Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu 04 – 05


I feel the confusion too, Yura.

 Ah yes, another two weeks, another two episodes of Stella C3. I like doing these two episodes posts, especially for slice-of-life-y shows like this. It just makes for a nice and more lengthy post, you know? Anyway, sorry for this boring opening; let’s get into these past episodes of Stella~



Episode 4 was definitely…odd. I just could not take the episode seriously at all when they added the whole Choujirou act. I understand that they were putting more emphasis on Yura needing to find the courage to change herself so she can make her dreams/illusions reality, and that she experiences something unique from the other girls when she plays airsoft, but was all of that really necessarily? Did they need to go into the whole god of war thing to illustrate that point? Mainly what I couldn’t stand was that they suddenly brought in this fantasy element to the episode even though most of the show is on a realistic level. I do like seeing Yura’s imaginative perception of the mock battles, but the ancient battle thing was too much for me, especially when Rento was able to actually see it herself.


Episode 5 on the other hand was a typical fanservice-y beach episode, which overall didn’t entertain me much either. Their opponents for this beach battle though were pretty cool and wild, at least in battle. I mean, they had girls double-teaming and using their feet to hold guns! It also was nice to see more development from Yura, who’s been putting in the effort to change herself and become more knowledgeable about the mock battles. She seemed to have changed for the better, but Sonohara’s expression at the end of the episode hinted that maybe her new forceful attitude might cause some sort of problems in their battles. Yura now seems to be almost too ambitious, which I’m guessing is going against the ‘aim without aiming, shoot without shooting’ philosophy from the previous episode?

Unfortunately, for me, Stella has been gradually getting more and more boring. The characters are still fun and I enjoy their personalities, but plot-wise, Stella feels very stale. The show has mainly focused on Yura’s internal battles with herself; from her attempts to change, to her somewhat successes in changing herself. And now it seems the show is going to fall back into that pattern again. Not to mention that the battles are starting to lose their excitement, no matter how interesting the opponents and their tactics are. I think it would be great if we got to see more from the other characters; maybe how they got into airsoft, or how the girls came together to form the current club, or just personal stories from each of the characters. If not, than there isn’t much to see in Stella anymore, at least other than Yura finally conquering her insecurities and becoming a better airsoft player. It looks like next week will be a tournament episode though, which could hopefully spice things up. Until next week then~


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8 Responses to “Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu 04 – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    I have to agree with Hoshi’s assessment; it has grown a bit staler over time. I thought there were going to be some opportunities for good character develpment, but they have skipped that in favour of…..Reality Marbles? RLY! Fate in my C3-bu? I know it’s about airsoft, but they’ve made some interesting character with stellar VAs….give us more of that, the airsoft is interesting enough, but we need some substance.

  2. Highway says:

    I liked Episode 4 a lot, but a lot of that was Rento’s antics throughout (*scootch scootch scootch*). Episode 5 I liked, but am starting to feel the same discomfort that I think Sono-chan is. Yura is on the verge of forgetting rule number one, even as she’s just grasped it.

    Someone mentioned that Yura has not yet gotten hit on screen (although we know she has, since Karila got her out in the first Rambo match). And she hasn’t gotten hit since she’s been part of the team. What will happen when she loses her magic aura?

    • Sumairii says:

      Angst, drama, and then a reconciliation, I suppose. I suspect that was a rhetorical question though. =P

  3. KLACMAN says:

    yea seeing those ep.4 & 5 wonder on yura’s imagine could lead to inception of sorts whole training bullet coin move.

    yet 5th ep had other focus & forgot the fun size give notice sono bit “worry” mood.

    give more to go in it.

  4. lvlln says:

    Episode 4 really was wild. I had no idea the show would be venturing into supernatural territory, but there you go. Is she Haruhi, an esper, or a servant? Based on episode 5, it looks like that fantasy aspect will only be dropping in here and there. I think it adds a nice twist to her “delusions” that aren’t.

    Episode 5 was meh. Did they need to play airsoft in bikinis? Seems pretty stupid to me. And wow that animation took a nosedive. The gun battles make this show, and when Gainax can’t deliver on that, it’s not so great. I guess Medaka Box didn’t sell well.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Between the two, episode 5 was the best and I liked the female bonding from both teams. They sure know how to be competitive when the time calls for it. I hope there’s an explanation for how episode 4 suddenly turned supernatual.

  6. Cybersteel says:

    Its not merely a Reality Marble. Her power can also affect the space time continuum permanently unlike some other Magus’ like Emiya Kiritsugu with his Time Alter and Emiya Shiro’s Unlimited Blade Works which has a short amount of time until their mana/life power runs out.

  7. d-LaN says:

    Eh, still feel entertaining enough to keep me interested. And yes, we NEED airsoft in bikinis ^_^ lol

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