Servant x Service – 07

What does BL mean

Oh Miyoshi, people around here could tell you…

spring13-highwWhile I liked last week’s episode of Servant x Service, I really like the relationship part of the show. So seeing a return of those plotlines was welcome this week. What’s going on with Chihaya and Ichimiya this week? And can Lucy and Hasebe make any progress?

Chihaya, Super-Troll or Super-Frustrated?

Taishi screws up again

Taishi always looks like this

We do get to see more of Chihaya and Ichimiya’s relationship this week, and it’s not looking good for Taishi Ichimiya. Megumi is definitely getting frustrated with his lack of resolve to do anything to move them forward. She does take some of her frustration out by playing “with” Tohko, first getting her to cosplay (with no realization) as “Mimosa Yellow” as punishment, and then later in the department store with Kanon where she makes it obvious (at least to Kanon) that she’s Tohko’s brother’s girlfriend. And in Megumi’s defense, the reason she’s playing with Tohko is because she really wants to play with Taishi. She was the one who made the first move, and even though it’s been over a year, it really seems like Taishi is still too scared of possible backlash to be forward about it.

Megumi takes initiative

Getting desperate

Even Momoi-kachou is worried that they don’t get along (in a classic misunderstanding), and engineers some ‘alone time’ for them to work together in the records room. Megumi tries to get Taishi in the mood, but he’s far too worried about everything for that (it seems like there are *other* things they haven’t done as well, given her “This won’t take long… probably”).

Kanon acknowledges Megumi

I also like that Kanon’s hair ribbons are the same cloth as her dad’s necktie

I actually really like this depiction of them as a couple, and it seems pretty authentic to me. Taishi is a guy who’s too caught up in what they should do to let himself do what he probably wants to do. And he is a nice guy, and I can see why Megumi would be interested in him. The question seems to be getting to whether it’s worth the trouble. But at least Taishi can be honest with his “I’m sorry I don’t know why you’re mad at me!” even though everyone else in the entire world can figure it out, even Kanon, who just met Megumi. And Kanon sure doesn’t disagree with the idea that both Ichimiyas are just too dense to figure it out.

He’s Responsible, But Not Much Else

Blankest Stare

The thousand-yard stare

We also get to meet the “responsible” Tanaka-san. Stiff, unpersonable, not really very interesting, I think Miyoshi is right that all he has going for him is being responsible. The only thing that gives him any life is Hasebe, who it turns out was Tanaka’s foil as they grew up. And while Hasebe takes a little too much credit for being a ‘genius’, he definitely has the natural ability over Tanaka, who apparently bulls through things with brute force and effort. And it seems like that natural ability generally carries the day.

Excited with Hasebe

He comes alive with Hasebe

But there is one other thing about Tanaka-san. He seems to maybe have a bit of a crush on Hasebe. So while Hasebe can’t get anywhere with Lucy, who’s just straight up impervious to everything except being straight up told, it now seems like he’ll have to fight off Tanaka. And he’s definitely not looking forward to that.

Bonus Cosplay Time

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Come on Taishi! You can do it! Don’t be like me! Wait, maybe that was too much. *Ahem*… Anyway, I do hope that Taishi can get over his worries about them being found out. Tohko definitely seems like she’s not completely opposed to the idea of him getting a girlfriend, even thinking it’s sad that he doesn’t, and even though she’s got a huge brother complex. And Megumi really wants to move forward. So can Taishi make a breakthrough? I am almost giving up hope that Lucy will learn to recognize some subtlety and realize how much Hasebe likes her, but maybe even that can turn around, especially with Tanaka showing up.


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11 Responses to “Servant x Service – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    Well, I suppose Taishi could be more like that? There are incredible benefits to that. As well as many drawbacks where you have to wish you would have done the thing you should have done, rather than the thing you wanted to. I’ve been caught doing both, and I cannot tell which is better. Que Cera Cera!

    Hasabe has his work cut out for him. Lucy is dense enough not to get a clue, and so very low in confidence that anything straight forward is likely to be taken wrong.

  2. HannoX says:

    I think Megumi has to lay it on the line with Taishi–move the relationship forward or it’s over. He just seems too caught between what he fears will be his sister’s reaction and what he feels is the inappropriateness of an office romance.

    I also think Megumi is the only one who can give Lucy a clue.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    It’s a good thing Toko was forced to put on costume pieces for losing each game instead of playing strip poker otherwise things would have gone horribly awry. She should be grateful. Though for a nosy sister, she’s pretty dense not catching on to the fact her brother and Megumi are dating (An unrelated woman always coming over to your home. Come on, read the signs!). And because of that, it’s ironic how her best friend Kanon caught on in one shot instead of her.

    Lucy is turning out to be a second moral destroyer next to Miyoshi. It’s amazing how a person is able to completely undermine while at the same time apologizing to you. It’s best to be a person who doesn’t take things to heart when dealing with her.

    • Highway says:

      That was pretty great when Lucy said to Hasebe “Wait, maybe you wanted to ask Miyoshi-san out?!?!” He spends all this time actually asking her out, spending time with her, and she just doesn’t get it.

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    at least Tanaka is responsible…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Being responsible is one of his aspects. What are the rest? That’s the question people should be asking after his overreaction towards the end about Hasebe.

  5. Gecko says:

    I’m getting the feeling that the Ichimiya-Chihaya couple isn’t going to last if this same thing happens over and over. Ichimiya should just tell Touko what’s up between the two of them and let her deal with it. I’m glad Kanon got some more time as well, she works well as a foil to Touko. (And she’s willing to match fabrics with her dad, which is much better than anything I would do with mine.)

    Well, Tanaka-obaa-san was right about her grandson being responsible. It’s kind of too bad he’s only that so far, except for the stare.

    Overall, this show is doing well managing the many relationships between the characters, although I want to see some progress in those relations.

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