Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 18

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Misaka and friends are excited to be back!

After a one week break Railgun S is back and the Index movie comes out on dvd and blu-ray on August 28th so we have that to look forward to eventually but you can see a new trailer which looks cool because we get a few quick shots of Misaka, Uiharu, Saten, Accelerator, Last Order and of course the MISAKA sisters! Damn I can’t wait to watch that movie.


Uiharu’s powerful friendship

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A certain skirt flipper is back! I have missed these moments~

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Remember back when Railgun S first started with the girls visiting Banri in the hospital? Well most of the episode focuses on her getting released but this sudden development means that Uiharu’s temporary roommate Erii will be moving back with Banri. Now was that really that dramatic? I would say it was a mixture of yes and no because I knew Uiharu would cry eventually even though she was acting like it didn’t bother her, but she will still be able to hang out with them at school so in the end Uiharu will be fine with the sudden change and besides she will always have Saten hanging around to flip her skirt and drive her completely crazy! Aside from the drama of friendship it seems that there is a new team of evil scientists preparing something and was Shinobu with that team? If she is I wonder what she is planning or is she playing the role of a spy? That and it appears they were using ITEM to help them with some research, but hey the girls finally met that new adorable character from the new opening named Febli who was found asleep in a flowerbed? I guess on the brightside at least she did not fall from the sky and of course it seems that Saten is quite found of her already! I just hope she does not become like Sena from Haganai who was always obsessed over cute little girls and magically Saten and Sena are voiced by the same actress.

Extra Railgun S

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Kuroko ftw that is all.

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Saten should teach Febli the art of skirt flipping.

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Her favorite hashtags are #Yolo and #ScienceSwag

End thoughts

I will admit I was going through some withdraws after Railgun S took that short break, but thankfully it was only for a week; however it looks like this will be a very quick arc because we only have a few more episodes before this series wraps up. I guess we can always look forward to the Index movie right? So yeah this episode basically followed Uiharu and Erii’s friendship and the sneaky group of scientists plotting something evil, but I did enjoy seeing ITEM once again and it was nice that the episode ended with the girls meeting Febli voiced by Iori Nomizu who that sexy bunny girl Kurousagi from Mondaiji and currently Fuyumi from Blood Lad. Speaking of that girl for the moment I hope her story doesn’t end tragically because that would upset Saten who I feel will be quite attached to her before this new arc ends.


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Febli is a bit shy.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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51 Responses to “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 18”

  1. skylion says:

    Yeah, she was in a flowerbed, but for all intents and purposes, as far as anime characters are concerned, blonde loli’s really are falling from the sky. And to borrow from an old song, Hallelujah!

    This is part and parcel to what the Railgun side brings, awesome Misaka action, and great SoL cuteness.

    I’ve been burning into the manga recently, and I am quite surprised to see that this is anime original stuff. Lots of people, myself included, were really expecting the Liberal Arts Sise Story. But they cannot do justice to that LN in eight episodes. But this Silent Party Arc looks to be interesting. It seems this group of antagonists are looking to demoralized Espers in some way. That guy just called into question what she did, and why. He might have even set it up. Man, I hope she Aero Hand’s him his own rear in future.

    OH, that Febli

    Speaking of that girl for the moment I hope her story doesn’t end tragically because that would upset Saten who I feel will be quite attached to her before this new arc ends.

    Along with A Certain Triumphant Skylion

    I think she’s a clone, they just cannot stop making those things. What is up with them? Oh, hey, how do we solve this great scientific problem? Clones? Yeah, that will work. Fire up the Pods!

    And thank you for giving props to my favorite female VA of all time, Kanae Itou. From Sena, to Saten, to Ohana, to Sanae (from Ika Musume), Nana, Aoi (from Ro-kyu-bu) and even the great Oda Nobuna. Cheers.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      Glad to see there’s someone who loves Ito Kanae as much as i do; that woman is really talented and she always brings this certain nuance to the characters she voices; grade A work. After reading the most recent railgun manga (chp 61), im starting to notice that a lot of the plot points are starting to converge from the manga, the current anime arc, and the new testament light novel series within; is it just a coincidence?….probably not.

      • skylion says:

        Converge or diverge?

        • sonicsenryaku says:

          converge; the events that are going on in each series are having significant things going on that look as if they are going to play bigger roles in the future of the NT series. A good example is the recent development in the railgun manga. Not to mention the focus of this new arc is sharing some similarities with recent developments in the main series.

      • skylion says:

        Oh, goodness, I overlooked our mutual love of Sanae-chan.

        Oh, and the voice of Yui-chan in SAO/AOL

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep I love ever role Kanae Itou takes on! There is just something fun about the way she acts as all her characters and if you notice most of them have hair accessories like Sena, Saten, Ohana, Elsie, Haruka, Sanae, Nana and personally I think she would have made a great choice for the lead role of Rea Sanka from Sankarea.

          • sonicsenryaku says:

            I agree; like i said, she brings this unique experience to the characters she voices that no one else does, which a lot of that has to do with her acting chops.

    • HannoX says:

      Now if Febli will just turn out to be a vampire, you’ll be in heaven won’t you, Skylion?

      • BlackBriar says:

        Oi oi oi!! Now that’s a remark I can’t ignore. I’d be the one in heaven. If that ever happens to Febli, a civil war is going to break out and the land mines are already set.

        • skylion says:

          Indeed they are, but ye forget, I am equipped with wings. Happy stumbling.

          I don’t think she’s a vampire though.

          Just tooooooooo kawaii!

          • HannoX says:

            You’ve got to remember the magic side of their world as represented by Index and her story (and what are vampires if not magical or demonic?) and all the mad scientist committees Academy City seems to have. I wouldn’t put past one of those to come up with the idea of creating a vampire.

            • skylion says:

              Well, I’m not supposed to talk about the research we are developing….Sounds shady, man.

            • Highway says:

              They already had vampires in Index…

            • skylion says:

              …yeah, but they weren’t at all kawaii….

          • Foshizzel says:

            Just tooooooooo kawaii!


      • skylion says:

        The anime world has blessed us with 4 BLV, Excepting myself, the world cannot take a fifth.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Index technically has “vampires” with Aisa Himegami, but she “attracts” them thanks to her blood LOL

        • BlackBriar says:

          Yeah, although her blood was sweet, it killed any vampires that fed on her.

          • Foshizzel says:

            A delicious treat for them vampires! Reminds me of True Blood they have fairies and their blood allows vampires in that world to walk in the daylight xD

            • BlackBriar says:

              More like Chiropteran blood from Saya in Blood+. Any Chiropteran of an opposite bloodline comes into contact with her blood, they’d crystalize and die instantly.

            • Kyokai says:

              And your spam saviours are still very active. :3

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Speaking of wanting to watch movies, that Ao no Exorcist movie got released on anime sites some time ago. I haven’t had the chance to look at it yet. More Shura after all this time will be nostalgic.

    Most of the episode was slice of life stuff again which wasn’t bad and I saw tear jerking moments coming a mile away. It won’t take Uiharu long to recover from the drama. With the new character Febli arriving, Saten has already gone into big sister mode. For her sake, she’d better not get too attached. Dark clouds are already showing.

    Looks the action’s starting up again with another group of misguided scientist and their obscure goals. Whoever they are, it’s clear they don’t take a liking to espers, especially when one of them made Mitsuko look bad after she stopped that thief. That last one to raise their hand definitely looked like Shinobu. Rather than a spy, I’d say she landed where her usefulness allowed her to be. The last time she was seen, one of those ITEM girls said she’d lose everything except her life.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I “have” that movie I just haven’t watched it yet, but honestly I was not that impressed with Ao no Exorcist as a series anyway >.< Of course Uiharu is a tough girl and YES I really hope Saten's heart doesn't get broken if Febli ends up dying at the end of this arc =/ EVIL SCIENCE CONTINUES! Yeppers Shinobu is back and I wonder if she is after revenge? Just kidding I have a feeling she is playing the role of a spy <3

      • skylion says:

        if Febli ends up dying at the end of this arc =/

        Aaaaaa! Stop jinxing it dude. I swear I will find you and I will…..I will….I will subject you to the diatribes of a middle aged man to a younger person. You’ll just sit there and wonder, “are we done yet”.

        • Gecko says:

          Just curse whoever jinxes Febli to get stuck near crying babies in every public place they go to for the rest of their life. Especially on airplanes.

      • skylion says:

        Bad Spammy!

  3. Highway says:

    Finally more for everyone else to do besides sit around and wait for Misaka to come home! I think these interactions are great for us and for Misaka because they show us how relaxed and normal Misaka can and wants to be. It gives the feeling that while she generally likes having the powers she does, she also enjoys not being the spotlight sometimes, and she seems to be a driver of these get-togethers, not someone who is dragged along.

    • HannoX says:

      Yes, I also think Misaka wants to be just a normal girl as much as she can. And it’s because Saten and Uiharu accept her as such that she’s friends with them. Far too many people would either be in awe of her power or afraid of it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed! Misaka enjoys her slice of life filled days instead of her kick ass pew pew railgun days! Well it depends if her friends are in danger or not LOL

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s a 50/50 preference for Misaka. Sometimes I feel she’d lose it if there isn’t any action around on occasions.

        • skylion says:

          Yeah, every single time she puts on the Railgun, she has such a self satisfied smile. But then, she has it when she gets a new Gekota piece of merch…

  4. HannoX says:

    It’s great to see more of the other girls. Considering the way Saten stepped up and knew how to get Febli to start talking, I wonder if she has younger sisters/cousins? And with the way she’s connecting with Febli, I wonder if in this arc Saten plays a major role, just as she did in the Level Up arc.

  5. Gecko says:

    Febli is adorable. I have to wonder if she’ll live with Uiharu, because Haruue and Banri are now roommates. So Uiharu does technically have an extra spot… Although Saten is better at dealing with her, that’s for sure.

    I’m so glad the other girls are back though. Finally, Misaka is just a bystander as they have their own stories. And more Shinobu coming, by the looks of that group of scientists and the last one to raise her hand.

    That cake made me hungry, and so did the taiyaki.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Febli screams cute from a mile away and as soon as Saten said the phrase “Kawaii!” I was like Sena is that you?! xD

      Damn Shinobu why you do this…

      I could go for some cake and time with Saten and Misaka <3

    • skylion says:

      I mean, she’ll have to live with Uiharu. That goth loli skirt is begging to be flipped As a member of Judgement, she should take responsibility….

      • HannoX says:

        I don’t know of anything that’d prevent Saten and Febli from moving in with Uiharu. That way Febli will be with a member of Judgment and the one she’s connecting with.

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