Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 09

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Time for some cake and tea with Luna and Akari.

With the passing of Ginka who is the next girl to face their evil self? If I had to guess I would go with the obvious choices of Seira or Luna because we all know Akari will probably find some way to fix everything with her crazy powers! That and since she is the main character I assume she will end up fighting Cerebrum soon? So what about you Kara? Who do you think will die this week?


 YURI EXTREME FRIENDSHIP, GO. Uhh, I don’t know about future deaths, but it looks like Luna is on her way out. …Though really, I thought it would have been one of the side characters next. They already don’t get an awful lot of screen time, so it’s not like it would have made that much of a difference.


Yuri in your face

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Awwwweee yeah yuri time.

I guess you would have to be either blind or not watching this series to see that Genei has some yuri themes going around lately ever since Luna met Akari, but I know what some of the readers are thinking! “It’s not officially yuri until they have kissed.” Or “it’s just a case of extreme friendship.” I suppose you could argue if the relationship between Luna and Akari counts as yuri or not. Aside from that random romance stuffs I knew all along that Cerebrum was just trolling poor old Luna! I mean seriously Akari just told her days before that she was going to be fine, but suddenly she shows up at her house days later? Also I don’t remember if Luna ever told Akari where she lived? Then again if we really think about it this is technically the first time that any of the main girls have seen Cerebrum so I can forgive Luna for being easily tricked; however what is going to happen next? I assume Luna is going to turn into some odd magical girl werewolf like creature and attack her friends. Before I wrap up it looks like I was right that Cerebrum has a master that he takes orders from and I wonder if he is the final boss that Akari has to fight at the end of the series.

Obligatory “The Cake is a Lie” reference 

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Cerebrum-“The cake was poisoned! Muhahahah!”               Luna-“No you just suck at cooking.”

I figured that the Akari that was hanging out with Luna was a fake when she appeared right after Luna’s sister inexplicably appeared, but it was pretty much confirmed when Akari sidestepped the topic of what she said to Seira (aside from everything else suspicious that happened). So I wonder what Cerebrum’s end goal here is other than screwing over Luna just because he can. There has to be a reason why he’s targeting pretty much everyone except Akari, when she seems to be the only one he really wants. …Though from this show’s track record, they might just be throwing this in here because it’s dramatic. I also want to know why the evil side didn’t just force Daemonia into the Tarot users in the beginning, and avoid the risk of losing the anti-Tarot. I’m sure everyone has darkness (just look at all of their depressing backstories), and it can’t be all that hard to exploit it seeing how the villain can shape shift at will into a very convincing replica. Though, Luna was a bit off the deep end when it came to Akari in the first place. ..Maybe that’s why they took out Ginka with the anti-Tarot instead of this method, since she was the balancer of the group and wasn’t in complete despair when her father’s friend died.

Extra magical fun

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Luna living the dream.

genei (3)

Watch out Akari! Luna watches you sleep.

genei (4)

I think Akari has been high the entire series.

genei (6)


End thoughts

Holy yuri themes batman I was waiting for them to kiss! Sadly all of those romantic moments were faked thanks to Cerebrum’s trolling powers, but I think we might as well write Luna off as dead because she turned all monster form on us or will the power of Akari’s friendship and love for her friend save her life? I kind of hope things end well for Luna, but as it stands right now I just want to see Akari own Cerebrum and his master! Seriously someone needs to punch both of them in the face.

Well, if you were ever confused about Luna’s feelings towards Akari, then hopefully this episode cleared things up. Like I said, if Akari is going to pull out some magical Daemonia saving method, now is the time. Or if not, then it’s just Akari and Seira (and all of those other characters that we rarely see fighting) until Seira dies. …Because if this anime is going to make things depressing, I imagine that it would want to go all the way with Akari being foreveralone the last of her teammates. I’m kind of looking forward to finding out what the whole point is behind the events of this plot, but it looks like Luna losing it will be the main plot behind next week’s episode.


genei (8)

Seriously dude what did you put in that cake Cerebrum…


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10 Responses to “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 09”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Excellent… Everything has gone as I have forseen. >:D – Shota Palpatine. (Translation: Just according to keikaku! (T/L note: Keikaku means plan.) I had the feeling that the Akari in the second half was the Dark Lord himself. Luna’s insecurity has been evident since episode 2. I was expecting her to be the first to be corrupted and leave (not far off technically since Ginka wasn’t corrupted).

    The more this young Palpatine does crazy thing to corrupt the Jedi, the more I like him. We need more background on him! Right now, my expectation is that everyone dies. Luna next followed by Seira. Or Luna kills Seira and is then killed by Akari. Looks like Meltina and Priscilla also are going to kick the bucket from the preview on the website.

    BTW, Werewolf Luna is pretty much naked except for her choker and corset.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Luna x Akari for the win! I like that pairing, sadly it is going to end between them soon T____T

      Siera is probably next because she is starting to feel the pressure of being a magical tarot card girl and she is finally fearing for her own life…

      I noticed that LOL

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Urobutcher, eat your heart out. If the casualty count goes up by one more, Madoka will lose to it and this show will be worthy of Magical Fate/Zero. Whilst I have not completely watched Madoka (just the final episodes out of curiosity), the main protagonist to me seems to be Homura. Seriously don’t get what the fuss is about the show.

        While I like the show, the beef I have with is that the storyline is disjointed. We have character development for the four Musketeers but the overall arc/purpose of their existence hasn’t been don’t well.

        Prisma Akari’s is much better developed in that sense except the beef I have with it is the inconsistency of the artwork. Mama Iri was fluctuating from decently done to wierd. (see the post on the website if you’re curious).

        PS. The blue-haired guy/loli shall always be known as Shota-Palpatine since he is doing exactly as “I have forseen… It was I would allow the plans for…”

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah I can tell this series is inspired by Madoka, Fate/Zero and Urobutcher’s style of killing off characters and I hope we get a different end instead of Akari becoming a magical girl goddess that reverses time saving EVERYONE…

          I feel you the story is all over the place >.< I love the artstyle~

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Once again, this anime doesn’t let up when plunging its characters into despair. Not even the main ones are entitled plot armor to defend themselves. Hahaha, I can’t count this as yuri since it wasn’t really Akari moving in on Luna. It’s a shame it wasn’t, though.

    I figured it was Cerebrum pretending to be Akari. That manipulative, sensual nature just isn’t her at all. Now he’s gotten to Luna of all people. Seeing how this show has been going, she has a 70/30 chance. 30 on the chance she gets out of this alive. I’m really hating this bastard the more I see him. Can’t he just die already? It’s hard not to seethe after all he’s done.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sad but so freaking true! I can’t really see anyone making it out alive in this series besides the talking animal characters or the teacher types? Seriously why aren’t they fighting to save their students? JK it probably has to do with the whole “being older” and yeah I guess it is and is not yuri xD

      I know right? I figured it out thanks to Akari saying she was not planning to quit or run away and then she magically arrived at Luna’s house? Yeaaah nice try Cerebrum, but he did own Luna >.<

  3. Highway says:

    Was anyone actually not aware of Luna’s feelings for Akari? I thought her mooning around (npi) with the “Seira, don’t you touch MY Akari!” look before was pretty evident.

    This show’s not going to be happy unless it kills off everyone, is it? I was hoping that Akari would call Luna to find out how she was doing, and the ruse would be discovered, but nooooooo, everything went to Cerebrum’s plan and now Luna’s a monster. And even worse, nobody even knows about Cerebrum yet.

    I will give the show credit. They didn’t show us Akari back at the base or whatever while Cerebrum was unrevealed. So while we all figured it wasn’t really Akari with Luna, it still could have been. There was still some possible doubt.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Luna would be the perfect yandere <3

      I think EVERYONE is going to die minus the teachers/talking animals and damn Cerebrum STILL remains a mystery to the other girls, but damn he is a sneaky fool and plays the role of a girl WAY too well O_o

      Imagine if it really was the real Akari? Holy crap that would have made for a twisted yet AMAZING ending, but the reason would be very dumb like "I killed you because I wanted to protect you." or something like that...

  4. Liza says:

    I knew that the Akari that showed up at Luna’s house was a fake! Something bad was going to happen and well, it did. >_>

    Poor Luna. And poor Akari. I don’t know if Akari can hear Luna’s voice since she isn’t really a full ” Daemonia” like all of the other ones were.

    I’m really hoping that Akari can magically save Luna but I doubt it. I really feel like this is the end for her.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Seriously no one is allowed to be happy in the world of Genei T_____T

      I think Akari will find a way to “reset” the world with the power of yuri-friendship <3

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