfectly fine.

    • Liza says:

      She got her skirt/dress back? Lol. She was never wearing pants. XD

  6. d-LaN says:

    ….Those are some Higurashi/Umineko level of facial distortion.

  7. Liza says:

    Come on Akari! You can face your true self! And you will finally become a persona user.

    I was really surprised with Ginka coming back. 0_0 I was thinking more along the lines of that she had always been in this other world since she defeated her “shadow self” since the key, I feel is more related to Etia and Ariel. Maybe those two are actually going to fight next episode?

    • Foshizzel says:


      Ginka appearing was straight out of left field! I wonder if anyone is actually going to even die besides Cerebrum? Yeah I guess the key probably unlocks some special I win button that saves all the humans effected by the demons or something that allows Etia and Ariel to fight?

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