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Finally, the next episode is when Kirakishou finally makes an appearance in front of her sisters again. But before that, there’s more of Jun’s daily life and Shinku watching kindly from afar.


Jun definitely walked into a trap with Kirakishou’s doll, but somehow it seems less… constricting in Jun’s life than Shinku’s creation was. When Jun was making Shinku, he was ignoring pretty much everything other than making the doll (or at least, that’s what the flashes of his day seemed like). Or maybe, Jun now has so many things other than doll making that fill up his time. So when the anime shows the important parts of his day, the new doll isn’t the only thing in his life anymore. It’s creation is still important enough to him to lose sleep over, but it still not the only thing that’s worth noting in his life. The only part that was kind of close to how he acted so obsessed before was with his irritation with the screw up at work, and even then, that event just showed that Jun has a better handle on how to manage the store than the actual manager. So despite causing an unhealthy obsession at the beginning, Shinku’s appearance in unwound Jun’s world was a good influence overall, it seems. Or maybe it was Saito’s play that helped change Jun, but even then, he wouldn’t have given Saito that advice in the store to start all of his involvement if he wasn’t there shopping with Shinku.

Saito actually surprised me a bit this episode. Not because she told Jun that he was a good person despite him saying that he had ulterior motives, but with that little bit of acting that she was practicing on the walk home. I figured she had some acting ability since she was part of a group, but she was really convincing with those angry lines. Not that this is important to the story, but it was interesting to see for her character.


I’ve been waiting for Shinku to say the line about Jun growing up from needing dolls, but I’ll wait for the end of this to talk about it. That line about having Hollie fetch tape and matches after Suigintou provoked her was great too, but in a different way. Not that Shinku was ever really uncomfortable around unwound Jun, but these last few moments of daily life really show how accustomed Shinku is with Jun. She managed to push her way into having Jun bring her with him and knew right away that Jun had done something to make Suigintou take her health into consideration. The two have only been together for a week (or at least, interacting for a week, since Shinku’s body has been there longer than her soul), but there’s definitely a bond there.


It’s day 7 now and it ends with a play. …Kind of. The story never actually made the connection with Jun’s past itself, but it was interesting to see that the acting group didn’t even blink when they found out that Jun was carrying a doll with him. He made up excuses, but really, they didn’t care at the time, and I don’t think they would have cared even if they hadn’t needed the doll at the time. These people aren’t as immature as the middle school crowd that Jun was traumatized by, and this just seems like a sort of proof that Jun has found the ‘right crowd’ of people to interact with. You know, people who would support his hobbies and find them useful. If only he had found them sooner (not that he was looking) and despite what he was saying, it really looks like he was giving his all for this production, like Saito noted.

This was a nice episode for wrapping things up before the main conflict of the arc happens. Having the episode end with the play’s opening was a nice touch. There are still some things that are left hanging, but for the most part, things are all ready for the attack. …Not that they really know that it’s coming. Well, Suigintou does and I’m sure Shinku expects something to happen since it’s day 7. However, I don’t think Shinku is aware of Jun’s other doll, so she’s a bit more in the dark. Jun’s just oblivious to the whole thing, aside from the fact that the dolls will be leaving soonish. So anyways, the next episode should be exciting~. I’m really looking forward to seeing this anime’s touches on some of the upcoming scenes.




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13 Responses to “Rozen Maiden – 08”

  1. skylion says:

    Lot’s of DESU.

    Jun, like many young folk his age, is on the curve to learning when to play the right card. He is unaccustomed to reading any situation. That, as you point out, is the crux of the character, and of the show. You don’t need to make excuses…just be yourself…

    • Karakuri says:

      I was iffy about Jun when I first read this arc, but after reading it to the end, watching him grow was really satisfying.

  2. Highway says:

    I really enjoyed the caring that Shinku showed for Jun. She knows she’s leaving, but she doesn’t want to, and she wants to spend time with him (it wasn’t as desperate and romantic as that sounds, it was nicely platonic). And the way she maneuvered him into doing what she wanted was so much fun. Even calling attention to herself when they needed a doll (how much chance is there that Shinku herself hid the doll? I know they said someone forgot it, but wonder if that really happened that way).

    • BlackBriar says:

      What Shinku’s been doing to help Jun out during her remaining time in that world was enough for me to give her a second opinion compared to her attitude when she first appeared. She was more like a concerned sibling rather than a heartless slave driver and she was more appreciative whenever Jun made her tea.

      • Karakuri says:

        I see Shinku as more of a guardian than a sibling, personally, but once you get past her demanding exterior, she’s pretty thoughtful.

        • Highway says:

          I was thinking more mentor than anything that conferred actual responsibility. I thought that she’s been about the same the whole time, which is excellent. 🙂

    • Karakuri says:

      I don’t think she could have hid the doll since she didn’t know what it even looked like, but yeah. Watching her be a bit selfish with Jun was just so adorable~~.

      • Highway says:

        Well, I was just thinking that because there was that “Apparently someone left the doll in the warehouse” like they didn’t actually know where it was. The flashback I initially thought was Jun seeing the doll as he walked in was actually back in the first time he visited with Saitou. So she probably didn’t have anything to do with it, but it was still an interesting idea.

        But the way she got him to take her along was great, and put her in a seat half out of the backpack, etc.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I’m impressed. Shinku’s attitude has been steadily mellowing over the past few episodes, especially around Jun and I’m actually beginning to find her tolerable. Well, better late than never. Using herself to fill in for the missing doll in the play was a nice gesture.

    Even though it wasn’t a lot done, Jun made that bastard of a manager look like the ass he truly is. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    I had a feeling Suigintou would know who that doll’s body was meant for and my suspicions came true. What I want to know is why she isn’t telling Jun about it. I can understand not telling Shinku but if anything happens to Jun, she loses her temporary power source while she looks for a way to get Megu back.

    The episode was eventful but nothing too dramatic. Sometimes, I’d want to see the original Rozen Maiden just to see what the differences were between the two versions. Speaking of which, if you didn’t know yet, there’s a new Yozakura Quartet next season. And like this Rozen Maiden, that show seems to be starting off with an entirely clean slate. I watched the 2008 version earlier this month and it was alright so I’m looking forward to the new one.

    • Karakuri says:

      I don’t think Shinku has changed all that much, but it’s more like she has less to complain about since Jun has gotten more skilled at his routine. xD

      Ahaha, you’ll like an upcoming part about the store (if they get that far).

      Yeah, Suigintou knows exactly what’s going on and I don’t think she particularily cares enough about Jun to tell him. Having Kirakishou tell her where Megu is takes priority over Jun. And Suigintou doesn’t really need a power source, so Jun is expendable. …Plus he’s not in any real danger unless he forms a contract.

      The original Rozen Maiden wasn’t bad. I don’t remember much about Yozakura Quartet anime, but I remember liking the manga, so that should be interesting.

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh! I should take this opportunity to express my love for the original Rozen Maiden’s OPs. You can tell that there’s a rather large art shift between the original anime and this new one (with this newer one being more faithful to the manga style).

      The first,
      the second (my personal favourite due to the style choices. …The Kirakishou look alike is a Traumend only character)
      and then the OVA… which would be my least favourite despite the Suigintou.

      …and this is why I’m more tolerant to Ali Project than the average person.

      • Sumairii says:

        Wow, the size difference between Jun and the dolls is so much more apparent here than in the first two. I mean yeah, he’s all grown-up now, but just wow.

      • Highway says:

        Maybe it’s a function of never seeing the other ones, but I didn’t think any of them came close to the Zuruckspulen OP. The style of both the song and the animation are just something far more attractive to me. Are the other anime like their respective OP’s art wise?

        And like Sumairii, I agree that the scale of the dolls is very apparently different. I think 2013 actually makes it plain with that scene with wound Jun in the doorway with Shinku not even coming up to his belt. In the other ones, he seemed more like a big kid playing with a little kid.

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